transitioning safely

Some things they don't tell you about transitioning

• you’ll probably have bad acne. And also get facial hair. these two things together hurt like hell. Shaving is a bitch.
• the farther along you are in your transition, the less safe women will feel around you. Don’t be offended by this. If you’re walking at night, give women that you run across plenty of space. I’m sure you’ve walked by a man at night and clutched your keys a little tighter. Don’t give her a reason to feel scared.
• Carry extra deodorant in your bag. You’ll feel smelly all the time, and even if others don’t notice the smell, it’ll make you feel less anxious knowing you can put some on whenever.
• Your crotch will get more hairy. Like, a lot. If you shave, you’ll have a hard time getting it all. Don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it.
• Your pee and your crotch in general may change smell and become a lot more pungent. As weird as it is, it’s normal. If it’s painful, see a doctor.
• Your face shape will change. At first, you may feel really ugly. It’s just because you aren’t used to how you look. As it becomes more familiar, you’ll see just how handsome you really are :)
• Some symptoms of T are also symptoms of pregnancy. Use protection during sex and buy a pregnancy test if you’re worried. T isn’t a foolproof pregnancy prevention.
• Some days, shots are harder to do than others. It’s okay. Take your time, and take deep breaths.
• Get used to voice cracks! They’ll happen often, and may be embarrassing, but eventually you won’t even remember that stage of your life. Singing is impossible during the voice crack stage.
• If you haven’t changed your name legally, picking up your prescription may be hard for you. Just imagine you’re picking up someone else’s order. Hundreds of people pick up medication there daily- they won’t remember your name.
• A time will come when strangers begin referring to you as he. It may throw you off. Try to play it cool, and celebrate once they leave
• There will be days where you feel like shit. Try to take a picture of yourself or record your voice pre-T. Seeing how far you’ve come can be a nice pick me up on those rough days.

It’s going to be tough, but you’ve made it this far. I’m so proud of you and what you’ll achieve. You’ve got this :)

Defend trans people who decide not to transition

Defend non-binary/genderqueer people who are told that their gender isn’t real

Defend pansexual people who are told that they are easy

Defend ace/aro people who are told that it’s just a phase and that they’ll meet the right person eventually

Your gender and sexuality are completely valid. You do not need to prove yourself to anyone.

I found this on Instagram but it apparently originated on 4chan, it’s dated today (5/10/16) so I hope if I can get this out there I can help in some way.
This is a truly horrible, cruel thing to do and if anyone knows the person who posted this or can contact them somehow, please do!!!
Hopefully we can help this poor woman have a healthy, safe transition without any asshole brothers getting in the way!!



Spell for switching with an alter

This spell was created by my alter Alyssa and she said to use it when I need her. 

It has been tested on multiple indiviuals with D.I.D. and 100% of the reports so far have been 

- a slow, safe transition

- co-consciousness

- no amnesia

The co-consciousness will persist when the alter uses this spell to switch with another alter and will lose effect when you switch without this spell (go to sleep or something). 

It can help you get to know your alters. Will not be effective for individuals without D.I.D. 

Use at your own risk if you have any other form on Dissociative Disorder as it has not been tested this way yet. 

Use at your own risk if you have never been co-conscious with an alter before and/or have any form of anxiety disorder. (Can be scary, difficult and overwhelming)

Otherwise no concerns, really.


Say this aloud: 

Exit the dark, enter the light 
Breathe this breath and see this sight
I summon you, friend of the old days
[alter’s name], come and take my place. 


Blessed be

Moving a Historical Diorama

How do you move a 150-year-old diorama through a huge museum? Very carefully.

When museum conservators moved the Lion Attacking a Dromedary diorama from its longtime home on the second floor of the museum to a new, prominent location near the Grand Staircase, a lot of thought went into keeping it safe in transit.

Loose parts were removed from the diorama, the structure was reinforced with wood, and the entire piece was wrapped in plastic to ensure safe transport. 

Come visit the redisplayed diorama, now on the first floor of Carnegie Museum of Natural History!
The New York Times

When 80-90% of childhood gender dysphoria goes away, these people are celebrating sending this poor child on a path of lifelong hormones, surgeries, & psychological issues. There is exactly 0 medical studies showing transition this young is safe long-term (like psychological health 15-20 years out), yet alone beneficial (not 1 study had shown it beneficial).

Even a transgender adult told me transitioning so young isn’t recommended for various reasons.

All this so they can be deconstructionists who argue that gender is just in the mind not the body.

I’m starting to think someone should start a class-action suit for all those who were transitioned young but later changed as that might convince these people to stop when nothing else seems to.

This is the Cleveland Park metro station today due to the storm! Courtesy of DC Metro Connection

acidwashwitch  asked:

Hi! So my roommate's girlfriend has left her betta at my house for weeks in this tiny bowl and today she said I can have him! Anyways, I'm reading up as much as possible, I'm just curious how to safely transition him to a proper home. I need to cycle the water for 24 hours I believe? Or is that not enough? Should I slowly bring up the temps? This is my first attempt at fish care and I'd like to do it right and get him happy and healthy ASAP :)

Hi, there!

As a first time betta owner, I would recommend taking a peek at these articles:

Other helpful reads as well:

Other betta care sheets:

Since I’m a bit late getting to this, did you manage to transition the fish okay? Id what water temperature doing fine? And, no, the 24-hour thing is kind of a misconception. It refers to letting tap water sit to make it safe for bettas. In reality, you should always be using a water conditioner, which will get rid of the chlorine and chloramine and make the water safe for your betta. This is not the same as cycling (or establishing a nitrogen cycle), which is explained in the articles above.

I hope this helps! Good luck with the little guy and I can’t wait to see pics. If you have anymore questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

Baby bunnies are cute but don't bring them home before they are 8-12 weeks old at the earliest!

How are people getting bunnies as young as 3-7 weeks old? Do your research. 8 weeks old is the minimum, 10-12 is much safer for a rabbits health and ability to tolerate the stress of a move. Weaning or seperating too young especially affects current but also lifetime health. Please don’t buy from a breeder or store (or buy from them in general smh) that purposefully seperates the babies before they are properly weaned and transitioned to food safely which takes at least 8 weeks.

Holliday’s Holiday

Prompt post for the first Guardian RP Meet and Greet! Check @guardian-meet-greet for more information on how to participate in the party!

Oryx is dead.

The confirmation came with the fireteam- all six of them- returning to the tower, still drunk off excitement even after the hours long transit. Six Guardians home safe, and the greatest threat to the system drifting lifelessly towards Saturn’s atmosphere, was a reason to celebrate, and Amanda Holliday jumped on it.

The hangar was transformed. Her glare cleared the Future War Cult and Dead Orbit representatives from the area, freeing up a little space in the upstairs lounge. Drinks and food of all sorts was set up on tables where the Vanguard Quartermaster usually held his wares. It wasn’t explicitly stated, but was generally understood, that Cayde and a couple favors were responsible for the outlandish amount of beer to be found. The jukebox’s music was piped through the speakers in the whole hangar, and a dance floor of sorts was set up where Arach Jalaal usually stood. The sofas of the lower lounge were left where they were, providing somewhere a bit quieter and out of the way.

You’re at the party? Where are you? What are you doing? What do you look like?

[To participate, reblog the original post with the answers to the above questions with any characters you want to have open for RP, as well as how you want RP replies to come to you, either as asks, replies, submissions, etc. Check posts at @guardian-meet-greet or the current starter tag for examples.]

My Place in the Sisterhood: One Transman’s Experience at Wellesley College By Ben Geilhufe ‘07

One of my role models passed away a few months ago. I cried within moments of reading the headline: “Transgender Pioneer and Stone Butch Blues Author Leslie Feinberg has Died.” The first time I read Stone Butch Blues, I was sitting in Wellesley’s Jewett Auditorium, waiting for Yanvalou practice to begin. I felt lonely and isolated by my trans-masculine identity. In Stone Butch Blues, I finally saw a reflection of myself in print – something that was phenomenal in the early 2000’s. People like me were not represented healthily on TV, in magazines or in newspapers. Leslie’s book became my bible.

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New Fundraising Campaign

Ways2Raise is an organization of trans individuals dedicated to improving the lives of people who identify as trans or non-binary. We have been involved in numerous community inspired projects and maintain several ongoing services to aid trans people in need. One such project are our fundraising campaigns.

Every trans and nonbinary individual faces unique obstacles and difficulties, requiring unique attention and care. For many, these obstacles are financial. Through our fundraising campaigns, Ways2Raise seeks to work with individuals in need of assistance with things ranging from legal fees, hormone costs, gender confirming surgery, and other various expenses.

Our first campaign, Support Rowan, is coming to a close March 6th. And we are in search of a new individual campaign sponsor as it comes to a close. We wish to work with an AMAB nonbinary person requiring assistance with hormones, legal fees, surgery, or some other costs related to transition or otherwise living safely and authentically. 

For any that might be interested in being sponsored for our next campaign fundraiser, please take a look at the application here and feel free to submit one!

Attention Transmen in NY Area who model - $ opp
  • <<spreading love the bklyn way> >
  • "I am working with them as the Casting Director for a photo shoot for NYC Dept. of Health.
  • The shoot is for a booklet that will be given out by healthcare professionals to folks transitioning. The focus is on health and transitioning safely.
  • We are looking for Transmen 20-35 years old, all ethnicities.
  • Reach out to us if you are interested in participating and could get the word out to others (we are booking 8 people total)!
  • We will be holding a go see (a photo shoot's version of an audition) Wed. March 11
  • and the actual shoot will be Wednesday March 18.
  • The pay is $600.00 per person for the shoot if chosen.


I’m starting college soon and im poor


  • Sketches $5
  • Fully Colored Busts $10
  • Full Body Colored $15
  • Anything that’s too big+bg $20+
  • +$3 for extra characters

PAYPAL & USD only sorry 

You can contact me at (also paypal address) or thru inbox  if you have any questions, feel free to ask

Will not draw:

  • furries
  • gore
  • nsfw
  • robots
  • (i have the right to refuse if believe it’s beyond my skill)

If you want other examples of my art go look here

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I hope i didnt make them too expensive haha i tried to kee them cheap