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“For those of you who assert "sex and gender are different! Transwomen don’t literally believe they are female.”

For those of you who think all of the women outraged by gender ideology are overreacting when we assert that legislation based on subjective gender identity will allow MEN into women’s spaces, without even the slightest attempt to blend in to make more comfortable the women whose space they are infringing upon.

Do you think this is okay? This is a biological male who has forced his way into women’s homeless shelters and bathrooms and asserts that if you don’t view him as a woman that you are a narrow minded bigot. He came out as trans over 2.5 years ago and has done nothing to transition in any way except changing his name and changing the listed sex on his license. He has also said that if you’re bothered that “some women have penises” you can suck his dick.

THIS is what I stand firmly against. THIS is why I have the views that I do. When any male can say he is a woman, the word means absolutely nothing, and all of the protections women (as a SEX class: FEMALE) have mean absolutely nothing.“

Share this! Ally Alert! Help youth know where to turn and that they are cared for. Maybe one will reach out and we can help.   Share, share, share. 

Some things they don't tell you about transitioning

• you’ll probably have bad acne. And also get facial hair. these two things together hurt like hell. Shaving is a bitch.
• the farther along you are in your transition, the less safe women will feel around you. Don’t be offended by this. If you’re walking at night, give women that you run across plenty of space. I’m sure you’ve walked by a man at night and clutched your keys a little tighter. Don’t give her a reason to feel scared.
• Carry extra deodorant in your bag. You’ll feel smelly all the time, and even if others don’t notice the smell, it’ll make you feel less anxious knowing you can put some on whenever.
• Your crotch will get more hairy. Like, a lot. If you shave, you’ll have a hard time getting it all. Don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it.
• Your pee and your crotch in general may change smell and become a lot more pungent. As weird as it is, it’s normal. If it’s painful, see a doctor.
• Your face shape will change. At first, you may feel really ugly. It’s just because you aren’t used to how you look. As it becomes more familiar, you’ll see just how handsome you really are :)
• Some symptoms of T are also symptoms of pregnancy. Use protection during sex and buy a pregnancy test if you’re worried. T isn’t a foolproof pregnancy prevention.
• Some days, shots are harder to do than others. It’s okay. Take your time, and take deep breaths.
• Get used to voice cracks! They’ll happen often, and may be embarrassing, but eventually you won’t even remember that stage of your life. Singing is impossible during the voice crack stage.
• If you haven’t changed your name legally, picking up your prescription may be hard for you. Just imagine you’re picking up someone else’s order. Hundreds of people pick up medication there daily- they won’t remember your name.
• A time will come when strangers begin referring to you as he. It may throw you off. Try to play it cool, and celebrate once they leave
• There will be days where you feel like shit. Try to take a picture of yourself or record your voice pre-T. Seeing how far you’ve come can be a nice pick me up on those rough days.

It’s going to be tough, but you’ve made it this far. I’m so proud of you and what you’ll achieve. You’ve got this :)

anonymous asked:

Hey, cis girl here and I was just wondering if you could do a post about general guidelines for cis people when talking to transgender people about being trans. I have a friend who has recently come out and I want to ask questions to understand better but I don't want to be rude? I get the don't talk about genitals thing but what about other stuff? Also I know this won't be universal and I totally get it if you don't want to respond or don't feel comfortable. I just don't want to mess this up.

This answer post linked here is a good place to start!

A basic outline, plus I think some other stuff:

  • Respect boundaries. Ask what they are, if they’re not specified.
  • If you want to ask questions about something particularly sensitive (family reactions, dysphoria, anything about their body), ask if it’s okay to ask them about it first.
  • Google it first, if it’s something that can be Googled (for example, information about how hormone therapy or surgeries work).
  • Generally do your homework before asking. Seriously. Unless it’s something totally unique to that person, there is a shit ton of information online. It also makes conversations deeper and more informative if you have prior knowledge and don’t have to be taught “Trans 101″ stuff already readily available online.
  • Keep your questions specific. (example I gave in that post: “Are you on hormones?” as opposed to “How far have you transitioned?”) This makes things a lot easier on both of you.
  • Familiarize yourself with current respectful terminology.
  • Don’t misgender them. Unless they specify otherwise, use their current pronouns / identity even when referring to them in the past prior to coming out. Keeping it gender neutral works, too (Ex: “When you were little” rather “When you were a little boy / a little girl”)
  • Use common sense. 
  • Be mindful of where you are before asking questions about their transition. Is it a safe time to ask? 
  • Don’t out them to anyone without their permission.

I hope this helps! Wishing the best for your friend. - Mod A

The Transmedicalist Debate

A simple list of arguments and their answers…

You don’t need dysphoria to be trans”

You do, without the condition you cannot safely transition. If you do not wish to transition, so be it, as transition is not the best option for everyone. This is not an excuse to claim the label of “trans” without having some form of dysphoria.

“Transmeds Gatekeep”

It is important to define the line between one with a medical condition, and one without a medical condition. You can be whoever you want, but if you need validation by assuming a label that is not yours, then the problem is not us gatekeeping but your lack of self validation. 

“I’m not dysphoric because I don’t hate myself”

Dysphoria is not self hatred, it is a feeling of unease towards your primary and/or secondary sex characteristics. This can manifest in discomfort, a lack of recognizing self, or depression and anxiety towards gendered events as your birth gender (example: getting an erection, getting one’s period, having sex, etc ) This is not a be all end all as I am not a doctor and symptoms may manifest in combination.  If you think you may be dysphoric, consult a doctor or therapist.

“Being trans is about identifying differently from your birth sex”

Dysphoria causes one to identify outside their birth sex and desire to physically be a sex one is not. It is almost entirely internal and physical, although “social dysphoria” does exist as an additional symptom. It cannot exist on it’s own with trans people. “Identity” in this argument is often described as a “feeling,” thus one should ask themselves “What does ‘I feel like a man/woman.” really mean. If the answer is exclusively anything but “Having X body parts, X sexual characteristics” then you should seriously consider the possibility that your “gender identity” is caused by external factors (IE sexism, feminist views, etc) or another mental condition (gender dysmorphia, social anxiety, life dysphoria, etc).

“Some people don’t want to transition!! Not everyone needs to transition!!”

In a world where transition is free, transition has no medical side effects, transition has no cosmetic side effects, transition is quick, transition has no societal bias associated with it, transition does not sterilize you, transition could be “non binary”, would you transition? If no to all of the above, you need to find yourself a new label and stop appropriating our condition. 

“Truscum/Transmeds want nonbinary people to die”

There is little no scientific evidence that nonbinary people exist thus far. Our belief is based on science, so it makes sense that some of us are skeptical of nonbinary people. That does not mean we all are, and plenty of us are fine with nonbinary people. Our beef as a community is with nondysphorics, not nonbinary people.

“Gender is an oppressive social construct that must be dismantled”

Sure, but gender to trans people is so much more than gender roles. Our condition doesn’t stem from society. It stems from ourselves and how we see our own bodies, not from how society sees it.

I found this on Instagram but it apparently originated on 4chan, it’s dated today (5/10/16) so I hope if I can get this out there I can help in some way.
This is a truly horrible, cruel thing to do and if anyone knows the person who posted this or can contact them somehow, please do!!!
Hopefully we can help this poor woman have a healthy, safe transition without any asshole brothers getting in the way!!



Cherry // Cheryl Blossom imagine

“(Y/N)? Hey, whats up?” Your friend answered the phone, her voice confused.
She used to be your best friend, the girl you did everything with. You hadn’t talked since your fathers got arrested. Both of your moms blamed the other, they had been childhood friends, so the feud was ugly.
“Betrayal,” your mom would remind you, “runs thick with the Lodge’s. You can’t even trust their party girl daughter.”
“(Y/N)? You there?”
“Yeah, Ronnie. Um, mom decided we’re moving to Riverdale.” You braced for the cold answer and swift hang up, but instead you got a loud gasp.
“For real? Riverdale, Riverdale? Like where I am?”
“Yup.”  She sounded excited.
“Im so glad our parents could come to an impasse, thrilled, I’ve missed you! I can’t believe I get to see you again! Do you think you’ll make it outside of New York?”
“Chances are slim, but I guess that as long as you’re by my side I will be fine.”
“Who is that?” Betty asked. Archie followed her eyes to see Veronica walking, arms linked, with a stranger.
“My guess is you’ve been replaced.” Jughead teased, reaching his hand over to Archie’s plate to grab a few fries.
The stranger laughed, throwing her head back and Veronica leaned into her shoulder, giggling. The raven haired girl motioned to the table where the three were sitting and they walked over.
“Guys, this is (Y/N). She just moved here from Manhattan.”
“Manhattan? Did you two know each other?”
“Archiekins, Manhattan is big, very big, 1.6 million people big. But yes. I knew her.” Betty giggled. “We were best friends growing up, the experiences we have shared… The stores we’ve shopped, the arrests we’ve witnessed.”
(Y/N) blushed lightly and averted her eyes, she wasnt ready to admit her father had done any wrong to the world, but inside she despised him for everything he was (not) worth.
“Anyway, roll call, say here. Archie, Betty, Jughead.” (Y/N) shook hands, exchanged pleasantries. Jughead made room for her to sit next to him.
“So any extracurriculars I can help get you started back with?” Betty asked.
“Well, back home I was with the paper/yearbook club and volleyball and cheer seasonally.” Betty perked up, Jughead sent her a pointed look and shook his head.
“Do you plan on doing cheer AND volleyball this year? Thats a lot-”
“Oh I’m not sure, honestly.”
“Would you be interested in joining the paper? I’m editor and if you can show me some things you have written then I can get you on.”

(Y/N) promised to bring a few papers by the news room, Betty insisted she come by after school to see cheer practice to decide if she wanted to join.

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anonymous asked:

Cliff, I feel like I can never transition and successfully "pass" due to my height (I am EXTREMELY short). I know passing isn't the end goal for a lot of people, but due to several factors I just don't feel like I would be safe transitioning unless I could pass, so instead I'm stuck. Do you have any advice?

Assuming you’re FTM–yeah, you can pass.  If everything else about you looks male, people are going to think “huh, that’s a really short dude,” not “only women are that short.”  Height is one of the ways people scan for gender, but it’s not a primary indicator.

I’m pretty short myself, I don’t have facial hair, and I get “he” pretty consistently these days just from my presentation, voice, and body shape.  Sometimes it’s “he, that fourteen-year-old boy,” but that’s fine, I guess–at least it means I’m aging well?

But yeah, you definitely can pass while short.  It makes things a little tougher, but with T/workouts/facial hair if you’re able, it does not make it impossible.

aratcpg  asked:

I've been vegan for around a year and a half now and I've been doing an ok job at keeping it up. But there's a small problem I'm facing. I'm transgender and I want to get on hormones but the easiest and safest way to orally get estrogen is through a pill that has estrogen extracted from horses. I know that if I were taking those which would be for literal years) I wouldn't technically be vegan and the alternative pill is harder to find and less safe. So I was wondering, would doing this be wrong

Nope! This isn’t wrong at all. 

Being transgender is not a choice. You’re not just walking to the drugstore and choosing between cough drops with or without honey. What’s at stake here is a very important medication that is necessary to safely transition. Just as with other medical products that include animal products or have been tested on animals, there’s only a certain extent to which veganism applies. You need this medication, and it is both dangerous and impractical to avoid it. 

Don’t worry about the necessity of using animal products when it comes to your immediate health and well-being. There are still things that we just don’t have plant-based and cruelty-free alternatives for, estrogen being one of them. As long as you do your very best to avoid animal products in your everyday life (and take care of your personal well-being), you’re still vegan. 

-Admin Samantha

It took me a decade and a half to beat puberty’s isolation and depression and make the following distinctions between butch and male:

Playing with the boys doesn’t mean I want to be one.

If I see myself as a ladette who gets misread as a lad, my life makes sense.

It is valid, both personally and politically, to change your sex, especially if you then screw with a whole new set of gender norms.

Transition followed. And once safely away from being labelled a ‘man,’ I learned to tie a Windsor knot.
—  Amy Fox, “Changed Sex. Grew Boobs. Started Wearing a Tie.,” Persistence: All Ways Butch and Femme (Eds. Ivan E. Coyote & Zena Sharman)
Spell for switching with an alter

This spell was created by my alter Alyssa and she said to use it when I need her. 

It has been tested on multiple indiviuals with D.I.D. and 100% of the reports so far have been 

- a slow, safe transition

- co-consciousness

- no amnesia

The co-consciousness will persist when the alter uses this spell to switch with another alter and will lose effect when you switch without this spell (go to sleep or something). 

It can help you get to know your alters. Will not be effective for individuals without D.I.D. 

Use at your own risk if you have any other form on Dissociative Disorder as it has not been tested this way yet. 

Use at your own risk if you have never been co-conscious with an alter before and/or have any form of anxiety disorder. (Can be scary, difficult and overwhelming)

Otherwise no concerns, really.


Say this aloud: 

Exit the dark, enter the light 
Breathe this breath and see this sight
I summon you, friend of the old days
[alter’s name], come and take my place. 


Blessed be

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What happens when small Rei goes up to Amelie and asks "Why are you blue?"

Well Amélie’s circulation is… closer to normal humans’ circulation by the time Rei comes around. Like literally one of the reasons she and Sombra defected was because Sombra was starting to get the feeling that Talon’s treatments to keep Amélie Widowmaker were gradually killing her, and Widowmaker herself was feeling the last shreds of Amélie fading (You can read about it in Rain and Rain Pt. 2!) So one of the first things that happened when they defected was that Widowmaker had to begin treatments with Mercy first to stabilize her, (Because being away from Talon basically had Amélie’s body destroying itself attempting to return to normal) and then to try and safely transition back to well… normal living human vitals. So Amélie’s skin tone is closer to her ‘Talon’ skin by the time Rei’s around, but maybe Rei might see a picture when she’s small.

Rei: Why were you blue?
Amélie, not glancing up from a newspaper and completely deadpan: An evil wizard cursed me. He tried to turn me into a blueberry but he missed with his magic wand and it only turned me blue.
Rei: *gasp*
Amélie: I got better though.
Rei: *relieved sigh*
Amelie: But… he is still out there, looking for naughty little girls to turn into blueberries.
Rei: *gasp*

non-binary hogwarts headcanons:

  • hufflepuffs being some of the most intense and radical activists around because they care very deeply about their friends having safe spaces, and initiating practical solutions without necessarily having the school’s approval like designating certain bathrooms and dormitories as gender-neutral
  • ravenclaws poring over old books of latin and greek roots to make lists of gender-neutral terms for “witches and wizards” and researching safe physical transition spells for those with dysphoria
  • slytherins demanding that the school start actively and officially recognizing non-binary individuals, because the hogwarts administration is at the forefront of most social changes in the magical world and they don’t want to be held back by their gender identities when they enter adulthood
  • gryffindors protecting those around them to the end, fearlessly correcting wrong pronouns when their friends feel unsafe speaking up about it, and standing up to students and teachers alike when it comes to misgendering and erasure

This is the Cleveland Park metro station today due to the storm! Courtesy of DC Metro Connection