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Reactions of everyone when they find out Yui is the avatar aka who bends all 4 elements

asdfghjkl; They’d all run away from her or be intrigued. Maybe even scared for ONCE. I love Yui A LOT, so thanks for asking!



Shu probably wouldn’t care much if Yui was the Avatar. He would still desire blood from her as Eve, but he would definitely acknowledge her abilities and if any of his brothers were in deep trouble and forget that Yui had her awesome abilities to help them, he would speak up and remind them that Yui can alleviate their situation. She still serves her purpose as the sacrificial bride to him, so her being the Avatar won’t change his opinion too much.


Reiji would indicate a fascination in Yui as the Avatar. He’d probably ask her to frequently demonstrate her different abilities, and would be in awe of her smooth transitions and fighting style moves. His favorite form is when she bends blazing fire, and he might manipulate her into setting things on fire sometimes. He has this inner desire to cut her open one day and inspect her body, wondering how a human was capable of bending elements. Run Yui. 


Ayato would think that Yui is so cool with her abilities! He’d brag to his friends at school about it, and maybe even demand her to showcase some of her moves to them. Of course, when Yui accidentally sends a boulder flying into the school’s window, they both get into big trouble with the headmaster. After that event, Yui refuses to do whatever Ayato commands of her. If she’s bold enough, she might even try bloodbending to get him to leave her alone for awhile. 


Kanato is somewhat intrigued by Yui’s status as the Avatar, but it doesn’t really make a big impact on him or his life. He calls Yui “a witch” or “wicked girl” because he believes that humans do not have such capabilities and that she is just performing some sort of illusion to trick him and everyone else. Nevertheless, Kanato likes seeing Yui bend water the most. He finds it calming and appealing to the eye.


Laito thinks Yui is 10000x sexier as the Avatar. He’s never chased after anyone like her before, so this is just another challenge to add onto his bucketlist. He likes watching Yui bend any of the elements and would often ask her to teach him, but Yui would tell him that she doesn’t know if vampires can do it, much to his disappointment. Laito might hope that in another life, he will be born as an airbender because he wants to make grand entrances with the wind blowing from his direction. 


Subaru thinks Yui is faking it all until she almost strikes him with lightening on accident one day while in the rose garden. He had attempted to feed on her, but when Yui was frightened by his advances, she had accidentally bended lightening in the process and set a nearby rosebush on fire, much to Subaru’s surprise. From that day on, Subaru learns to distance himself from Yui until he can find her in a vulnerable status. He still desires strongly for her blood.


Kino becomes sly when he’s around Avatar Yui, consistently asking her to do certain things for him that require her abilities to be put into use. When Yui picks up on the fact that he’s making her do all of this, she’ll stop and walk away to do something else. If Kino tried to approach Yui, she’d bend ice to keep him in his spot and proceed with her getaway. Kino has to be more careful around her now.



No matter how many books he has read, he could not find one piece of information about the Avatar. Ruki would note that Yui is definitely a special human being, and he would probably give her a little more respect. He is impressed with her ability to bend water the most, and almost wants to treat her as the Mukami family’s personal guard from now on. Yui wouldn’t agree to it though because her duty as the Avatar is to protect all humans and maintain equality and peace.


Kou is interested in Yui’s abilities and constantly wants her to show him everything that she knows. He’s like a child who is in constant awe of everything, but what he’s really interested in seeing is when Yui is in her Avatar State. It’s rare that she enters it because Yui is often afraid to go into the Spirit World, but Kou will always encourage her to do it because he wants to see her in a powerful state, something that Yui doesn’t often do because of her humbling self.


Yuma remarks that Yui is just a fraud because no human can do what she does, but when she bends fire to cook dinner one day for the Mukami family, he gets triggered. It makes him fall back into his childhood memory of when his village burned down and his parents died, and Yuma wonders if another human with firebending skills had done that to his home. He’d walk out of the kitchen and stay away from Yui for awhile until he grasps the fact that Yui would not harm anyone with her status as the Avatar.


Azusa is a little shocked by Avatar Yui, but he still treats her like usual. He has expressed his interest in seeing Yui bend metal and lava, but Yui is afraid that Azusa might hurt himself in the process by getting in the way of her manipulating lava or metal. He admires Yui for her desire to protect and bring peace among all living things on Earth, and comments that she is indeed the precious Eve that they all know and love.



Carla REALLY wants Yui to be his sacrificial bride now, claiming that their children will be very powerful beings to ever roam the Earth and demon world. He’ll have more difficulty in capturing Yui because of her fighting techniques, but he’s up for the challenge. His favorite element to see Yui bend is earth because it amazes him that Yui can control whatever is beneath her and wield it to her best ability. This Founder won’t stop until he becomes an official power couple with Avatar Yui.


Shin is super impressed with Yui and sees her above most humans now. He likes challenging Yui to fights with him, but Yui would deny him because she doesn’t want to fight. It’s not until he pushes her to the limit and threatens her life that she is not hesitant in fighting Shin back in self-defense. He gets a thrill from it, but it ultimately ends with him as the loser.

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When will they be safe and happy? Probably never.

What did I do today you ask? Well...


2) I changed my name with a deed poll!

3) I got my ears pierced finally!

4) I got my eyebrows threaded/shaped!

5) I embraced my natural hair and got complimented on it twice!!

6) I bought a new outfit and spoke with store staff about being trans etc and I didn’t panic until I cried!

7) Most importantly, though, I took my Nan with me and made her very happy.