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A recent one about getting misgendered multiple times by different people in a short timespan. I left the restaurant in tears.

Misgendering doesn’t always get under my skin too bad, usually it’s a frustrating lil pinprick- guess I didn’t have the strength this day.

It adds up over time.

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Brand new commissions sheet!! As of 2/30/17 please refer to this commission sheet! 

So I’m sure a lot of people have seen that I’m in a crisis when it comes to my transitioning! My father recently lost his job and is currently working some temps but our health insurance was cut as a result. While I pay around $130 for my transitioning package, my pharmacy charges me a lot to get my needles and testosterone. That price was affordable but without health care the price skyrocketed and is unfortunately even more expensive than the package itself! (Thanks commercial drug store) 

On TOP of that I have to pay for gas money to get me to my school and job which takes up a considerable amount of money since living in LA means that gas isn’t too cheap. With that including food and other bills, I’ve been put in a tight space where I had to use my credit card for necessities and racked up a pretty big debt I would love to pay off.

My main focus is my transitioning, my bird, gas, and then food for myself. I’ve been starting to sell my games and books as a result and I took my pet cockatiel to the vet which racked up a good amount of vet bills too.

So please consider commissioning me if you can! If not spread the word it means a lot to me! For years I’ve been dreaming of transitioning and finally being able to is incredible for me. At work I’ve been referred to as “Mister” and you have no idea how great it feels to be passing and being able to present the way I am. 

I CAN draw: 

NSFW (Consensual) 



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After a long absence I am excited to announce a new permanent collection for GENDER GEMS: the crystal gem collection! This is a set of gems that mimic the vibrant colors of real crystals, which will be permanently available on a made-to-order basis in the shop.

Introducing 8 colors:


These original gems are now available in the shop - and you can order one of these crystal color combos with your own pronouns anytime!

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Check out these absolutely stunning tattoo designs I just had commissioned from my friend Learon Inbar, a fantastic pen and ink artist among many other talents! See more of her work, and hit her up for extremely sick commissions, at her art instagram here.

Very excited to get this done in conjunction with my surgery. It is a promise to myself to try to inhabit my body more and make it my own instead of a random meat vehicle. The symbol is the electrical notation for an earth ground. I had the outer circle turned into an ouroboros since it is one of my favorite universal icons for cycle and rebirth. The circle shape is also the feminine counterpart to the more masculine sword tattoo I got a while back.  

🦄🦄NEW VIDEO!!🦄🦄 watch it here:
“I know this may be old news to some of you, but the day is finally here!!! I AM LEGALLY FEMALE AND LEGALLY KADENCE!!!!! I am legally ME!!!!😍😍😍 Words cannot describe how happy I am and how blessed I feel to even be able to write this post❤️ Seeing Kadence Pinder and Female on my birth certificate, ID, Social Security card, Debit/Credit Cards and all legal documents has literally changed my life. I know some of you might not get how much of an impact pieces of paper would have on someone, but just seeing my name and seeing female next to it makes me feel validated and feel like I’m finally recognized for the woman I am… and that’s pretty hard for a transgender woman to feel. This is seriously such a huge achievement and milestone for me and I’m SO glad I can celebrate it with all of you💙💙 I go more into depth about it in my video, so go watch it and show your love and support by hitting the Subscribe button!! I love you all❤️ #KadencePinder”

Here’s part two of the Advertising Illustration assignment I did last semester. (I couldn’t decide which I liked better, so I just did both!) We had to design a poster for an imaginary NatGeo TV series based off a “-tion” word, and I chose to do “Transformation”.