transition textures


Crazy new texture. I’ve transitioned Spyro into his female counterpart, Ember (Cynder fans may be mad at this lol). All the textures were modified by me; I wasn’t able to use any Hero’s Tail assets!


(UPDATE: I found a ripped Super Mario 3D Land character which was 3071 tris, so the rumored 2000 triangle limit is without a doubt false! I’m still glad it prompted me to research topology and polycount optimization, but now I’m at a complete loss as to what resolution to aim for! Please send help!)

It’s study-time!

Since I’m working towards ancient tech restraint limits, I thought I might as well attempt to make game graphics which would fit on the 3DS (now that Unity has 3DS support!).

However, people online seem to claim that the 3DS has a “hard limit” on 2000 triangles rendered at the same time, which is insanely little. For comparison, the PS1 developers usually aimed at 3000 triangle limits, although the machine could probably do a bit more. Some rumors say that the 2000 triangle limit is an artificial restraint, and it’s probable that it’s enforced to make sure that all games in the 3DS library runs at decent framerates, even with post-processing and fancy materials applied (implying that Nintendo doesn’t trust 3rd party devs to optimize their games properly). My graphics won’t be using post-processing at all, and shader materials will be unnecessary because I’m using vertex colours, so I’d love to swap that computing power for more triangles.Now, I’ve thought long and hard about how to solve this problem (and still retain a decent amount of detail and world-size).

First off, I looked at how the old classics did it.

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GladNoct, ‘Romance’

“Hey, Noct? Check this out.”

At Gladiolus’ voice, Noctis rolls his eyes. He stops mid-walk, slumps his shoulders with a pointedly exaggerated turn on his heels. It’s useless, of course, because Gladiolus is probably too busy checking out another goddamn root beer ad to see the pure, concentrated lack of enthusiasm he actively emits into the ozone.

“I swear to god Gladio if it’s–” He drags himself to stand next to Gladiolus under the roof overhang, physically forces himself to look up to the wall by the shop window, and squints to try and register the words printed on the poster. “Oh. Huh. It’s not root beer.”

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Just a few things:

*I love knitting, but right now I am a bit exhausted by it. Probably because I don’t really have any projects that excite me, or that are close to being completed.

*My cats are crazy, and cute. I mean just look at little Prince Ein asleep in my craft cubby <3

*Still super into texture. Transitioning between the cardigan, socks, a cowl, and a cabled scarf.

That’s all. I’m tired and just a tiny, tiny bit overwhelmed. Other than that things are great :)

Creeping Where No Life is Seen

Set in the “Brokenheartsville” Universe

Creeping where no life is seen,
A rare old plant is the Ivy green.
~Charles Dickens, “The Ivy Green”

It’s not uncommon in the Seam for a father to miss the birth of his child. There is coal to mine and quotas to fill. While Katniss is laboring at her mother’s house, Mrs. Everdeen tells her about how her father actually delivered her. He missed Prim completely, who was six hours old by the time he came home from his shift, but when Katniss had been born, Mrs. Everdeen had still been something of a social pariah in the Seam and hadn’t trusted anyone to help her when the contractions began except her husband. He had asked Sae to stop by and she had shooed Sae away, opting instead to curl up in a corner, begging Katniss to stay inside until her father returned. She was already crowning when Mr. Everdeen, sprinting across the Seam in his work boots, entered their little home.

Katniss rolls her eyes at her mother’s behavior, even then questionable. Her mother was always risking hers and Katniss’s lives, it seems.

Now it’s just her and Katniss again. Prim disappeared last night around the time that Gale brought Katniss to Mrs. Everdeen, terrified that the labor had begun.  It had begun, but only just and Mrs. Everdeen had instead told him to take her home, get her relaxed, and bring her back when the contractions were five minutes apart or when he needed to go to work, whichever came first.

But now it was morning. Gale had gone to work. Prim had yet to show her face. And it was just going to be her and her mother for this lovely milestone.

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