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I have question I hope you can answer. Did Hanyu change the transitions in his free in 4CC from past performances? I have seen analysis of it before and they say that he has the hardest and most varied transitions in H&L but now I find people saying that it was a lot of crossovers and two footed skating because he was trying to land his quads. I can't tell the difference when it comes to transitions, and I hope you can help me understand this . Thank you this wonderful blog, it is a joy to read

Being brutally honest (again :P), I can only suppose those people don’t know what a crossover is nor what is two-foot skating.

If those people is still TSL, it’s not a supposition but just a statement. Really, do not give them your time. They need the buzz of being controversial to try and stay relevant and they need the buzz to pay back those fools giving them any money (:

Now, coming to your question, thankfully there are people who do things and save me time :P so here you are a direct comparison of Hope&Legacy in all its versions up to now from Autumn Classic to 4CC:

It’s pretty evident how the program was way more rich @ 4CC compared to the the start of the season and even comparing it to GPF you can notice some touches more.

Transition wise the biggest thing that was taken out @ 4CC was the last part of his entry to the second axel combo (at GPF, ie, he just goes straight into his 3A, at 4CC he takes a bit more to enter the 4T).

If you want an analysis of this program for what falls under transition, the best one around is still this one:

This is a video of his step sequence explained (this is not directly linked to TR, but it helps to understand the different kind of steps and turns and to check them vs what Yuzu does outside his sequence):

And this a comparison video of everything that is not jumps/spins between Chen and Yuzuru at 4CC:

(And thank you for your compliment :D )


To see better the lack of any transitions or one-foot skating (or those inexistent edges) here, Hope&Legacy from 4CC (yeah, yeah, I know what I said. I lied) slowed down at 60%.

(Yes, slowed down at 60%, it’s not a typo).

Thanks to @senyuunopoohsan for the video!