Hormones have done a lot of great things for me but one negative is that it made me gain weight much faster than usual. My metabolism has always been very fast so weight was something I never really struggled with growing up. After starting hormones and seeing how much weight I gained in places like my stomach and thighs and in such a short timespan was hard to deal with at first. It was such a drastic change and one I was conflicted about. While I didn’t like to gain that much weight it also made my body more feminine. At a certain point I said enough and changed my diet and started going to the gym to tone and slim down in a healthy way. 40 lbs later and I still feel curvy and beautiful but now I’m more comfortable with my body which has been quite a long process in the making. I’m not posting this for thirst follows or nsfw blogs this is just to show a progression I’ve made with hard work and I’m very proud of myself and comfortable in my own skin. I feel like me.


Believe it or not these are all from the same day; I love how you can actually see how much more confident and comfortable I am when I can be myself (: I had to go do some legal stuffz and be in boy mode because sometimes that makes things more convenient, but I rewarded myself with a visit to the hair salon! Next time I’m going to try color!!! 😆


So for my transition I have been making and selling book related items and I have decided to make this a master post and post links to all of my items at the end of this. I have had a lot of items sold since my last load of updates so I will take the time to update each item separately.

This is for the UK only because of shipping. Everything goes towards my transition.

Payment would be sent through bank transfer or paypal (Through friends and family option please otherwise it takes 10%) 

I’ve had questions about donations, I don’t have a gofund me, I would rather feel like you get something in return. But if you wish, you can pay extra for anything you buy. I have had loads of people do this already.

Harry Potter Themed
Sketchbooks and Journals 

Please share this around, thank you.

Yesterday I turned one year older but something much more important happened than that. I actually asked my grandma to not call me a girl cause it makes me uncomfortable and she apologised and said okay. I mean, it’s that easy to be nice to trans people why can’t everyone do that. Anyway, I took another tiny step to transitioning socially with my family and I’m really proud of that :D


Today marks my 2 year anniversary on hormones! I can’t believe that it has already been two years. I put together a timeline to show the changes that I’ve gone through since before I started. It makes me so happy to see how far I have come. Transitioning was the best decision I ever made!

Gentle reminder that you can be trans the way you want to be trans

You’re open about being trans or even an openly trans activist? That’s fine!
You’re living stealth? That’s fine!

You love being trans? That’s fine!
You hate being trans? That’s fine! (I’m sorry, but still it’s fine!)

You feel like you’re genitals don’t determine your gender and therefor don’t want bottom surgery? That’s fine!
You feel like your genitals do determine your gender and therefor you want bottom surgery? That’s fine!

You’re attracted to other trans people? That’s fine!
You’re not attracted to other trans people? That’s fine!

We are all individuals and we all do things our own way. And that’s fine!
Don’t start arguments or fights because we don’t always see eye to eye on what it’s like to be trans. We can’t always see eye to eye, because we’re all living our own version of it.

Let’s embrace our differences and stick together. We need each other!


Please watch. 

It's about to be easier for transgender teens in Australia to get their hormones
"Every step of the way it feels like it's a fight to let her be her."
By Lane Sainty

Australia is the only country in the world that requires transgender teenagers to go to family court before they can access hormone replacement therapy. And now, a community legal organization will help teens get the transition care they need without breaking the bank.

The group Justice Connect will connect trans youth with pro bono legal representation for the process of getting hormone treatment and/or puberty blockers. A family that doesn’t have pro bono representation can spend as much as $20,000 on the legal process.

People working with the project also acknowledge that it’s a temporary step as activists work to completely abolish the legal component of getting hormones. 

Young transgender woman Georgie Stone, who has collected thousands of signatures on a petition to overturn the Family Court process, said going through the court was “one of the darkest times of my life”.

“I felt bad that my being transgender was forcing my family to go through court, my brother had a hard time. It impacted on all of us and I felt responsible for that. I know it’s not my fault and my family never made me feel that way, but that how this situation made me feel and that’s a burden I shouldn’t have to carry,” she said.

In late December, Family Court judge Peter Tree labelled the process “inhumane” and said there is an “urgent need” for government intervention to overturn it.

This is incredibly important work. More power to you all.