A recent one. I have a trans friend and every time we get together we vent for ages. It’s great, there’s just so much to get into.

If ya trans, I can’t recommend hanging with other trans people enough. It’s so good having a space to talk about issues w/someone who gets it

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PSA: Trans people don’t owe you anything!!

Things that are not your business; 

  • a trans person’s birth name
  • the status of a trans person’s transition (especially medical)
  • whether a trans person is transitioning at all
  • “comparison” photos of a trans person before and after coming out
  • what genitals a trans person has
  • what body type a trans person has
  • details of a trans person’s sex or love life
  • any type of “proof” that a trans person is trans
  • literally anything about a trans person’s life or experiences

Being trans is like writing with your right hand for years and no words make sense, finding you can switch hands and you can write again…But it’s like Victorian England so every mother fucker is forcing your hand behind your back and making you write with the other because they think it’s evil or some dumb shit