2009 vs. 2015
The first pic is a screenshot from a video on my old channel. I’m probably talking about some depressing trans thing. It’s insane how you can see my discomfort in my body language and even my eyes back then. I’m so much happier now that I’m actually who I was suppose to be. I actually feel like I have a future, where in 2009 (and before that) I felt like there was no future for me. I’m so happy now. #trans #ftm #f2m #transition #beforeafter #beforeandafter #transformation #trans* #transgender #transsexual #chaseypoo #thinkofbee #bless


The last 7 months have been a wild ride, I remember cutting my hair off on the 12th of January, after crying for hours because I wasn’t born in a male body. I remember binding using ace bandages because I was too afraid to come out to my parents. Then I was admitted to hospital. A new set of people, a chance to create a new life style. I changed my name to Taylor Lucas Asher, and went by gender queer. I was accepted by everyone in hospital straight away. I then built up the courage to tell my parents, only to have them laugh in my face and say they would only call me by my birth name. Again, I felt as though I would never be a real boy. I got discharged from hospital and my world crashed. No longer did I have anyone calling me by my chosen name, no longer did I have the supportive staff. My dysphoria got really bad, but I pushed it down. I bought a binder, and it helped so much. Then I went on holiday to Spain, and seeing all the topless men was just too much for me. I broke down, told my dad everything. He promised to call me Taylor, and he would speak to my mum about her doing the same. I told him I wanted to start T and get top surgery as soon as possible, and change my name legally. He said as long as I’m happy, he’s happy. But my mum said it was too much of a life changing decision to make. I broke again. My brother who I thought understood, told me I would never be a real boy and he would never see me as a boy. I couldn’t handle it. All my suicidal tendencies came rushing back. I came out to everyone, hoping their support would change my mums mind. So far, nobody has been disrespectful except for my brother and mum. But I am so lucky to have my dad through all of this. I’m so thankful for the past year because it’s made me realise who I am. And I love the new me. When I get back from holiday my dad is taking me to the doctor to talk about starting T. I can’t thank you guys enough for being so supportive and I want you to know I will always be here for you, no matter the issue. I love you guys.

Agony Auncle: Being non-binary and fearing change
CN Lester is here to answer your problems!

Challenging the gendered categories society has put us in is, in many ways, one of the most radical changes it’s possible to make. And I don’t mean that in a patronising ‘oh, aren’t we so brave’ way – but as a genuine acknowledgement of how much disruption, social and personal both, transitioning involves.

Third – we’ve all of us been conditioned to believe that being trans is a) probably made up and b) a very bad, absolute last resort thing to be.

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Help me with my hormone therapy costs!

Hi everyone! My name is Zoran.  I am a 17 year old AFAB Demiboy.  I am being referred to a gender specialist to be approved for hormone therapy so i can transition, but I am in a very unsupportive household and my parents refuse to let me do this unless I can pay for it.  I have struggled with eating disorders and self harm in the past because of this and now I am being given the chance to end constant dysphoria. I don’t want to let this opportunity pass me up so I am in desprate need of your help.  My parents will not let me get a job so I am unable to raise this money myself. Any donation will help and even if you can not donate thank you for reading this. :) have a wonderful day.

25 hours and counting! Obviously it’s longer than that until I go into surgery, but I’m not exactly sure when on Tuesday I’ll be going in. I’ve been told I’m first on the list, so it should be by 8.30, but we’ll see.

In other news - our boiler and immersion have packed up so we haven’t had hot water at home for well over a week now. I finally forced myself out of the house and to the gym for my first shower in nine days, and it was GLORIOUS.

Good News and Bad News

Good news! A good friend of mine works for yearbook and will be able to have my name printed as Connie for my senior pictures 😎 I will also be able to graduate under the circumstances that I decide.

Bad news. We don’t find out who our teachers are until the very first day of school so I won’t be able to contact them regarding my chosen name and preferred pronouns ahead of time 😲 Does anybody have advice on approaching teachers/staff with this information? It’s keeping me awake at night.

10th Shot Update

What’s up everyone? I’m doing my update a little early this week because I’ll be busy tomorrow. I’m going to wait to do my shot tomorrow though. So updates… I have noticed that I’ve become hairier. It just kind of showed up lol. And what I mean is my stomach, chest, and lower back. I’m starting to notice a change in my smell. I forgot to put deodorant on last night before I left my house and I came home smelling horrible. I wasn’t doing any psychical labor either. NONE. It was so bad that I needed to shower to feel better and I made sure I put on deo and cologne after I got out. I’m starting to develop ache. It’s not on my face though. It’s on back and upper arms. My voice is obviously getting deeper as well. My facial hair is still coming in nicely. More people are starting to notice it from a distance. I’m passing more when it comes to going in the men’s room. I went in the other day NOT wearing a binder. It works out if I’m wearing the right shirt. Predominantly black and slightly bigger than necessary. Speaking of that, my chest is slowly but surely getting smaller. My nether regions are still changing. It’s weird to me but whatever. I think that’s all that changed. I’m not sure when I’ll do my YouTube video for this update. It may be tomorrow or Tuesday. Any questions, just ask.

It’s really strange that no one ever comments on changes that are going on with me. My voice and general appearance are very obviously different. Idk if it’s because I see my family and people at work almost everyday or they feel awkward talking about it, but it would be real awesome if someone noticed or at least asked me about it.