Transitflow: An Urban App in The Making | ReadWriteWeb

Adam Greenfield was the author of what is still my favorite book about the Internet of Things, Everyware (first published in 2006). Greenfield is now walking the talk with a IoT business called Urbanscale. I’ve been following its progress, via Greenfield’s weekly newsletter on the Urbanscale blog.

One of Urbanscale’s projects is developing an iOS application called Transitflow. It’s in the design phases currently, with the goal of being a real-time transport notification and timetable app. It’s fascinating to watch this app unfold, piece by piece. It’s also an indicator of where the Internet of Things is heading.

In Week 29 of Greenfield’s notes, he introduced us to Transitflow. It’s a part of something called Project LAFAYETTE, described as “both the guts of a standalone iOS application called Transitflow we aim to launch later on this year, and the beginnings of the framework that will furnish Urbanflow with its transmobility functionality.”

Transitflow will be an iPhone app that helps you plan your travel in real-time. According to Greenfield, the aim is “to take a step beyond generic journey-planning and timetable apps, and offer people something that will reduce or eliminate the kind of experiential hassles the current generation of interactive services does very little to address.”