• New Moon: Initiation, fluid impulse, the feeling of spring, vivid idealisation, the mind opens for new horizons ;.

☽ Crescent Moon: Harvesting information and applying newly gathered ideas into preparation

☽ First Quarter Moon: Personal conflict and confrontation bought to the surface, resolution awaits, favorable initiation period 

○ Gibbous Moon: Time for change and adjustment, to straighten out physical and emotional ripples 

◯  Full Moon: The fertility ritual, elusion generates. The melancholic streaks sift in like fluid from a bank, the God’s call to be worshipped, inner lunacy is revealed 

○ Disseminating Phase: Lunar celebrations begin, this being the time of socialisation. Compassion and generosity is enriched 

☾ Balsamic Moon: To remember, to reflect, to pull the weeds, to sleep soundly 

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Which different types of birth charts are there? I know there's Natal, but what are the other ones?

Progressed chart (it progresses your natal chart forward signifying the evolutions of your personality)

Transit chart (it compares the current planetary positions to your natal ‘creating’ transit aspects. Transit planets will also be in a natal house. Transits are a great way to see a ‘forecast’ of which area you might have problems with during that time)

Persona chart (each planet will have its own persona chart, it’s based on after the planet completes the full circle/houses. It’s an in depth version of your planets)

Draconic chart (it dials your north node back to 0 degrees Aries creating your draconic/‘soul’ chart. It shows your purest self and your purest needs)

Solar return chart (it’s the chart made each year around your birthday when the sun goes back to the degree that it was in your natal chart. It can show which areas will be prominent that year)

Lunar return chart (chart made approximately each month when the moon goes back to the degree that it was in your natal chart. Focuses on emotions and energies of that month)

Synastry chart (comparison between two charts, usually overlapping each other creating aspects between the two showing how the planets/people will interact with each other. Planets will fit into each other’s houses too)

Composite chart (it takes the two people’s planetary positions and finds a midpoint which is usually not a possible chart for someone to have. It’s a chart focusing on the relationship of the two and less on the interactions made)

Davison chart (takes two people’s birth date, time, place, year and finds a midpoint between all of those creating a real/possible chart that someone can have. Focuses on the relationship, less on the interactions)

Transiting Venus in Gemini
July 4, 2017 - July 31, 2017

From the clouds dozens of butterflies are released from Venus clams as Venus enters Gemini. A light airy planet in a light airy sign makes for a playful combination as the breeze blows in dazzling flittering socialites full of conversation and captivation. Venus in Gemini is a favourable time for parties, pizzaz, pizza and beer, because talking and deep conversation becomes evocative and most importantly, easy! But Venus in Gemini is not all superficial social encounters, the mind develops a love for learning, literature, and language. We love to read, we may even do our yearly book binge during this time. We love to write and share what’s on our romantic mind, ‘tis the season of love letters and constant flirty texting, it’s innocent and exciting. Venus is the esoteric ruler of Gemini so now they become sisters of love

Aries rising The blessing of friendships and connecting with other people becomes the sparkle of life, enjoying recreational pursuits and social organisations, appreciating the joy that friends bring into their life, it’s a time for shared pleasure. There is a genuine recognition for friends and associates and the generation of love for everybody in their life 

Taurus rising Solitary nights of satiating study, reading, thinking, and delighting in personal research. The individual may become more isolated now, but not lonely, oh no, because this alone time is generating inspiring, creative ideas. They may enjoy those deep 3am conversations more than ever. There may be the development of a secret romance

Gemini rising Transforming into a mirror of beauty, the individual introduces pleasure and personal amusement into life. There is a real appreciation for beauty and a strong identification with relationships. This may be a more self indulgent time for the person, its beneficial for them to indulge, eat, laze, and love. There should be no guilt associated with their extravagance

Cancer rising Creative inspiration requires a material outlet, the individual may be especially stimulated by the muse and delight through creative expression - painting, drawing, designing, writing, even experimenting with personal style. There may be a lot of spending and focus on satisfying sensual desires. Favourable time for making money doing something they love

Leo rising The mind is alive and stimulated during this time, absolutely relishing in its thoughts, talents, and abilities. The individual can really indulge in conversation right now and be inspired by learning. There is freedom in the mind that may be rare, a certain flightiness and lack of rigidity. The individual communicates well with lovers, often resolving long term difficulties or feeling capable of expressing feelings.

Virgo rising Nothing is more pleasurable, comfortable, and indulging than the safety and warmth of home, lovers, and family. The individual enjoys the closeness and bonds of family and may spend a lot of time decorating and re designing the home. It can be especially fun to daydream and imagine right now. Spending time lost in memories can generate a kind of bliss

Libra rising Romances are abundant and captivating at present. The individual’s sexual nature can be disinhibited and lavish, there may be a real interest in following romantic flings and indulging in fairy tale ideals. The pursuit of personal pleasures can become controlling, the individual may find it difficult to control their lust, consumptions, eating habits, substances, and desires. Sexually experimental

Scorpio rising This is a favourable time for exploring talents in the workplace and developing relationships with colleagues. The individual may especially enjoy and appreciate the simple pleasure of work and employment. If this is not occurring, there may be a basic re-alignment with the natural simplicity and serenity of life. Routine and taking care of themselves seems more important. Health issues may be resolved

Sagittarius rising Relationships become the art of life during this time, the individual desires nothing more than romance, connections, and shared experiences. They manage to find beauty in everything and everyone, and as it reflects through them, they attract what their heart’s desire. And this isn’t just romantic relationships. They can generate tremendous bonds with friends or family, colleagues and children

Capricorn rising Late nights indulging in secret studies, exploring the invisible down intricate thoughts, following seducing subjects that are riddled with mystery and obscurity. There may be a great love of relishing in deep research, alone and disinhibited, searching for truth. The sexual appetite can be particularly devouring, the thought of finding a soul mate especially satiating

Aquarius rising The pangs of wanderlust become consuming, the individual longs to travel far and wide. There is great delight in exploring the deep meanings of life, symbolism, astrology, myth, and God. The individual may plan the destinations they will travel to. Studying becomes especially inspiring. If they are studying, the learning is rousing. The individual may enrol in a course

Pisces rising Venus is the historical lesser benefic so she brings fortune, this may occur in the individual’s professional life during this period. They may be recognised at work or heralded for an original idea. Focusing on personal goals and achievements is rewarding and elevating. It’s a time to be proud. If there has been conflict with the father, it may be resolved or alleviated somewhat. This is a favourable time for networking, talking the ‘right talk’ and meeting the right people such as connecting with mentors or superiors


Capricorn Full Moon 2017

As a general rule, new beginnings and ideas happen when the Moon is Full, the feelings of realization and understanding hit deeply and rather quickly.
With Neptune R Inconjunct Jupiter so directly, the realization is needed and you may be hit a little harder than usual. Be sure not to ignore your intuition if it’s the way these realizations are brought, as we may do during this time.
We realize our actions don’t align with our personality, as a whole. We’re either hiding ourselves, or our actions. We’ve faced regrets, as recently you may have done something, not keeping in mind your inhibitions and morals. 
Unlike a lot of Full Moons, you may find that your romantic life isn’t really affected by this Full Moon, (unless you have a Capricorn Venus/Mars or Sag/Cancer/Virgo Rising/Sun sign). 
Keep in mind people who come into and out of your life - but don’t dwell on who’s left. Capricorn Full and New Moons are all about lessons, and teaching the ones we often don’t want to hear - but it also brings about a wave of calm and understanding that we otherwise wouldn’t be able to have.

Transiting Mars in Leo
July 20, 2017 - September 5, 2017

Transiting Mars in Leo generates tremendous heart for chasing passions and desires. Mars is exhilarated and fiery in Leo, the winds of the fire heart blow in from the cosmic blaze. We can become focused on the over dramatic, theatrical fight for love because our pulses are bounding and we can feel and hear our heartbeats louder than ever. We long to have our hearts touched in sensual and carnal ways, and intimacy can be real demonstration of ego. Leo is a sign known for its exaggerated demonstration, vivacity, and lust for life. With the storm of Mars passing solar light the heart becomes an energy source of its own, inspired, loud, and active. We are likely to meet the muse with anything we are passionate or emotional about, the creative activity can be startling and take us completely hostage. We set high reaching goals for ourselves and generate inspiration through self confidence and validation. The Lion is set free beneath the limitless nature of Mars, and the energy of ‘me’ becomes prime focus. We have a tremendous spirit for satisfying the ego’s desires, pampering the inner child, and stampeding through every offering of self amusement and pleasure. The battle this Mars season is for the cosmic kingdom, the deservingness of the inner Queen, and the longings of our heart.