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The Transit of Venus

The transit of Venus across the Sun takes place when the planet Venus passes directly between the Sun and a Earth. This last occurred in early June of 2012 and lasted about 6 and a half hours. The transits of Venus are incredibly rare and occur in a pattern that generally repeats every 243 years.

Credit: NASA/EarthSky/University of Arizona

Gender Neutral Pop-Punk

A mix of pop-punk songs about somebody, that use gender neutral language!

Don’t Go, Don’t Stray - Transit // Home For Fall - Real Friends // There, There - The Wonder Years // I Miss You - Candy Hearts // Twin Size Mattress - The Front Bottoms // When It Rains - Paramore // Love Your Friends, Die Laughing - Man Overboard // I’ll Give You A Hint, Yes - Mixtapes // Jesus Christ - Brand New // I Miss You - Blink-182 // Hot 97 Summer Jam - Chumped // Losing Teeth - Neck Deep // Sleep Talk - Old Again


Berlin Guide

Berlin has it all - amazing atmosphere, art, history, possibilities, music, fun and great food. You come here and you don’t want to leave. I didn’t. I created EAT BERLIN section, where you can find cafes and coffee places perfect for a morning time (check it out if this is what you’re into). But there’s much more.

There are places and things you should do, like taking a picture in an old school photo booth, attend one of many open air festivals or shop on one of Sunday flea markets. With the latter you have a big choice. The most popular and very touristy one is in Mauerpark, my favorite ones are on Boxhagenerplatz and Arkonaplatz.

For foodies, well… you’re in the right city. Visit the last floor of KaDeWe to find products imported from all over the world, to buy and to try some prepared for you in one of the spots located over there. I also like to visit Frische Paradies where you can find everything you won’t find elsewhere. Rogacki will give you a chance to buy langousta playing in a tank and to try many different sea food dishes (nice for lunch, but also very busy). Events you need to visit: Street Food Thursday (each Thursday there’s a market with food from all over the world) or Bite Club (food events). Visit Thai Park where you can get exceptional Thai food and organize a delicious picnic.

Here are few places I enjoy by neighbourhoods.


Aunt Benny Lovely place with delicious coffee, minimalistic interior and friendly service. It’s good for coffee with friends, lunch or a break. In front of the cafe, there’s a park with playground for children, so parents will be happy. More here.

Schneeweiss like for me the best restaurant in Friedrichshain. Delicious food, reasonable prices and interior white like snow. It’s worth to make a reservation, as the place may be busy. Whenever I’m there I eat like crazy and even forget about talking, what means a lot…

Lemon Grass - Thai food like from Thailand. There’re plenty of Thai restaurants but not everywhere food is as good as it should be. I always test new spot by ordering Pad Thai, Tomasz curry. This restaurant rocks! It’s delicious, not expensive and the only problem may be a lack of place. During a week, they have a special and between 12-17:00 prices are lower, main dishes varies between 5-6,5 euro. More here.

Transit - bit more expensive than Lemon Grass and not only Thai, but Asian. What I like about this place is red interior and a choice of small plates with good bites, each for 3 euros - you take 4 and you are happy and your tastebuds get wild.

Hot Dog Soup - soups and hot-dogs, also the vegan version. It’s a tiny place and I like to sit next to a big window and observe a life of Friedrichshain.

Michelberger Hotel - the only hotel in Berlin I know and the most interesting one. I’m not kidding here. If you’re looking for a place to stay - this is it! They have private rooms and dorms as well, each of them in a different style. They made their own coconut water and schnapps (how cool is it!) They also have a great bar and restaurant, so if you don’t feel like staying there, come over for a drink. Don’t forget to check out their website, as they organise great events and  concerts and everything goes with a drink. They also have a cool creative team and they get seriously wild when it comes to creating.

Volkspark Friedrischain - beautiful, romantic with plenty of spots to sit, dream, relax and… I run there quite often and picnic from time to time. They have an open air cinema, where you can watch a movie and enjoy your evening. It’s easy to forget about time passing over there. You also have few ponds, lovely fountain and cafe. If you like parks and feel like a break, this is my favourite one.

Karl Marx Alee - it may blow your mind, but it doesn’t have to. Depends on you really. To make it short - this is a socialist boulevard with a very specific architecture, beautiful huge buildings and pearls like Babette made out of a glass, where you can have a drink, listen to life music or check out an exhibition. Opposite there’s Capitain Petzel Gallery, with interesting exhibitions. There’s fountain which you’ll most probably find on each fashion blog, as whenever I pass it there’s a shooting. But around the fountain there are many galleries. One of my most favourites is Kino International, I can hardly watch a movie over there as my german is still… well… lets not talk about it… but the interior is worth having a pick. Upstairs there’s cafe and you can have a nice break for coffee with a unique view. There’s also secondhand store Humana with beautiful round stairs.

Boxhagenerplatz - during a week it’s a park. On Saturday come for a food market and on Sunday there’s a flea market. I used to go there each weekend as it has a good vibe.

Hops & Barley - good local beer!

Goodies - great little vegan place. My favourites are quinoa porridge with plums, shakes and soups. They also offer vegan cakes and sweets. Yummy. I also enjoy their coffee.

Datcha - Russian restaurant with a lovely food and Russian atmosphere.

Il Ritrovo - the best pizza in town. Service may be a little rough at times, but it’s worth it. Always packed, you may need to wait a bit here. Just grab amaretto and enjoy.

Shakespeare and Son - coffee, bagels and english books. More here.


Kaschk coffee and booze. And an awesome game. And the good vibe. More here.

Hermann Eicke They have a comfy and inviting interior and even nicer owners. These guys know how to make you feel welcome. More here.

Yumcha Heroes most probably the best Chinese dumplings I had in my life and I’ve spent a month in China. Go there and eat eat eat.

Qua Phe if we’re talking about untypical Berlin experiences this is it. You need to try their sweets or one of baos. If you sometimes have a feeling that you can’t decide on a meal as you don’t really know how it looks, well here you can see it before you order it.

Lokal - beautiful restaurant with a minimalistic interior. You should make a reservation as I’m not the only one who likes it.

The Barn - the cafe. Little space, wooden stools, good coffee, nice vibe. More here.

Platoon Kunsthalle - check out their website for events, flea markets, exhibitions and parties.

Do you read me?! - if you love magazines, this is the place. They have a lovely collection. Everything I like.

Mogg and Melzer - cafe/restaurant for meat lovers. It’s not the cheapest one, but I took here few friends sceptical about prices and they all said that it was worth it. The best Reuben sandwich I had in Berlin or wherever. else int the world. Pastrami sandwich tastes like heaven as well.More here.

Pauly Saal - this is a special place for a special occasion or a special treat for yourself. I went there for my birthday and food was exceptional. Also, there’s a glass wall between a restaurant part and kitchen so if you’re into cooking you can have a peak on professionals.

Katz Orange - restaurant hid in one of Berlin’s Hoffs. A bit more expensive, but the food is like magic over there. And interior, ach… each element fits. You have different areas - blue and elegant, comfortable with couches and wooden one like in Polish mountains. The menu is a combination of seasonal ingredients and different cultures. Short but well made. Make a reservation.

Distrikt Coffee - fresh coffee place with delicious breakfasts. And not only. Interesting interior, cool service. Perfect for lunch or breakfast.

The Klub Kitchen - healthy lunches, homemade lemonade, ice coffee and desserts. You will like a clean, minimalistic and tasteful interior. I have a feeling that this place makes everyone happy, as I saw plenty of people smiling and having a great time.

Chicago Williams - if you like ribs and good pulled pork sandwich, you’ll love this place. Thay have long wooden tables, so even if you go by yourself you won’t feel lonely.

Volta - it used to be a pavilion, now it’s a restaurant. Short yet vivid menu and a minimalistic interior create a nice environment to enjoy good food.

West Berlin - located in Check Point Charlie area is a perfect place to have a break. Good coffee, sandwiches, nice selection of magazines and books.More here.

Tier Garten - this park… Just go there.

Cafe am Neuen See - a beer garden with located next to a lake. You can have a local beer or take a boat and enjoy nature.

Haus der Kulturen der Welt - interesting architecture and interior. Worth checking out.


ORA - cafe located in an old pharmacy. It’s a truly beautiful spot, where you want to sit for hours. I enjoyed a friendly vibe and food was yummy as well. But the interior and each element of it is worth visiting as well.

Bastard - very nice breakfasts and lunches. A place with a typical Berlin vibe, old wooden tables and a comfy crowd.

Chapter One - it’s not central, but coffee is so good, that this place is always busy. More here.

Le Bon is a good place. I think I should start this recommendation by saying that their service is great. Imagine rainy and cold Sunday morning in Berlin, a place filled up with hungry guests but still all the employees were positive, friendly and helpful. It sounds like a good vibe, doesn’t it? I strongly believe that if you get delicious pancakes served with a smile it will taste even better.More here.

New Deli Yoga You will like a concept of this place. During the day, it’s cafe, in the evening you can make some yoga over here. Do you love it? I thought so. They also serve yummy and healthy food and drinks.More here.

Mundvoll - is a lovely place in Kreuzberg. I’ve been there few times and during each of them I saw plenty of tiny kids and pregnant women around. Maybe because I was pregnant at the time, or maybe this is a place where mums like to come, I have no idea. One is for sure - it is a good and friendly place.More here.

Gipfeltreffen - located next to a popular Gorlitzer Park is a popular spot. During the summer days, you can sit outside and enjoy the weather. More here.

Kaffeebar - people create the place and people who work in Kaffeebar are friendly and helpful. I also love the minimalistic interior, scratched walls, typical for Berlin old furniture and wood. In a back room, there’s a perfect sit on a platform with many cushions, just next to the window. A perfect spot to relax with a good book. More here.

19 grams - tiny coffee place, a sister shop of Très Cabezas. Expect great coffee.

Prinzessinnengarten - an urban garden in the middle of Berlin, on Moritzplatz. You can sit there under a shadow of a tree, have a lovely milk coffee with a piece of cake or a salad with vegetables and herbs from a garden. There’s also a possibility to buy delicious plants growing there or to help to plant them. It does not look as a typical garden, as each plant grows in a crate or a sack, there’s a reason for this - apparently site used to be a wasteland for over half a century. But don’t worry, it’s all cleaned up and organized in a wonderful and peaceful garden. More here.

Markthalle Neun - there’s a special history behind this place. Locals saved it from big supermarkets and organized market with fresh organic products. Each Thursday you have Street Food Thursday over there. Check out their website for other events.More here.

Cafe 9 - located just next to an entrance. O mama, they have a good coffee. Apparently they’re planning on opening a roastery as well. Would be great. The place is small, minimalistic and very into coffee.More here.

Sironi - Italian bakery with bread to die for. I had ciabatta with tomatoes and I ate half of it at once and another half 1 hour later, when I got home (Mr T is on holiday so I didn’t have to share). Sironi is located inside the market, just follow the smell of a fresh bread.More here.

Sueper store - they collect unique things from all over the word and I need to admit that these girls have a splendid taste. I bought here few things for my pictures and I am really happy with them. But, of course, it’s not only for a kitchen.

Voo Store - if you like good clothes this is the place for you. Check out their website and visit to see what’s hidden in a grass. The store includes a cafe with delicious coffee.

Concierge Coffee - this tiny place is filled up with a smell of coffee and a good vibe. You will find just one bench inside, shelf with magazines and a coffee counter and that’s all you really need, isn’t it? Two owners are fun to talk and they have a hell of the experience in creating this lovely liquid. Their Flat White is amazing and if you’re interested in a coffee subject this is a place to ask questions.More here.

Modulor - if you’re into art or simply creating a thing of any kind, you’ll love this place. Only coming here makes you feel more creative.

Canadian Pizza - good pizza you can buy by slices, big slices. Top it with fresh arugula and pour delicious oil over it.

Spree Park - is one of this places, that I always wanted to visit – an abandoned amusement park, sounds exciting, doesn’t it? It would be better to have a “private tour” without a guide and a group of people, but still, it was something. With my “so close to understanding” german, we separated a bit from a group and wandered around, discovering it partly by ourselves.More here.

Badeschiff pool - summer in Berlin is a crazy period, there’re too many open air festivals each week to attend and possibilities are growing each day. But Sunday will be a good rest day to hang around a swimming pool. It’s not a regular one, as it’s a contained floating on Spree river.


Roamers - owners have created this place from A to Z. They had a vision and they made something that you won’t forget. What is unique about this place, except for delicious freshly prepared food is that everyone are always welcome. More here.

SHIO - Australian girl selects secondhand clothes and gives it a personal touch or just changes it’s size.

Tempelhof - you may think that it’s just an old airport. Well, it’s not! Half of Berlin goes there. You can have a bbq, picnic, run, kite, bike or walk and think about life. One of the most beautiful sunsets.

Bullys Bakery - there’s a selection of muffins, cakes and any other sweets for people with a sweet tooth, there is also something for vegetarians. What you should definitely taste is a vegetarian Flammkuchen with gorgonzola, pear and shredded red cabbage. If you prefer something lighter, I would recommend muesli with nuts, yogurt and blueberries. More here.

Burger International - I went there before a party, during a party, for lunch and even brunch. Each time was unforgettable. This small (by small I mean small) place is located in Neukolln and is a must on Berlin map. More here.

Klunkerkranich - Sky over Berlin is incredible. I have never seen so many beautiful sunsets in one city. It does not happen everyday, but often enough. It makes you want to go on a roof and feel space. And there is a perfect spot for it – Klunkerkranich located on a last floor of Arkaden’s parking in Neukoln. I ended up over here by accident while looking for a rooftop to take pictures from and I instantly fell in love with this spot. More here.

Two and Two - charming and relaxing spot. They serve the best banana cake in Berlin and have cool Japanese pens. More here.

Tischendorf - is definitely worth checking out. When I entered the place the first thing I’ve heard was Talking Heads’ song and it made a great first impression. And then the interior. It may look like a typical Berlin style cafe, but has these little lovely elements like handmade plackets with information about products. A raw wall surrounded by other white ones make the trick. Wooden tables and chairs, old school counter with yummy treats and nice art on walls. Everything creates a good, friendly vibe. More here.

Sala da Mangiare - little and lovely Italian restaurant. They have short fresh menu based on seasonal ingredients. Delicious experience.


CK Cafe - created by someone who really enjoys coffee. And you can see it there. More here.

Bonanza Coffee Heroes - has an awesome name and serves super delicious coffee! This little place was created out of love to a good coffee and for you to enjoy it. More here.

Friedl Rosterei und Kekse - you may think that it’s just another coffee place, but it definitely is something more. The first thing I’ve noticed was a perfect natural light and a big wooden table. The place is tiny and has only one of those, but it’s enough. More here.

Nothaft Seidel Cafe - is my new happy discovery. Baristas and all the staff are really sweet, they made me consider moving to Prenzlauer Berg, so I can come here for my morning coffee and cake. More here.

UMAMI Indochinese Deli Berlin - my Berlin gury Michael Okraj took us there, as we moved to the neighbourhood. This place has a very interesting interior, so if you like to snap a picture you’ll love it plus the food is very very good. I definitely recommend for people who like Asian flavors.

Muse - interesting burger experience. It’s not only good, the presentation is amazing as well. You can choose how you like your burger and then they serve your meat on a hot iron pan and you build your treat.

Sorsi e Morsi - I don’t go to bars often as I have a tiny Mia and she’s not a big fan. But this place is different. You can sit outside, chat with always positive and friendly staff and have a glass of delicious prosecco. They will give you a small tapas on a side of your drink. Little things like it make me happy.

Prater Garten - Beautiful beer garden. You can get a german snack (like sausages) to go with your beer or have a bigger bite. The beer here is gooooooood.

Sasaya - Like for me the best Japanese place in Berlin. It’s not too pricey and delicious, what means that you definitely need to make a reservation in advance. But you’ll be a happy gal and boy with a full tummy.


Berlin Dahlem Botanical Garden - Magical place. Definitely go to glass houses. Their collection of cactuses is a dream.

Venus Retrograde

This transit has already started and will go on all the way throughout August.

It’s a time to reevalute our relationships and values, what we think is important in other people or our sense of beauty and style.

It’s not the best time to actively change up your looks, buy new things or start a relationship. But it’s the right time to go within and contemplate those topics.

For me, in the past few days I have realized some things that are really important for me in the kinds of people I want in my life:

  • They should be passionate about something and independently pursue their own dreams and not just drift around, following others
  • They should be able to sit in silence with me and not experience it as awkward, trying to fill it with small talk.

What about you? How have you been reevalutaing your relationships, sense of  style and values lately?