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Clothing that fits smaller trans guys:

So i know alot of you, also myself, have trouble finding clothes that fit so i have a list of stores that sell clothes that either fit smaller or come in extra small, which is extremely hard to find. Some stores are on the expensive side while others arent too bad in price range.

•American Eagle: carries XS sizes and panst 28x28 $$
•Lucky Brand: XS sizes $$$
•Tillys: clothes fit small/ also has boys dept $-$$
•H&M: XS size clothes $
•Pacsun: Skinny Jeans fit well 28x30 $$
•Hollister/a&f: small fit shirts $$

So I’ve been really dysphoric recently. Like really really dysphoric. I think it’s because my I’m plateauing in my T levels. I was supposed to up my dose 2 months ago but my endo sucks and I haven’t been able to get blood work done. I’ve had a TON of bottom dysphoria as well as a lot of height I’m 5 ft 1. And about my butt and thighs. I’m pretty happy that my shoulders are getting wider though. I keep comparing myself to other guys who are also 7 months on T and looking so much better than me and I get jealous and I compare myself to Cis guys my age. It’s really bringing me down and I feel like I’m stuck in a rut. Here’s a video of me from yesterday at skyzone. This is me trying to push myself out of my comfort zone because I rarely post pictures of my full body because I don’t like it. This is what I look like in real life. No good lighting and angles.

A day in the life of a smol trans dude

I made my mom salty because I brought up testosterone. She was talking about how it would be okay with her for me to go on birth control to stop periods except its like taking hormones to trick your body into thinking its pregnant and it can feminize your features and how she knew I didnt want that. so it wasnt a good idea. ANd i was like yo how come i cant start T? and she was like thats an adult decision that I dont want to make for you. and i was like why cant i make it? and she was like cause youre not an adult. And I was like how come it would be okay for me to take hormones to feminize my body but not to masculinize it. she didnt answer. and then we were both salty. lololololol

Had some problems at first with my team accepting me. Lots of harassment. But that got better after coach got involved. They might not like a trans kid being on the team but they will have to deal with me because I’m here to stay. Ain’t giving up!



Hey guys. So I’m starting a new tag called #whattransnonbinarylookslike . It’s long I know.

There’s a lot of talk about what a trans or nonbinary person *should* look like.

I’m here to clear up any confusion.


A trans or nonbinary person looks like WHATEVER THEY WANT TO BE

Make a post tagging #whattransnonbinarylookslike and tell the rest of the world EXACTLY what a trans or nonbinary person looks like

You are strong. You are attractive. You are courageous. You are perfect