transguy probs

So I’m in the shower using some fruity women’s body wash and then I start thinking…

Every trans guy that comes out needs to be greeted with a New Man’s Basket.

This basket will be full of men essentials and accessories, such as men’s shampoo, body wash, deodorant, and a nice bottle of cologne.

Also it’d be cool if it included some binders, some briefs, and maybe even a packer. Shit, even throw in a trans sticker!

This probably sounds really whiny but one of the things that bothers me that people due regarding my transition is this: Whenever I pass, which is about 75% of the time, the people im with always make a big deal about it. Its just like, could you not? It just reminds me that im not the same as every other boy and people think I should be like put on a pedestal and guarded because im fragile or something. Please just treat me like a regular guy. 

when ppl use the wrong pronouns with me lately its not even tht upsetting anymore its just like wow yr stoopid

especially when they try to justify it with “ive just known u as ______ for so long” DONT EVEN GO THERE. I changed everything about my life, dont even think of telling me tht it’s hard for you just to get my pronouns right. Especially when it’s been more than 8 months.
I think one of the biggest things I hate about being trans

Is not having the same chance with girls as a guy born in the right body has. It literally drives me insane. And I can’t get a girl pregnant and that pisses me off more than anything because I want kids with my blood without having to pay a buttload of money for some invitro shit that might not even work. Ugh