transguy comics

An experience I had this past weekend. It was the first time I’ve ever seen tampons in a men’s restroom and they were free! That’s awesome!

NOTE: Some colleges are providing free tampons in the restrooms. For anyone who is upset because “they aren’t free in the women’s room,” I want to point out that this was at one of those colleges. I can assure you they provided free tampons and pads in the women’s restroom too. 

#21 Periods // they can give trans boys and nb people terrible dysphoria and I wanna let you know that you’re still a strong masculine dude or whatever you want regardless !! Having a menstrual cycle doesn’t make you any less of a boy or any less nonbinary !!


Really quick comic based on my experiences at the UK Pokémon National Championships. I had an amazing time, not only because I adore Pokémon, but also because of how many people gendered me correctly! It was amazing! Gender euphoria is definitely a thing, and it’s one of my favourite feelings. 

Sorry about the quality, once again, my scanner wasn’t great lmao.