Fundies are so inconsistent. We should forgive Josh because he acknowledged his transgressions, but not forgive a young girl who gets pregnant by accident? An unwed mother? A woman who wears a miniskirt? A divorcee? These are the people who the Duggars protect their children from, but when their own kind make similar mistakes they’re somehow still above moral law.
Who is a God like You, who pardons sin and forgives the transgression of the remnant of His inheritance? You do not stay angry forever but delight to show mercy. You will again have compassion on us; You will tread our sins underfoot and hurl all our iniquities into the depths of the sea.
—  Micah 7:18-19

morethanprinceofcats asked:

Wait, how do you get transgressive sexuality out of anti-semitism?? I mean, I'm sure the answer is going to piss me off, but I can't even figure out how that works.

The logic on most of the posts seems to be “He was terrified of Jews, therefore we should piss him off by writing really sexual and/or gay Cthulhu mythos stories!”  This makes a few enormous leaps- first, that Lovecraft was homophobic (he might have been, but if so it wasn’t one of his talking points), and second, that the best way to deal with antisemitism in horror is to ignore it in favor of writing lots of monster sex scenes and patting yourself on the back for being so progressive.

On Schooling A Bitch

The same goes for IML, Hustlaball, and every other epic, organized fuck-fest.  If you’re a closet case living in a little town in a square state somewhere and the Black Party is the only time you get to have sex all year, I can understand being excited and planning ahead.  Fine.

But seriously, if you live in Manhattan and you’re this excited about seeing two men piss on each other, you’re obviously not taking advantage of all that city life offers.  Making this big of a production about kinky sex isn’t an affirmation of your radical desire.  In fact, planning your weekend around a sex party - not to mention spending 140 fucking dollars on a ticket, not to mention flying to New York especially for this party and taking days off work - affirms nothing so much as your willingness to subordinate your sexuality to the economic circuits and rhythms of bourgeois normativity.

Wear those ass-less chaps to work on Monday, then I might be impressed. 

Transgression has a long history amongst upper-class males. In eighteenth-century England gentlemen froclicked in the performance of their versions of sadomasochism in the Hellfire Club. Some morals may have been outraged, but the social structure of hetero-patriarchal England did not quiver. Transgression is a pleasure of the powerful, who can imagine themselves deliciously naughty. It depends upon the maintenance of conventional morality. There would be nothing to outrage, and the delicious naughtiness would vanish, if serious social change took place. The transgressors and the moralists depend mutually upon each other, locked in a binary relationship which defeats rather than enables change. Also, transgression depends upon the existence of subordinate others upon whom the sexual transgression can be acted out, mostly prostituted women and boys. It is not a strategy available to the housewife, the prostituted woman, or the abused child. They are the objects of transgression, rather than its subjects.
—  Sheila Jeffreys, Unpacking Queer Politics
It appears to me that it [sin] is simply an attempt to penetrate into another and higher sphere in a forbidden manner. You can understand why it is so rare. There are few, indeed, who wish to penetrate into other spheres, higher or lower, in ways allowed or forbidden. Men, in the mass, are amply content with life as they find it. Therefore there are few saints, and sinners (in the proper sense) are fewer still.
—  Arthur Machen, “The White People”.