Sassy Says: It is sad when a parent neglects to educate their children on social diversity and then feels awkward, due to their own ignorance, when it appears in their own living room. Educate yourselves and open your minds so that you do not raise close-minded bigot children. You are not helping your family or the future of the United States if you continue this cycle of hate and intolerance. Thank you.

AVfM Classics: Male/female discrepancies in transsexualism

Male/female discrepancies in transsexualism @Caitlyn_Jenner @JudgyBitch1 @Transgendernews #Transgender

While transsexualism has been and remains a poorly-understood condition, certain consistent aspects have been outlined by experiment and observational evidence. One of these aspects is the discrepancy between the sexes, which several, mostly European studies have shown is quite wide, with around three times as many male-to-female as female-to-male transsexuals. But, what are the reasons for this…

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