transgendered comics

So this comic was something I volunteered to do for @michygeary. I don’t want anyone to start some kind of “flame war” or something over this because I know that can happen with the simplest of things. Anyways, the main idea is that Aces apparently are excluded from LGBT+ things because of…? I don’t know why. I guess because people don’t think they/we get the same discrimination as others? I think we should all just be one big happy family and go get ice-cream. That sounds like my kind of night.

(TBH as I was finishing this I was falling asleep because I’ve been awake since one am because of a storm It’s like seven forty five.)

RePosting this as we enter Pride Month(s)

Pride is something I struggle with to some degree even having come out of the closet. There are days when it’s quite clear that unless I “present” as Trans NonBinary I will not be seen as such.

Some days nobody could stop me from “presenting,” other days it’s an honest chore, and there have been long stretches where I’m too busy disentangling myself from my own dysphoria to grasp what’s going on at all. So accept this friendly reminder:

You deserve to feel proud, year round, no matter what.

If you’re not ready to march - that’s fine.If you haven’t come out - that’s fine.If you’re too broke to go to events - that’s fine.If you’re just not feeling it - that’s fine too.

Regardless of the feelings that can complicate things, I’m happy you’re here. I take pride in simply knowing people like you. That’s enough. You’re enough! <3