“I and many others believe that the greatest issue facing trans people is employment. Whether it’s a young person who can’t find a safe form of employment, or an established professional who doesn’t come out in fear of losing their job, employment issues impact our confidence, security, income, relationships, power and place in society.  If the trans movement is going to move forward, it has to provide opportunities to the most vulnerable members of our community and empower our most capable leaders.” – Read more on Jen on

Trans People of Color

Trans people of color face more discrimination, marginalization and prejudice than trans people who are not of color. They live below standard poverty lines for cisgender (people who do not identify as transgender), are harassed by police more often, are restricted to healthcare access more, and are killed at increasingly high rates.

Trans people of color have to deal with the cross sectional discrimination of sexuality and race in their lives. Some trans people of color also have to deal with oppression due to the intersectionality of their race, sexuality, and poverty.

Read this shocking fact: Thirty five years old is the life expectancy of a Black trans-woman.

Native American and African American transgender individuals are subjected to alarmingly increased rates of homelessness, police brutality and discrimination, violence in the streets, less access to healthcare and problems obtaining jobs.

According to the national report put forth last May by the NCVAP transgender women of color were 67% of all hate motivated murders against LGBT people in 2013. Already there have been at least eight documented cases of trans-women of color killed in the U.S., the latest victim being London Chanel. The police department identified Chanel as man and referred to her as birth name.

Just as in the case of London Chanel when trans people of color are murder victims the police often do not use their chosen pronouns and refer to them as the gender in which they were born with in making reports. The media also makes a habit of doing this and crucifying the victim in the murder instead of bringing awareness to a pressing issue in America.

These individuals are discriminated as well as subjected to violent acts including murder because of their sexual identities. Transgender individuals should not have to live in fear that their human rights will not be afforded to them or in fear of their lives. It is time to end discrimination of trans people of color.