transgender pre t

Do not disregard a trans guys identity if he has long hair.
Do not disregard a trans guys identity if he is pre T or does not want to take T at all.
Do not disregard a trans guys identity if he likes “female clothes”, or if he loves heels or even likes drag.
Do not disregard a trans guy identity if he wants to keep his birth name, even if it’s considered feminine.
Do not disregard a trans guys identity if he hasn’t had surgery of any sort and isn’t interested in having any.
Do not disregard a trans guys identity NO MATTER WHAT. Because he damn well knows who he is and you’re not in the place to stand infront of his happiness.

Support trans guys no matter who they are.

not being born with a penis..

is really hard :

-i just want to be able to feel something in my pants where the emptiness lies

-i want to be able to pee standing up and not be afraid of going into bathrooms

-i want to be able to TOUCH myself and feel natural and comfortable

-i want to be able to have SEX and not want to cry or be so angry that I am so uncomfortable

Somedays i sit here and i think… I really cannot wrap my head around why I wasn’t born with a penis when I physically and mentally know I am supposed to have one.

yo my mate passed this down to me so im gonna be a lad and pass it out to all you fellas out there tryna pass more, coconut oil is liquid gold. you get it in a solid block and put it in warm water to melt it in the jar, but you get the idea. and its super cheap. you can get it for £3 in superdrug and boots in the uk. rub it on your face and leave it overnight and it does wonders for facial hair growth for pre t dudes, ive only used it twice now but i’m already getting a tiny moustache. its lit.


-“shrug” your shoulders very slightly. eventually it’ll feel nature if you keep at it. it makes your shoulders look bigger. Put your elbows on chair arms to do it while sitting

-clench your jaw a little bit. it sounds really weird but it’ll make you look like you have a more masculine jaw line

-walk with your stance every so slightly wider than usual. it’ll make your lips slightly less pronounced and make your shoulders look squarer

-Don’t move out of the way for people gracefully. not saying don’t move out of the way at all, but let yourself brush shoulders sometimes. You can also just be more spacious about it. And yes, in a crowded hallway you probably shouldn’t maneuver your way through.

-Be comfortable! I shit you not, this can be magic for passing. Be relax, act confident, and lean back and be comfortable. People see it as dominance and we subconsciously see dominance and our mind trails to masculinity

-when you sit in the floor, sit with your ass on the floor. Indian style or with your legs out works. Don’t sit on your legs or in that weird W shape (that’s bad for you anyway)

anyone feel free to add any other weird behavior passing tips you’ve discovered!