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James, a deeply feeling man who began his working life as an auxiliary psychiatric nurse, shakes his head.

Many of the younger people who present at gender clinics have a history of mental health issues such as self-harming, social anxiety, eating disorders and so on. They see transitioning as their panacea.’

In addition, James says that the proportion of people attending gender clinics who are on the autistic spectrum is approximately six times higher than the general population.

‘The activist line is, 'Oh that’s because they’re trans so if they weren’t discriminated against and could just be themselves and transition they wouldn’t have mental health issues.’ That’s far too simplistic. I wanted to try to find the truth.’

In November 2015, James submitted his first proposed Masters Research title, 'An examination of the experiences of people who have undergone reverse gender reassignment surgery’, which was accepted.

'I had some people contacting me who said, 'Yes we’ve reversed our gender reassignment, but we’re so traumatised we don’t want to talk about it.’ It made me realise how very important the research is.

'Then a group of young women in the U.S. contacted me. They’d transitioned from female to male, had double mastectomies, then re-transitioned back to female.

'They’d stopped the hormone treatment that had been suppressing their menstrual cycles, but didn’t want reconstructive surgery to rebuild their breasts.

'I wanted to include them in my research, particularly as some of the women said they thought their original decision to transition to male had come from social and political pressure, not for psychological reasons.’

He submitted a revised title in October 2016: 'An examination of the experience of people who have undergone Gender Reassignment Procedure and/or have reversed a gender transition.’

James accepted the research might not be 'politically correct’, but felt it was important.

The next month the university rejected his proposal on the basis that 'the posting of unpleasant material on blogs or social media may be detrimental to the reputation of the University’.

'All I wanted to do with my research was listen to what people were saying and report it,’ James says.

'Society is changing so rapidly that a lot of people feel uncertain of their place in it and they’re looking for something. The fact is, the idea of trans identities is now being brought into the classroom and is all over the internet.

'I really think it’s good people who have transitioned have rights and they’re legally recognised in their gender. People fought for years for that and it’s very important.

'Some people need to transition and benefit from it. It’s a complex field, which is why we need to be able to have a healthy discussion about it and not feel afraid to do so.

This has all become a kind of Kafkaesque weird tangle. Somebody needs to call it out.’

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Transgender pastors Alexya Salvador, Cindy Bourgeois, and Allyson Robinson lead mass in a church in Matanzas, Cuba, on May 5, 2017, during a three-day conference on transgender theology, ahead of the tenth anniversary of Cuba celebrating the global day against homophobia. The mass, held by the Matanzas branch of the Metropolitan Community Church, was the first time a trans pastor had ever celebrated holy communion in Cuba. [link]

Places that carry clothes for smaller trans men/trans masculine people

- H&M (Has men’s xs and jeans with size 27 for waist and up. Fairly cheap)
- American Eagle Outfitters (Can be pricey. Has men’s xs and jeans with size 26 for waist and up)
- American Apparel (Has men’s xs and jeans with waist size 26 and up. Pricey)
- Old Navy/GAP/Banana Republic (They are all owned by the same company and have jeans size 28 for waist and up)
- TOPMAN (Has xxs in men’s shirts and jeans size 28 for waist and up. Pricey)
- ASOS (Has men’s xxxs and jeans size 26 for waist and up. Pricey)
- Express (Has men’s xs and has jeans size 28 for waist and up. Pricey)
- Pacsun (Has men’s jeans with waist size 28 and up. Pricey)
- Aeropostale (Has men’s xs and jeans with waist size 26 and up)

- 21MEN (Has men’s xs)

That is all I can think of right now. If you would like to add more feel free to!
Bandcamp Holds Fundraiser For Transgender Law Center
More than 200 record labels and artists will also be donating proceeds from their sales Friday to the nonprofit.

The music distribution site Bandcamp will be donating 100 percent of its share of music sales Friday to the Transgender Law Center, a nonprofit based in Oakland, Calif.

In an announcement of the fundraiser posted on July 31, the company declared that it is meant as a direct response to President Trump’s recent Twitter announcement that the government will bar transgender people from serving in the U.S. military.
Trans Resources - Undies & Swimwear

I’ve partially put together a drafted masterlist of trans-specific undergarment resources. 

Right now it only contains links to online shops, two in-person stores, and a few article guides for trans folks learning how to tuck or make your own binder. I did my best to make it readable, and colour-coded some of it. That said, if there’s any way to make this more accessible for you, please don’t hesitate to ask!

This doc is shareable via link, so feel free to post it on Facebook, in group chats, send it to your friends, whatever. 

If you run your own database, website, youth group, whatever, you are also welcome to link this as well. Whatever gets this info out there to people who need it!

I should be updating it in the future so the contents of the doc are subject to change without notice.

Signal boosting by all, including cis people is welcome.
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Tfw your selfie makes the news. 😳 But really, there’s so much more discussion to be had about how trans women are forced into specific aesthetics due to outside pressure than what I can fit in one caption. Trans women can look like anything and we can present however we want, yet people still seem to think we’re confined to hyperfemininity. Check out this article where I have a more in-depth discussion about the pressures trans women face due to the policing of our bodies. (link)


How I imagine Nomi and Amanita found each other

Comic on Nomi and Amanita from the wonderful TV series Sense8. Sense8 has a strong transgender character, played by a transgender woman (Jamie Clayton). Two of the people behind the series are also trans: Lana and Lilly Wachowski of Matrix fame.

The comic strip was posted by drewiepoodle over at the Transpace reddit subforum. Drewiepoodle is publishing a constant stream of must read transgender media links over at Transspace.

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New videos about some positives things related to being transgender :) 

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