The day she was born

The doctor said

“it’s a boy.”

and proceeded to wrap her in blue.

When she was one,

she was called big, fierce, and strong;

She just went along.

And she always wore blue.

When she was two,

She was given toy construction vehicles,

plastic dinosaurs,

and a gun - that shot bubbles.

When she was three,

she told her mom that she wasn’t happy,

she wasn’t who she wanted to be,

She was a boy.

Her mom assumed it was a phase

and figured things would change.

She told her

to give it some time.

When she was four,

she wanted a doll.

Her dad bought her a ball,

and called it a close call.

When she was five,

she tried to paint her nails

like the other females.

But her mom found her and took it away.

She cried and cried,

but her dad told her to grow up,

Boys don’t cry.

She should just be a tough guy.

When she was six,

She tried growing out her hair

but then her parents gave her a glare

and made her cut it all.

When she was seven,

she went to school.

Most of her friends were girls


they were able to be who they wanted to be.

When she was eight,

her dad signed her up

for little league baseball

He didn’t care for her opinion at all.

When she was nine,

she gave up.

She’d had enough.

This was her life,

and it wasn’t going to change.

When she was ten,

she was made fun of

for taking her shirt off the “feminine way”

at a pool party

When she was eleven

she read that

people who felt the way she did

wouldn’t be allowed into heaven.

When she was twelve,

she got first place in a science fair

and for the first time in her life,

her father was proud.

When she was thirteen,

she realized she was attracted

to other girls.

When she was fourteen,

she was called gay,

and several other names.

When she was fifteen,

she got sick of her life being a lie.

She couldn’t stop thinking how

all she wanted to do was die.

When she was sixteen,

she met a girl,

who was nice and all,

but very confusing too.

They began to date,

to her this felt like fate.

But deep down she knew,

she mustn’t stay around.

When she was seventeen,

she finally told her girlfriend

the truth.

Her girlfriend told her

she knew.

When she was eighteen,

she told her parents something unforeseen

she was a girl,

she always had been,

and always will.

M.C.R. // @a-random-emu (A project I made for my Sociology Class)

My favorite thing about TAZ fanart is that Taako is almost assuredly drawn with a skirt more often than Lup is.

I like to imagine that when they were little, the two of them pooled money together to get Lup her first “girly” clothes; a nice skirt. And as she’s standing there looking in the mirror she says “I don’t like this.” She feels pretty bad cause they had been saving up for this skirt for a while, so Taako just takes it from her and says “well I do.” and the rest is history.


I love the idea that both Habuko and Tsuyu are trans girls! also i love the headcanon, about both of them being in the same primary high school and Habuko also was obsessed with Tsuyu. But both actually didn’t remember about it until they saw old photos of them being children!

Y’all out here really being STRAIGHT in 2018????


-happy for you I’m really happy that you are able to know what your sexuality is, cause a lot of people can have difficulties with it. I hope that you love yourself and don’t let anyone bring you down, and I hope that you marry happily one day. You all are amazing. I hope you’re unapologetically you. <3