Hey guys… Just making a PSA about this little TF Fan convention happening in Japan this coming weekend.

From what we can make out, it seems like there’s going to be a lot of Asian/Japanese fan-drawn artwork, doujins, fanbooks, other little knickknacks available for sale there.

EDIT: This page has a list of all the participating artists: (names in bold are links to their personal blogs so you can see their art samples, etc.)

EDIT 2: This link shows samples of some of the actual items that will be on sale. If there’s a specific item you want, please include the link in your order.

A very good and trusted friend of mine will be in Japan at the time and I’m trying to get him to go and get me some arts and stuff, so I figured I’d open it up to the rest of the TF fandom. I do not know yet what the pricing of stuff there will be like, or what they’ll have on offer exactly… but assuming there will be pretty character/pairing arts, if y'all are interested:

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Hey everyone, a friend of a friend is going to be at Transfunket this year, they will be picking up TF artwork and doujin from several awesome artists like Heinel, Zibanitu and several other pivix favorites.

She asked me to spread the word in case someone was interested in ordering some materials. Follow this link for instructions on how to order, they work with paypal but might be able to do other payment methods if necessary.

Go here: To Livejournal

anonymous asked:

so, there's a Japanese fan-magazine called Transfunket and it's 400 Yen? How can I acquire one of them? Is there a website that sells TF-fan-doujinshi's/magazines or something?

that is unfortunately one of the few holes in my (nearly) omniscient knowledge.

On the other hand however, I did some googling and sent a few questions to any contacts about it I could find. I’ll make a post and tag it ’Transfunket’ when I find out.