If you constantly post "down with cis" on a site that is populated with young teens that struggle to fit in irl, then you are partly responsible for those kids trying to fit the "trans" label. Not only does this hurt the genuine trans community as the definition of trans gets warped, it fucks up these kids. They go through the pain of coming out without needing to. Some even get hormones when they're not dysphoric. And all so they can feel accepted.

Stop fucking posting “die cis scum”

"It's not hurting anyone if I say I'm trans and don't have dysphoria"

It is. It absolutely is hurting people suffering with this condition. Because when you say you’re trans but you don’t have dysphoria - you just “feel like a man because you like to wear suits”; you’re perpetuating the idea that transsexualism is just a reaction to gender roles. People need to know that what I have is a medical condition, not a choice. And you saying that anyone can “choose to be trans” means that the majority of people don’t understand that.

So I have to go stealth and be misunderstood by the majority of people.

On the behalf of dysphoric trans people, stop saying that you’re not hurting anyone.

You are.

Are you fucking kidding me?

They gave Milo Stewart T? Milo “I don’t have dysphoria” Stewart is taking body altering testosterone? I waited three years and still had to work hard to prove to the doctors that they should prescribe me and they can make YouTube videos literally calling themself a fucking “gender confusion” and be given testosterone? Is this a joke.

Now we wait for them to detransition and give the transphobes even more fuel.

What really sucks is that as a dysphoric trans guy I feel the need to stay stealth because if I were to come out everyone would associate me with transtrenders and I don't want that. So I can't speak up about misinformation that's spread by "non dysphorics" before my very eyes. It makes it worse that it's the non dysphoric trans people who often make themselves the "voice" of the trans community.
I can't believe we're actually having this debate

I can’t believe we’ve got to a point where people are literally ignoring logic, science, and fact and people are going along with it.

A logical argument is this:

Transsexualism = Gender Identity Disorder (as defined by the fact that when you get diagnosed the terms transsexualism and GID are almost interchangeable).

Gender Identity Disorder= Characterised as discomfort in your gender = Dysphoria

Therefore transsexualism/transgenderism = Dysphoria.

But no let’s ignore an argument that follows a logical train of thought that is entirely based on science.


i tried making a thing???

its probably been done before and all mine suck but i cant figure out how to get the template from memegenerator to give to y'all

[Image: very young white boy scout with a rough beard. Alternating shades of blue behind him. Text reads:

  1. Top: “Your pronouns are gibberish! Bottom: Ignores different languages, language evolution, and prioritizes standard language over individual needs.
  2. Top: "You’re just a special snowflake. Your gender isn’t real.” Bottom: Because it’s not like there are or were any other systems of gender, right? The West is supreme!
  3. Thinks the binary sex system is in any way logical.
  4. Top: Rants at people about the effects of hormone therapy… Bottom: Is not their physician.
  5. Top: cis men in drag: men. Bottom: trans* men in drag: women.
  6. Specially trained gender police.]

anonymous asked:

u said dont be truscum on ur net thing but what is that??

definition: Truscum, also known as transmedicalist and transfundamentalist, are usually cis people who delegitimize the gender of transpeople. They claim one can’t truly be transgender unless one experiences gender dysphoria as defined by cisnormative psychiatry and medicine.

Which means they mostly don’t like nb genders basically. Gender Euphoria is a thing they dont seem to understand

i will never understand why transfundies blame cis doctors and cis therapists for being the stupidest pieces of shit on the face of the earth because non-binary people and other assorted “”“"transtrenders”“”“ are misunderstood because of colonialist ideas of gender and pathologizing identity instead of bodily dysphoria and stress caused by other types of dysphoria, AKA the actual medical conditions. people who want HRT/surgery/etc should not have to prove shit to get it. all they need to do is research and sign the consent form and pay whatever fees (insurances really should start covering this more though). and they don’t need self-entitled pricks on tumblr trying to ”“"educate them”“”.

it is not our fault that cis doctors think “gender identity isn’t a medical condition” means “no one ever ever ever needs medical treatment for dysphoria (or you know if they just fucking want it bc it’s none of your business why people medically transition, we’re not going to run out of hormones/surgical equipment, stop concern-trolling).” get angry at the doctors for interpreting our experiences to mean no trans* folks should get hrt/surgery/etc. do not erase our identities to do so.