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#Humanity is 1 step closer to Mobile Suit world! Technically this is #Mobilesuit. Imagine this tecnology able to assist so much task that #human body alone can’t do!

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OK, so imagine...

Transformers have such a diverse amount of sizes. You have mid range 15-30 foot bots. A lot of the furniture in MTMTE, at least, seems to be made with this range in mind.
Then you have human sized minicons. Sitting normally, their heads would barely reach over the table top.

So imagine minicons in high chairs and booster seats. Restaurants automatically have them.

Imagine bar stools that descend down to the floor, so minicons can hop on, then go up again so they can reach the counter.

Imagine “doggy doors” so that minicons can open a tiny door instead of jumping up to reach the door handle.

How about bigger bots? Bots who have drinks with mid range bots and mini cons. The mugs are regular sized, so they’re enormous for the tiny minicons, while they’re like a small teacup set for the bigger bots.

Imagine big bots being relegated as the “umbrella” when it rains, or carrying smaller bots when there are floods.

Imagine minicons who have to move so they ask their big bot friends to move their house for them, or big bots ask minicons to help with delicate work their large hands can’t handle.


Been a while since I sketched a transformer. I decided this time to go with Strongarm. I really dig her design and all the fun and cool fan art of her floating around the net. My rendition of her is a bit more “organic” and has some G1 styling in her build.

I’ve got two roads a head of me. First is doing the pencil sketched lines, like I’d been doing with my monster girls. The second is going all digital with the inks. For now… I think i’ll stick with the pencils so she keeps her expressive build.

Going to see if I can do all the pencils on my lunch break today.

The red pencils were done using “Ticonderoga Erasable” Carmine Red Checking Pencils.

Thanks for all the awesome car suggestions in the last post, guys! There were definitely some really awesome cars that I’ve never even heard of before, and would have a lot of fun turning them into Transformers. In the meantime, have a superbike TF. There ain’t enough female TFs right now.