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#Humanity is 1 step closer to Mobile Suit world! Technically this is #Mobilesuit. Imagine this tecnology able to assist so much task that #human body alone can’t do!

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KnockOut likes to be a bit of a show off as he entertains his audience with “The Robot” dance moves Satuday afternoon at Phoenix Comicon 2017!

Soundwave seems a bit bewildered while Starscream is busy “Star-splaining” a very important thing about a very important Laserbeak lol! 

Knockout is @ask-dr-knockout, Soundwave is @tfg1-minibot-lover, and Starscream is @tyrantofthefirmament

I know next to no one will see this post, and the few people who do see it will already be aware of this fact, but that one gif of the guy picking a leaf out of the air and biting it

yeah that one. It’s from an anime series called Macross 7, the first direct television sequel to the original Super Dimension Fortress Macross if I recall correctly. And I want everyone to know that, because that up there isn’t even the weirdest thing to happen in that show.

Just, fuckin, look at that! That’s the kind of style today’s anime just doesn’t have!

So, besides just being a fucking weird series in general, it is about a rock band called Fire Bomber that live on an intergalactic space colony and pilot transformable mecha using their instruments. Specifically, the main character, Nekki Basara, pilots his mech with an electric guitar. I’m serious.

Over the course of the story their primary goals are to a.) get signed to a record label while also retaining their artistic integrity as musicians and b.)  defend their colony from an invading species of mecha piloting alien space vampires using the power of ROCK! And I mean that literally btw. Basara is a pacifist, like an actual pacifist, he hates fighting and killing needlessly and will not do so unless there is literally no other options available and even then will do everything he can to avoid it. (So, like, Kira Yamato if he wasn’t a total bitch. And played guitar.) And their music is the only thing that hurts the space vampires without killing them(I think, kinda going by memory right now). 

So, yeah. Macross 7 is a very good show and I highly recommend that everyone watches it.