transformers: last stand of the wreckers


My first speedpaint of my illustration for @rungs-eyebrows‘s cover fan novel book, Wrecker Babies!! Unfortunately the colors in the video were kinda off, it wasn’t supposed to look like that… But I can leave a preview of the original looks! 



Happy Holidays everyone!!

Here’s some gift for you my lovely fans for keep on supporting me and stayed with me through years! I hope you’ll enjoy some baby Wreckers enjoying christmas & glorious holidays too~!!

Also! If you haven’t read Wrecker babies’ story, better read it now!
Story build up by me & @rungs-eyebrows​ just for you★

Roddy’s part here received a rock for his present for eating their Christmas cookies without Kup’s permission, so it turns out just to make him learn haha, but not to worry! Kup gave him a wonderful gift after he received the stone UvU*

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Enjoy your holidays guys!!


Happy Halloween everyone 。・:*三( ε:)) !!!

Here’s some Wrecker babies in Halloween theme!

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np-personal  asked:

In LSOTW (I think in issue 1) Overlord ends the Autobot haunt, and tells the others that they are now going to find the Autobot Snare, and Snare, in the next panel lowers his helm and looks down. Is Snare an Autobot? I couldn't find any explanation in the comics for that part, and it always confused me a lot. Do you have any idea what happened? Thank you in advantage!!

As we can see here, Overlord doesn’t say they’re going to “find the Autobot Snare,” he says “Bring the Autobot, Snare.” He’s ordering Snare to bring the Autobot he’s just shot back with them, not saying that Snare IS an Autobot. Snare looks down because he’s not enjoying Overlord’s reign, and we see that play out when he helps the Wreckers in their mission later in the series.


transformers is slowly turning me into a decent human being. It’s terrifying.