transformers: dark cybertron

Aligned Soundwave’s chronological design changes are weird af 

I mean he goes from Barawave during the very beginning of the Great War:

To a retro G1-like style in War for Cybertron to Fall of Cybertron (this design is also in Dark Spark but I honestly have no clue if that game is canon in the Aligned Continuity):

Lots of IDW readers should be familiar with this design since it was later reused in the 2012 ongoing series Robots in Disguise (later dropped to avoid confusion with the upcoming 2015 cartoon that had the same name)

Then finally we go to the present where Aligned Soundy has his much more debatably iconic look which also brings back his old head:

Of course don’t get me wrong at all, I do not hate ANY of these designs, in fact I love’em and personally think they are kinda cool in their own ways. But I just think it’s pretty funny that over time he goes from a beefcake, to blocky boombox/truck/lamppost, to silent Slenderman.

… and possibly back to beefcake if the RiD2015 Warriors Class toy look is going to be canon in the show (and IF he returns again):