transformers: dark cybertron

deceptipup  asked:

hey, love what y'all do & Really Truly appreciate it. my question is - is there any way you could explain to me. what exactly shockwave's endgame was with the dark cybertron storyline? because. it genuinely makes, No sense to me what he was actually trying to do? and for focusing on and caused by character that's defined by their 'unwavering logic', it was just, an incredibly weird arc.

Sure, we’ll do our best! What’s probably important to state is that, while Shockwave is about “unwavering logic,” his logic is a path to an end goal of some kind. For instance, he might logically believe that he should be leader of the Decepticons - because his end goal is the same as the Decepticons, domination of the Autobots and Cybertron, and he can best get them there. That doesn’t mean it is what’s unarguably, objectively best for Cybertron, just that that’s what Shockwave’s logic tells him. And it also does not mean he won’t carry out huge, achingly complicated, ostentatious acts - only that in order for him to do so he must have each element of such a scheme logically planned out as a stepping stone toward the end goal he’s determined for himself. He’s a slave to his own cold brand of logic - that doesn’t mean he’s right.

In IDW, then, Shockwave’s end goal, even way back in the day before he got Shadowplayed, was the preservation of Cybertron. He foresaw the energy crisis, and tried to come up with new types of fuel that could replace energon. He tried to find new bearers of the Matrix to steer society in the right direction. But when he got Shadowplayed and lost his emotions, his work consequently lost all morality - now, it was about the preservation of Cybertron above ALL ELSE. Loss of life was entirely logically justifiable to him because it was all in service of preserving Cybertron. Other planets? Ain’t no thing - he turned them into Petri dishes for his Regensis ores without a thought.

Fast-forward to the end of Dark Cybertron, and we find out what Shockwave’s endgame with Regenesis is - using the combined power of the ores to transform everything else in the entire universe into a power source for Cybertron, literally preserving the planet above everything else in existence.

Each ore played a role in accomplishing this. Ore-2 caused living things to die, while Ore-14 could revive the dead - by combining them, Shockwave had the power to control life and death. Ore-6 caused molecular motion to cease (”froze things”); Ore-8 excited molecular motion (”dangerously combustible”) - by combining those, Shockwave could manipulate physical matter. And Ore-1 allowed time manipulation, the effects of which were massively magnified by the addition of the super-power-boosting Ore-13.

So, with the literal power over time, matter, and life itself, Shockwave sought to collapse all of existence - everything in the universe, and everything that ever had or ever would exist in the universe from all across time - into a singular power source, allowing Cybertron to survive on the endless energy of everything, frozen in a timeless forever.

He’s nothing if not thorough.