I was watching Transformers Prime again and I kept noticing how Soundwave would project live security footage or computer screens on his mask and people (mostly Megatron) would just stare into his mask and watch. It got me thinking: do you think he’s ever tried to show something to someone something, but the image was too small and too far away, so they grabbed the sides of his face and tilted it so they could see better? Maybe someone pulls him down a bit because they’re short, or a tall person gently tilts his chin up, or someone gets literally in his face because they can’t see the tiny details otherwise?

(How awkward would that be, especially if he has a face behind the mask and can see them through the projection?)


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10 Day Skip Beat Challenge

Day 3: Top 3 things on your “To-Do” list if you found yourself in the series

A:1. Hug Kyouko: Cause that girl needs all the hugs in the world.

2.Watch Kyouko transform: Kyouko’s transformation process is absolutely fascinating and I would love to see her become another character in front of me.

3. Fangirl with Yashiro: I fine him very cute when he is fan-girling and being his comrade at an opportune moment would be fun.

one thing i wished tumblr would acknowledge more is that… once you learn basic social justice stuff and you realise that everything around you is “problematic” to some extent (i hate that word because tumblr has ruined it lol but i can’t find a better term), the point in which something becomes TOO “offensive” for you to enjoy is… largely a very very personal one

like as a queer woman consuming media i often find myself having to react in very selective ways to different manifestations of sexism and heteronormativity in the things i enjoy, and at this point it’s like a survival strategy - basically i feel like i have to do this in order to keep myself sane, and most of the time this selective proccess is not a logical one, it’s just based on what affects me less on an emotional level.

i don’t know if what i’m saying here is making sense, but it’s just like… like i don’t want to watch the transformers movies because of how they treat women but i will still play and enjoy a game like brothers where there are basically no relevant female characters that aren’t villains. this is just a random example, but i feel that this happens with lots of people in tumblr and this leads people to write those long and contrived arguments about why the oppressive stuff in THEIR favourite thing is not so bad but the oppressive stuff in THAT OTHER THING is unforgivable and terrible, when in 90% of the situations it’s literally not possible to measure what is more or less offensive

and i feel that this ends up being super uncomfortable for marginalised people who have to go through this selective proccess, because tumblr will select some things that Can’t Be Enjoyed and make people feel guilty for enjoying them because It Was Decided that this things is Objectively Worse than this other one… like when people who enjoy marvel movies shit on sherlock fans because the show is too sexist, as if the women who are fans of the show couldn’t POSSIBLY be aware of that already, as if they really need that extra reminder.

this is long and incoherent but basically this is why i find the “everyone is problematic to some extent” posts valid in some level. the point is not “everything is problematic so therefore you shouldn’t ever criticise anyone” but to remind people that there is not such a thing as a hierarchy of offensiveness to determine which things can be enjoyed or not, and that marginalised individuals need to be allowed to just pick what media to consume on the basis of their own individual feelings as opposed to some Tumblr Social Justice Consensus

Countries ruled by the Aquarius sign: Russia, Sweden, Poland, Israel, Iran, Chili, Costa Rica, Greece, Grenada, Japan,Yugoslavia

Cities ruled by the Aquarius sign: Moscow and St. Petersburg (Russia), Salzburg (Austria), Hamburg (Germany), USA cities: Tucson (AZ), Anaheim (CA), Fort Collins (CO), Jacksonville (FL), Augusta (GA), Indianapolis (IN), Bowling Green (KY), Jackson (MS), Camden (NJ), Dallas (TX), Olympia (WA), Fairmont (W. VA), Milwaukee, (WI)

Take your Aquarius soul mate to an Aquarius-ruled destination and watch them transform right in front of your eyes. You can not begin to imagine what the ‘right’ atmosphere can do for a person’s sense of self.

Oh my god I didn’t even tell you guys. In my Modern Lit class we’re reading this book where the main character is transitioning (male to female) and while we were going over a scene where he puts on a dress and there’s this scene about how natural and beautiful he feels in it so one girl raises her hand and legitimately goes: “This reminds me of Sailor Moon” and the professor goes “Hmm what’s that?” 
“Oh it’s this anime where they have these transformation scenes in which they lose their ordinary clothes and appear in their magical clothes.”

And I’m already dying but the best part was that the professor was like “Oh! I’ll take a look at that and maybe show it in class!”