your eyes are
shining and you
are so beautiful
tonight, so
lovely. you look
different but i
love you all the
same. kind words
tumble from
ruby-painted lips
and i realize how
much i’ve missed
you, how much
i love watching
you transform
the girl i met
into the woman
the world will
fall for.
—  transformation by Auriel Haack

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36 and 38

  • 36:Talk about your guilty pleasures.

Oh go d my guilty pleasures are honestly sitting down, reading a very very good fanfiction/ watching transformers with a big ass bag of beef jerky/ a box of zebracakes and just enjoying my time oogoh

  • 38:Talk about songs that remind you of certain people.

Anytime i listen to Arctic Monkeys or Imagine Dragons I think of my bff sterscream lmao
and anytime i listen to The Maccabees i think of my bae vickumss ;;u 3 u


Give your Beast Freaky Friend a complete spook-over! She’s always got her eye on the newest trends, watch her transform her look, and eye color, with just a wink. Style your ghoul with plug and play accessories and doodle deadly designs using creepstastic chalk pens.

Monster High 28" Voltageous Ghoul Friend:

  • 23-piece set
  • 28" Gore-geous Ghoul
  • Interchangeable mask with carrying jar
  • Headband with ears
  • Glasses
  • Eye mask
  • 1 pair of earrings

So this slipped totally under the radar.  At 28 inches that puts her in 1/3 BJD size!  Probably too big for me, but I’ll be interested to see it.

So considering recent events of the liveblog, i have begun thinking of exileddurin and  quiterespectablyyours as  

Their Royal Majesties, Rulers of our Emotions, Grand Curators of the Great Story Arc, and Manipulators of the Fandom. 

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My favorite gem is Pearl because, well, feeling like you mean nothing and only exist to protect someone else from dying, I've been there. I think I've grown a lot since I was in that place and have learned to value myself and that I am important, but it means a lot to me to see who I used to be in Pearl and watch her grow and learn to love herself like I did. I think she's a really well-written character with a lot of layers, and I find her really funny, too! I love Pearl.



I’m honestly not sure is my favorite part is the book or the FREAKIN RIDICULOUS CASE FOR THE BOOK which includes HONEST TO GOD SOUND EFFECTS so you know the book must be amazing

A huge thanks to madlecter for the early christmas present!

I don’t know who the hell wrote the opening theme for RiD but that was one of the single most abominable things I’ve ever heard

Did a synthesized piano with clips of people saying “robots in disguise” fall down the stairs????? Like, I’m sure I’ll grow to love it, but what even

Today’s video is up 🙌 @kyliejenner weight loss 2015 + before and after face transformation. As usual watch the f video before commenting! 💁🏼 Also tweet this video to Kylie to make her aware of this healthy lifestyle 💪 Video link in my Instagram Bio or here:

My nephew today while we were watching Transformers: Age of Extinction. He's 7.
  • Nephew:*talking about the guy that played Shane* Omg! Look at that guy drive that car! He's awesome!
  • Nephew:...I want him to be my boyfriend. Boys can marry boys you know.
  • Me:*tries to hold back tears* Yes, I know. Isn't that great?
  • Nephew:Yeah, and girls can marry girls too.
  • Me:*tears running down face* Yeah! I might marry a girl someday.
  • Nephew:*excited* We can get married at the same time!