Give your Beast Freaky Friend a complete spook-over! She’s always got her eye on the newest trends, watch her transform her look, and eye color, with just a wink. Style your ghoul with plug and play accessories and doodle deadly designs using creepstastic chalk pens.

Monster High 28" Voltageous Ghoul Friend:

  • 23-piece set
  • 28" Gore-geous Ghoul
  • Interchangeable mask with carrying jar
  • Headband with ears
  • Glasses
  • Eye mask
  • 1 pair of earrings

So this slipped totally under the radar.  At 28 inches that puts her in 1/3 BJD size!  Probably too big for me, but I’ll be interested to see it.

I hate when “adult serious collector” claim that the new Fan Built Combiner is ugly because “it doesn’t look like a girl” or “they need more tits” or their complaints are all about “how it doesn’t look like…” well you know that not all the woman have the same body type, right?

Like, seriously? we are discussing the toy line and that is your only complain?

So considering recent events of the liveblog, i have begun thinking of exileddurin and  quiterespectablyyours as  

Their Royal Majesties, Rulers of our Emotions, Grand Curators of the Great Story Arc, and Manipulators of the Fandom. 


Omg, please watch me turn into 2008 liberal propaganda



I’m honestly not sure is my favorite part is the book or the FREAKIN RIDICULOUS CASE FOR THE BOOK which includes HONEST TO GOD SOUND EFFECTS so you know the book must be amazing

A huge thanks to madlecter for the early christmas present!

anonymous asked:

My favorite gem is Pearl because, well, feeling like you mean nothing and only exist to protect someone else from dying, I've been there. I think I've grown a lot since I was in that place and have learned to value myself and that I am important, but it means a lot to me to see who I used to be in Pearl and watch her grow and learn to love herself like I did. I think she's a really well-written character with a lot of layers, and I find her really funny, too! I love Pearl.

The big problem I’m identifying with Once Upon a Time a few episodes in is tone. This show attempts to mash adult drama tropes and set-ups against dialogue and actions straight out of cape comics, thus leaving us with very weird conversations and reactions.

Towards the end of the first episode, there’s a great exchange between the heroine Emma (who has been reconnecting with her estranged ten year-old son, Henry) and central antagonist Regina (who adopted Henry). Regina confronts Emma on how legally and morally unacceptable her actions are. Regardless of how lonely Emma might be feeling, that doesn’t give her the right to intrude on their lives. After-all, Regina has been the one to raise Henry through thick and thin all these years.

Great! Good stuff; interesting source of conflict and drama between two characters.

… Only for all the tension to sputter out when Regina declares (no joke) this:

Which Emma responds to like it’s a perfectly reasonable thing to say in this type of conversation and departs.

Later at the bed and breakfast, we’re introduced to Granny and Ruby, by way of Granny chasing her granddaughter down the stairs as they quarrel over Ruby’s sexual promiscuity. We then meet Mr. Gold, a loan-shark type who has the town financially in his back pocket. This is communicated by having Granny literally hand Mr. Gold a roll of money in broad daylight all in front of perfect stranger Emma. So we have a sequence with a girl being accused of “sleeping her way down the East coast” and a cartoonish display of establishing character relations by basically hand Scrooge McDuck a bag with a dollar bill sign on it.

Again, I get that the point of OUaT is the blending of fantasy characters/stories with a semi-realistic mystery show… but these weird tonal shifts don’t do it any favours whatsoever. There are other shows, games, books out there with a similar premise (The Wolf Among Us, Utena, Princess Tutu for example). But in those cases, a certain level of serious-ness or silly-ness was established early on which the full work maintained.

OUaT casts too wide a net, trying to be a show with mature subject matter like intervening on a child potentially at risk and discussions of sex, while also having its cast talk and behave like children’s cartoon characters. Not to mention the show spelling everything out to the audience without a dose of subtly…. As if the show thinks of us like children. Why not fully commit to the dramatic elements by reigning in the dialogue and more fully engaging with the heavier, human elements? Use the fantasy elements symbolically and as a means to explore the realistic. If you don’t want to do that, then by all means run full force with the wacky weirdness. Have your cast exposit their motives and shoot lightning bolts out of their hands; but don’t undercut it with something serious.

I propose that Once Upon a Time would be improved in every conceivable way if the characters spoke with Transformers dialogue since the plot would still chug along the same way and now things’d be consistent.

ngl it’s pretty cool feeling like you’re an important actor person standing next to ur fave actor person for like 2 and a half hours