It is only after reading all of the books in the Throne of Glass series and then rereading them now that I realize how wholly different Celaena is from Aelin. How much she grew and matured in Queen of Shadows. 

Celaena was a girl. She was vain and haughty and enjoyed nothing but fine things and annoying the hell out of everyone.

Aelin is a woman. She is brave and strong and cares so deeply for others that she would give her life for them, a Queen. 

And going back to Queen of Shadows and reading when she and Arobynn Hamel reunited, I know realize how hard it must have been for her to go back to Celaena. To the girl he had raised; the girl he had shaped and formed and made her into. I know understand how Rowan felt, watching her transform from the strong Queen that he knew to the little girl that Arobynn was so familiar with.

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I've just gotta ask this. I've watched an awful lot of your speedpaints and when I see the sketches, I notice the texture or pen you use looks like kinda like lead or maybe just painting on a canvas. I can't really describe it, but I was wondering what the brush was called. The sketches themselves look so nice and pleasing and it's so entertaining to watch you transform it into a masterpiece!

Thank you!!! :D

So the brush I use to sketch is the same brush I use to paint too. Out of all my paintings I only use two brushes, 

The sharp brush that makes great fine details, as well as the same brush I sketch with, it called the “Soft Oil-Pastel Brush” you should be able to find it under dry brushes, and I just put it on opacity settings so it becomes less and more opaque based on the amount of pressure you put on your pen. 

The other brush I use, the one I don’t sketch with, is actually your average airbrush tool, again on opacity settings. Only I put the hardness at 0%, and the spacing to 1%, so it’s a big fuzzy fuzzy ball, and that brush is great for really really smooth blending and glowing things and soft lighting and stuff. 

so those are the only brushes I use. :> I hope that helps! :D 

According to Deadline, Chris Evans is attached to play the lead role of Tom Jackman in Jekyll, the movie that Lionsgate is developing based on BBC and Steven Moffat’s six-episode miniseries.

The original wasn’t a straight adaptation of the novel: James Nesbitt played Jackman, a modern-day descendant of Jekyll who is beginning to exhibit the trademark split personality. The father and husband abandons his family, without explaining why, and lives in a fortified basement with a psychiatric nurse as his ally. 

When they strap the doctor to a metal chair, she watches him transform into an alter ego who rages, shows heightened strength and speed and can be a charming, flirtatious scoundrel as well. The two personalities try to co-exist, even though one doesn’t remember what the other does while in control of the body. They use a microcassette to leave messages for each other. Unable to stay away from the family he left behind for their own safety, he visits his wife, Hyde assumes control and learns about them, and things grow very complicated.

160722 The EXO’rDIUM - Chen Compilation


x for fancam, + for short video (usually from twitter, of varying quality, in no particular order) - list may have duplicates/different cams of the same thing - bolded for newest updates

VCR (Intro)  + +
MAMA (remix) x
Wolf (holy baekchen) + 
White Noise +  +
Thunder +
Playboy +  +  +  +
Artificial Love +  +  +  +  +  +  +  + [WATCH EACH ONE!!!!!! +  this gif ]
VCR x  +  +  +
Acoustic Medley (Multiple songs) +  +  +  +  +  +
What if + 
Tender Love  +
Love me Right
One and Only +
Stronger  +
Heaven +  +
XOXO x  +
Girl x Friend +  +  +  +
3.6.5. x 
VCR (tender love)
Repackage Spoiler 
Overdose +
Transformer (remix) + + [MUST WATCH!!!!!]
Lightsaber x  +  +  +  +  +
New Song ‘같이해’ x
Full Moon
Drop That x  +  +  +
Let out the Beast
Run x  +
Sing for You 
Cloud 9 +  +
Growl +  +
Lucky One x  +  +
Angel (chensoo alert)  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +

Ments (warning: may include jd’s screaming) +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +

cr: setlist by fy-exo

i got this glorious MTMTE ephiphany/headcanon text at 1am from @idontshootthemessenger the other day… it’s amazing lolol

“so we found out that the fools energon is like a placebo right? and we also know that at one point, Trailbreaker took a swig of that shit and it tasted awful. so do you think that when Optimus and Ratchet were coming up with the fools energon thing, OP and him were just like ‘yeah make it as disgusting as possible’ just to fuck with Megatron further lmao”


“Speaking of someone who can never be forgotten,  I would like to bring up Elliott Smith. I used to watch him transform on your stage. He may not have wanted to perform, but you had a gentle way of reminding him how much he needed to. It went from not being sure whether he’d get on stage to being hopeful that it may not come to an end. Those were special nights. And, in addition to Elliott Smith, you offered us the space to experience the deep friendship between Elliott Smith and Jon Brion. It seemed as if they felt, on some level, that they were the only ones who understood each other.  Jon had a way of “being” with Elliott that seemed to put him at ease, or at least make him feel significantly better.  And Elliott had a way of sparking a look of pure admiration and awe on Jon’s face when he’d sing “Say Yes” with his eyes closed.  This kind of experience can’t happen everywhere.  The moments that “happen” at Largo happen because you’ve created, and consistently provide, the space and tone that are required for them to occur.”

Colette Weintraub



The guys behind Transformers Shattered Glass said that this is what Shattered Glass Optimus sounds like.

Frankly, this is a terrifying voice. It’s like someone took Optimus Prime’s voice and the Frank Welker Megatron voice and blended them together. Now we know that Peter Cullen can, in fact, do a very convincing villain voice.


For Masters wondering whether they should make their sub or slave into a bowtied boi, there are several reasons why.

While a leather collar has its attractions, it will also be too easy for your slave to descend into a puppy frame of mind. And when was the last time the dog helped around the house? It’s far more likely to play and beg and whine than do anything constructive.

And while metal shackles and chains may remind a slave of its place, they’re also far too clunky and noisy. No, you are a Master and your slave should only be heard when you require it.

But a bowtie? Put one on a boy and watch him address you formally as the Sir you are. Watch him transform into a servant who will hurry quickly to your beck and call. He can do tasks. Make him cook, clean, wash up, iron for you, wait on you as you get on with far more important work.

A bowtie makes a boi stand up straighter, more submissive, and will act far more subservient to your every need.

Every Master needs a servant. Get yourself a bowtied boi today.

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Sonny laying in bed watching Rafael get dressed. Watching his boyfriend put on his armor that comes in the form of silk ties, tailored suits, and colored suspenders. Watching Rafael transform into ADA Barba. Rafael drinking his coffee at the table watching sonny crash around trying to find his socks and "Jesus Rafi where did I put my coat?? Have you seen my badge??" The only calm part of sonny routine is his hair and that is Rafael's favorite part of every morning. Watching sonny fix is hair

apparently i’m bad at posting anons when i get them but ya know this is making me tear up

Hi, sorry for taking so long!! I got your ask last week right when I really started to get into TFCon cosplay prep, and I wanted to wait until I had time to give it the attention it deserves!

This got very long, so here it is behind a cut…

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okay i realize i have a lot of really specific au-ish headcanons that don’t seem to make any sense, but BEAR WITH ME: half-faerie jane eyre

  • jane eyre’s mother was human and her father was fae.  a happy accident, a magical girl, much beloved, and then very alone
  • jane’s strangeness–for that is what it is, a strangeness, a creeping sense of otherness and wildness that grows whenever she is near, like iron crowding on the back of the tongue–is easy to overlook, at first
  • faeries are supposed to be beautiful, and jane is plain.  faeries are supposed to be fabulously rich, and jane is poor.  faeries are supposed to have teeth and claws and magical powers, and what does jane have? only her kindness, and her steadiness, and bones as thin as a bird’s
  • (when she is young, jane is wild.  feral, a thing of tooth and claw and spite and fire.  the reeds fear and despise her.  at lowood jane’s ferocity is… banked.  not tamed, because no man can ever tame such a thing, but he can beat it and starve it and burn it until it learns to hide, and so jane learned to control her temper, to turn her fire into butterflies, and for a time, she is peaceful)
  • people–humans, that is–are drawn to jane, despite her poverty, despite her plainness, despite her bird bones and watchful eyes and smokey smell.  some, the reeds, miss ingram, teachers, other students, hate her because in their animal hindbrains they know that her kind used to kill theirs for sport.  others, others cannot help but adore her
  • at thornfield, beneath the almond tree, jane feels, for the first time in long memory, at home 
  • she is not going to meet her people when she meets edward fairfax rochester.  jane is a creature of two worlds, both and none at all, and she is right.  there are no faeries left at thornfield.  rochester’s horse is transfixed none the less 
  • despite the whispers that have followed jane all her life, despite the savage wild thing beating in her breast, she does not know what she is, what she does; if there are butterflies swarming in the halls during february it is only a passing joy. if there are sparks in the air whenever she and rochester lock eyes, white and delicate, it is only a trick of the light 
  • when miss ingram comes, a howling gale comes and beats down on the house for three days and three nights.  water runs through the fields in fierce rivers.  then rochester smiles at jane, helpless, and she smiles back, and the rain stops 
  • “jane,” asks rochester, “will you be my wife?”  
  • “yes,” says jane, and though it is still only march, the almond tree bursts into blossoms  
  • if she had been paying attention, if she had known–known that she was not a creature to be kept in the dark, known that she was half-fae, known that her blood was alive with ancient things–jane would have met bertha rochester much, much sooner
  • but all her life jane has had things whispering in her ears, and she did not know how to sort out one whisper from the next.  she didn’t hear bertha calling for her.  she didn’t know
  • when jane runs–flies, walks across the moors on air, all grief, all teeth–the mist wraps around her and hides her, hides her, hides her until she’s somewhere else, somewhere lonely, somewhere where she can be herself and forget, forget, forget
  • at thornfield, the almond tree withers to nothing
  • except, of course, that jane is not human, and england is full of humans.  sinjin is a good man.  his sisters are good people.  but they are human and jane is not, and man has ere sought to possess what he cannot, to hold that which burns him, and jane– 
  • jane is fire made flesh
  • for a time she is–content, perhaps, with her little schoolhouse and her memories.  so there is snow swirling about all throughout the year.  so there are strange voices that cry outside her windows at night.  so there are thorns creeping closer to thornfield each day, wild and thick.  so all that was good and bright in jane’s eyes has turned into so much ash. here, she is allowed to be just jane 
  • (she dreams, at night, of flying.  eyre is her father’s name, the name of his people.  eyre from air, bestowed by a grateful king.  she has great wings, and they are strong, and below her is nothing, and everything, and edward) 
  • (the curse of all faeriekind; they have, in their breasts, hearts that function much the same as any human’s.  love will always kill them in the end) 
  • jane goes back.  she goes back.  there is a tether between rochester and her, and it burns as fiercely as hot iron.  when she takes his face into her hands and forgives him, the almond tree comes into bloom again
  • reader, she marries him 
  • jane and rochester are happy for many years.  they have many children, and all but their eldest, helen, and their youngest, edward, are entirely human 
  • (helen and edward are not, but this is not their story) 
  • edward fairfax rochester dies at sixty-five.  jane lives on after him, on and on and on and on, though time slips away from her one day and she disappears into the moors, back to–something else, her great-grandchildren suppose, back to the trees and wild fens of her people 
  • the almond tree, of course, blooms each year, gives its leaves each year, blooms, dies, blooms, and never dies