My Lightverse AU headcanon thingy and what it’s about.

Disability is NOT a horrible thing!

The thing with Lightverse is Lockdown and Prowl are people who’ve been shaped vastly different ways by an ableist society. 

Lightverse is mostly about Prowl’s journey, but Lockdown has one too that’s kind of behind the scenes. They come face to face and realize they’re observing the directions their own lives could have taken if they made different choices.

Prowl learns to love himself after finding out he’s worthy of being loved by Jazz, but Lockdown has feelings for someone he can’t have and thinks it means he’s not worthy of love even though he badly wants it.

Prowl believes he has worth because he says so and strives to get better at what he does because he wants to, while Lockdown believes he’s worthless because that’s what society says and he continually modifies himself to better conceal his disability so he can fit in. 

Prowl is learning to heal and step away from everything society made him believe, Lockdown is wounding himself deeper because he can’t step away from everything society made him believe. 

Prowl wants to be a good person to the best of his ability, Lockdown doesn’t think there’s a point in trying to be a good person.

Prowl chose to believe Yoketron’s message that Primus loves him unconditionally and Lockdown chose to think Primus doesn’t care about flawed bots. 

Prowl believes society can change if it gets educated about the plight flawed bots face, Lockdown believes it’s flawed bots against society with no exceptions.

Prowl views his disability as an annoying hindrance, but he wouldn’t accept if someone offered him a means to make his disability go away. Lockdown treats his disability like a burden and he would get rid of it in a heartbeat if he could.

Prowl is blind and can’t see the ugliness of society’s mistreatment of flawed bots, but he can hear it when someone tells him he matters. Lockdown is deaf and can’t hear it when someone tells him he matters, but he can see the ugliness of society’s mistreatment of flawed bots. 

It’s not about one disability being worse than the other or not having faith in one’s God means people are bad. It’s the effects of an ableist society and how it creates fear and self-loathing.

Lightverse is about realizing YOU decide YOUR worth.