Just Merry Xmas drawings to everyone because Christmas Eve be a very busy day for my family and I ( and it’s like 2:19 am here in Australia Sydney right now thus making this Christmas Eve already AND being as my mum is German how’re Christmas is Christmas Eve ;P)

So I wish all my followers, @laser-lance @mangaken @pooshpin @nicktoonsunite the nicktoons fans AND all of the transformers fandom a very happy Merry and safe Christmas and a happy New Years with a miss kitty (my fantasy magical flying cat self) Danny phantom (with holy and a cute ghost ) and transformers Jazz drawings before I try to get some sleep for all the Christmas stuff that needs to get done here :3


✏️🖍🖌Drawing🎨 all day and not getting stuck in the rain is nice🎀

Why have I not seen any new transformers kitty cats? Because of the lack of transformers kitty cats bumblebee Optimus bluster and prowl I feel the need to draw a transformers Kitty Jazz 😸🎶

Well it’s the 3rd of August here not that long now until Miss Kitty the magical flying cat’s (and mine) birthday 😳🍭🎂🍩🍬🎉🎁🎊🎀💝🌺🌸💕💜💖💝❤️

🌺🌸The Pokemon Sun and moon hyped has me ((love Litten and Mimikyu )) and I just had to try and draw the Alolan Vulpix & Ninetales😊💕🌸🌺 they are soo pretty I need them on my team 💖

Also looking forwards to Sydney smash 2016 for the drawing events, the cosplayers and cosplay events AND the artist ally so I can check out artist stalls @mamath @zoe-sphere @panda-bun @thegermanbakery you should all check them out if your planing to go to Sydney smash 2016 August 20-21 😊💝

And my little ghost cat wishes you a wonderful evening 😸💕


Gah so hard to get up and go today (witch is bad I have work today😥)

So drawn🖊✏️ some transformers Jazz and Pokemon scribbles

Trying to sketch pikachu but I think I made the critter too chubby whoops

Well at least Pokemon sun and moon Litten and Mimikyu came out alright

I’m gonna get sun and start with Litten for sure 💕