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Rad always enjoyed the time he got to spend with the Autobots. Every day is an adventure even if they don’t go anywhere. Ever since Starscream came over to their side things have been awkword, how exactly does someone welcome the person who tried to kill them time and time again with open arms?

Rad decides to see what Starscream’s quarters are like. He won’t mind, proably.

I’m finally getting back to drawing more Transformers!  (Yet still drawing fan fiction fan art, I love it.)

It’s obviously not done yet, and won’t be for a little while because I have a lot of school stuff to do, and I have to change some stuff here (I already increased the size of OP’s legs in a later version that isn’t this exact picture, so it’ll look better in the final), including a background which I haven’t started yet.

I wanted to draw this for my twin sister’s birthday because this is her favorite scene in our All-Time Favorite Fan Fiction: The Brave Shall Heed The Call by @mllemusketeer, but I won’t be able to get it done on time, so I’ll share the WIP with all of you! 

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you MegOp shippers out there!  :D

Edit:  Finished is Here

an old review from a fic of mine over on the pit, but I’d like to share it, as it’s probably the funniest damn one I’ve ever received, period.

don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE and ADORE every single person who’s ever commented on this story or ANY of my works.

but… omg. This cracks me up every time. Ahahaha just the timing of it with such a srs bsn chapter.

why nothing in your show is "canon"

Because there is no such thing.

That’s the short answer. Here’s the longer one:

There is no such thing as “canon” in works of fiction. That’s not what the word means. Executive producers, showrunners, and their corporate masters like Disney might like you to think there is, because that gives them the semblance of authority they need to convince you to consume their product uncritically; but it doesn’t.

In the first instance, canon is religious. Canon is collected scripture considered authoritative by a religious community. The word comes from Greek, meaning rule or measuring stick.

When we speak of literary canon we refer to a body of works - a collection of texts which represent the best or classic examples of a genre or nation or language. We can use the same concept for film too - like a canon of exemplary films from classical hollywood cinema. For fictional works, canon means a collection of texts, not the truth in a text.

So canon is not what’s “real” or “superior” or “true” in Once Upon a Time. There are no canon ‘ships or non-canon ‘ships. There is only what people like and enjoy and celebrate. The writers and commentators who would tell you otherwise have professional agendas, while their corporate masters have financial agendas, and they may feel threatened by critique and by transformative works, whether these be fan fiction, fan art, or gif-sets. But there is no superior canon status to attach to what they write or say over what anyone else does.

And if you doubt this, remember that they operate just like this. For example, where is the OUaT’s writers’ respect for “canon” when it comes to Robin Hood? If there is a canon version of Robin Hood, why have they so thoroughly ignored it? Why does their transformative work - their fan fiction - have so little regard for the setting, plot, themes and relationships that anyone familiar with the folklore remembers?

If a commentator or another ‘shipper dismisses your ‘ship as “not canon”, you can tell them that theirs isn’t either. If a show’s producers, writers and actors ignore you or treat you less than other fans because of it, you can withdraw your support. 'Shipping is not in the text, it’s in the viewers’ or readers’ enjoyment of it. If they don’t want you to enjoy the show as much as someone else, feel free to wonder why that is.

BBC News: Confessions of a repeat Star Wars viewer

The BBC news website just published a really awesomel, positive article about TFA and the fandom by award winning author Helen Macdonald: 

One of the loveliest things I’ve recently seen on Twitter was a report of two boys under 12 on a bus arguing over who got to play Rey and who had to be the film’s male villain Kylo Ren. Got to. Had to be. The world we live in is different from that of 40 years ago. We can reject the old, tired stories we’ve been told about who we’re supposed to be. And that makes me very glad.

But there is something else the nostalgia of this film feeds into which is very modern - internet fandom. Fan-created Force Awakens material is all over the web, and to me, this work - the cartoons, the art, the stories, the internet memes and carefully plotted transformative fan fictions - is as much a part of this film as anything Disney can create. For every Chewbacca pencil case or R2D2 mug there’s a Tumblr gif of Kylo Ren and General Hux sniping at each other or flirting.

One internet site alone features thousands of stories about one particular pairing christened Stormpilot, spurred by a scene late in the film where hotshot resistance pilot Poe Dameron gives ex-stormtrooper Finn a smouldering stare before biting his own lip. So popular is this pairing that it’s spilled out from the internet and led tobroadsheet articles and frenzied speculation that Disney could make one of thelead characters gay in this continuing series. I hope this happens. Billion-dollar film franchises haven’t given people gay heroes to identify with before.


It’s more or less a transcript from a radio series called ‘Point of View’, which is available via the BBC iPlayer (which I think is UK only unless you have ways of circumventing it…)