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“Transformers: Titans Return” will feature the voice talents of Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime — the role he originated for the original 1980s animated TV show – along with Wil Wheaton, Judd Nelson, Michael Dorn and Jason David Frank in the digital series from Warner Bros.’ Machinima and toy giant Hasbro.
The first chapter of the trilogy, “Transformers: Combiner Wars,” has generated more than 125 million views since debuting in August 2016, exclusively on Go90 in the U.S., according to Machinima.

Transformers: Titans Return’ Series Casts Peter Cullen, Judd Nelson, Wil Wheaton

I recorded this months ago, and it’s been KILLING ME to not talk about it. I’m so excited! I grew up with the original Transformers animated series, and played with the toys until their joints were so loose, I couldn’t stand them up.

Being part of the Transformers canon is a very big deal for me, a huge honor, and a dream come true. 

And it’s probably silly to care about it, but it makes me feel like maybe I’m not a total failure when Daily Variety (the Industry newspaper) includes my name in their headline with Peter Freaking Cullen.


‪The trailer for Transformers: Titans Return has dropped! 🤘🏻Catch me returning as the voice of Megatron starting Nov. 14th on @go90.
Delighted to be back with fellow castmates Frank Todaro, Abby Trott, Lana McKissack Moore and names new to the Prime Wars Trilogy. It’s been a real honor!

The Fall of Nyon

Nyon: Cybertronian Torus-City

Once it was great and shining, but now? Rust, desperation, anger, fear, revolt, flames. A powder-keg just waiting to blow.

revolt - muse :: aren’t we all running - 65daysofstatic :: light up the night - the protomen :: panic station - muse :: relax, take it easy - mika :: today we give ourselves to the fire - cloud cult :: kaboom! - i fight dragons :: things we lost in the fire - bastille :: everything goes dark - the hoosiers :: cities in dust - the everlove

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I’ve Always Got Your Back (In My Sights) a composite Starscream mix.

This one goes out to every Starscream in the multiverse. May you reach the heights you seek! 

And should you fall, may your wings never fail you.

What if, instead of Functionist Universe, the Rod Squad was transported to:

1.    Shattered Glass Universe

2.    Aligned Universe

3.    Live Action Movie Universe

4.    Marvel Transformers Universe

5.    G1 Cartoon Universe

6.    Animated Universe

7.    Unicron Trilogy Universe


The battle against Trypticon rages on. Episode 4 is here!

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Will Perceptor’s dangerous plan work or will life on Cybertron cease to exist once and for all? Watch Episode 10 “All Things Must Pass” the Season finale now!

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