transformers the movie 1986


I’m sure this has to have been spread around Tumblr already, but I just stumbled across this video and I had to share it. 

the 1986 transformers movie is a work of art because it takes place in the “far flung future” and the first thing the narrator says is “It is the year… 2005.”

I love the 1986 Transformers movie as a piece of 80s cheese, but so much of the behind-the-scenes trivia makes it seem like one of the most cynical and soulless movies ever produced. For example

  • The killing off of characters was viewed merely as the retiring of old toys, and they were genuinely surprised that kids has actually formed attachments to these characters
  • The reason Spike says “shit” was to ensure a PG rating, forcing parents to go see the movie with their kids so that they’d know which toys to buy

the entire 30 year history of the transformers franchise is entirely pointless because it has yet to top a single line from the 1986 transformers movie where Hot Rod and Kup are in court and Hot Rod’s causin’ a ruckus and the judge says “SILENCE OR YOU WILL BE HELD IN CONTEMPT OF THIS COURT” and Hot Rod says “I have nothing BUT contempt for this court” and honestly the movie could have ended right there. franchise over. you’re not gonna top that.