transformers strongarm


In which two very different humans are involved in the RID battles. 

The show starts out as normal, with things on Cybertron and the Prison ship crashing. 

The change comes in who the humans are. It’s been three years since TFP and Agent Fowler is semi retired. When Ratchet left the base and never came back they shut down Unit:E and locked all of the Cybertronian tech away in the hanger. 

He’s living in the country with his housemate, Miko Nakadai. Miko chose to go to college in America but because she doesn’t have family, Fowler opts to let her live in his home..provided she doesn’t play Slash Monkey past 8. 

Jack and Miko are dating but Jack is off training, he and Miko Vid Chat whenever they can. June is going to University to become a doctor and Raf has advanced to College. 

Things are normal for Fowler and Miko..until the Alchimor crashes into the woods behind Fowler’s home. 

Underbite is stopped just like in the show but instead of moving or setting up in a Junkyard, Fowler revels that he still has the access codes to the Unit:E Facility. 

They just got to rebuild the Ground Bridge and keep is disguise. 

Thus the Bee Team is formed and Fowler is able to get things done without the need of a costume or two. If necessary sometimes he sends Miko in as a distraction. 

They do a slightly better job at keeping the whole in Disguise angle, and Miko and Grimlock are best buddies. 

Bee wonders if Miko just attracts big green Autobots to herself.