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Since you asked: RID15 Sideswipe, Grimlock, Drift, and Strongarm reactions to hold a human baby for the first time? Bonus Fixit with the addition of baby's first word.



- Oh god, what does he do. Denny. Denny please help– Denny stop laughing! Help him out here!

- He’s so jittery about it. Human sparklings are so tiny and fragile; he’s never had to be so careful with something before. But, eventually, he does get the hang of it; especially when the baby starts cooing up at the brightly-colored person holding them. Sideswipe melts.

Once he gets the hang of it, he’s a full-fledged mom-level baby holder. 


- Oh, jeez. Everyone has their eye on Grim for this.

- … But, ironically, he’s the best with it.

- Grimlock has a dino-based alt mode, which means he gets the instincts that come with it. He’s holding the kid like a pro, cooing at them and making silly faces. Everyone’s thoroughly surprised.

- Whoever the kid belongs to now has a possible babysitting option in a giant, caring dinobot who adores the little baby so much


- He seems like he would know what he’s doing, but he really doesn’t. He’s just calm about it.

- Drift holds the kid really stiffly, not trying to move his arms at all. The kid gets kinda uncomfortable, too; looking up at Drift like he’s a crazy person.

- Eventually, Slipstream and Jetstorm hop in to help out, directing their sensei on what to do to the best of their ability. Drift eventually learns how to properly hold the kid, and that’s when he eases out a bit. He’s much calmer about it now that both he and the baby are comfortable.


- She goes through every manual on holding kids there is to go through, but she still ends up holding the kid in an awkward way that makes them huffy. She has to be directed, either by someone who already held the kid or the parent of the kid.

- Once she gets the hang of it, she kind of sits there in awe for a bit while looking at the kid. She flickers her lights a few times at the kid to make them laugh.

- Is now considering having kids of her own one day.



“Hello there, little one!” Fixit excitedly played with the human baby, lifting and playing with their tiny hands as they laugh. “How are you–? Wait, human infants can’t speak as this age. My apologies.” He “ahem”s into his fist, continuing to play with the baby with the other hand.

“My name is Fi–Fi–” Fixit was caught in a glitch for a couple seconds, the baby stopping it’s laughing to tilt it’s head at the minicon. The baby, almost telepathically, understood what they had to do; and reached over to hit the minicon in the side of the head with one of their toys. After doing so with a clank, Fixit caught back up to what he was saying. “– Fixit!”

The kid let out a laugh at the flustered minicon, scrunching their nose and rocking back and forth. Then, they surprised everyone in the general vicinity, when a babyish little voice spoke up. “Flicks-i!”

The chorus of “awww!”s was drowned out by Fixit’s squeeing.

thecowboybatman  asked:

I have a mighty need for some bad-ass alien robot lady head canons, Bird! Could I request some date night (or just fluffy/romantic in general) head canons for TFP Arcee, and RID Strongarm and Windblade with a human s/o? Please and Thank you! <3

I feel you, honey.



  • Dating this girl is like dating sunshine. She’s supportive, upbeat, and all-around an actual sugar plum. 
  • Your first date was…pretty great. She found a nice clearing in the forest and fancied it up with some help from Denny and Fixit. It looked like a fancy outside restaurant but the table was so big you had to sit on it and instead of fancy pasta you had grilled cheese. She was nervous the whole time. This is how humans date, right?
  •  She is fascinated by humans and is naturally curious. She asks you all about earth and teaches you about Cybertron. There’s never a lull in conversation because this girl never runs out of things to talk about.
  • Kissing isn’t a thing for Cybertronians, so it takes her a while to get used to it. It’s odd to her at first, but she does like the way it tickles and how warm and soft your lips are. She giggles and blushes.


  • You are so tiny and she’s scared of hurting you for the longest time. 
  • She gets over it after awhile, and soon you have somewhat of a giant robot bodyguard along with a girlfriend. She’s very serious about protecting those she cares about.
  • Surprisingly she does say “I love you” often. Her optics sparkle when you say it first.
  • When she’s confident you’ll be safe she takes you flying. 

TFP Arcee

  • Pretty much a mother hen. She may seem overprotective and fussy sometimes, but she’s so scared of losing you.
  • Dates are usually joyrides followed by a movie. She likes comedies because they help her unwind.
  • She loves it when you fall asleep on her, not that she’d ever admit it. 
  • Her petname for you is babe :)

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