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fdkjfh ok so my friend @homo-in-disguise wanted me to do that thing where u talk abt characters u dont know a damn thing abt bc those are always fun sO here’s 2 hours worth of me talking abt transformers
ze gave me the names & i just guessed everything else

Sometimes I think about the fact that Shockwave was physically capable of wrecking the Wreckers and I wonder what else he can do. It’s my personal theory that “conservation of energy” actually plays into this scene… typically he is very slow-moving, but here we saw his speed and agility both massively ramp up. I think he deliberately expends the least energy possible in day-to-day tasks just so he can kick in that extra bit of effort when something like, say, his creation being bridged to the arctic happens.

Imagine Vehicons/Eradicons

Imagine Eradicons supporting their comrades after a fight. Spilling their sparks after a particularly unjust death by the hands of their leaders.

Imagine Eradicons spark bonding with their brethren for comfort. Some in pairs, others in groups. Some, bitterly choosing not to, due to their general short life expectancy.

Imagine Eradicons detailing the insides of their spark chambers in ways that identify them. Their external look having to stay to military code, but inside, each having a unique paint job or scratched in quotes/motivations/bondmates names.

Imagine Eradicons adopting names outside their identification number. Some insisting that other Eradicons use it within the privacy of the barracks. Others, scratching it into the hidden edges of their plating.

Imagine Eradicons building a rather secretive friendship with their superiors. Breakdown or possibly Dreadwing. The cons very carefully supporting their efforts, offering encouragement or a hand on the shoulder in the mines.

Imagine Eradicons thinking about functionalism and how, regardless of the decepticon cause, they still remain in a position of oppression. Letting it trickle into their thoughts at night, feeling helpless, hoping the end of the war will finally change their position.

Imagine an Eradicon whos initial data transfer and designation had corrupted. Leaving him questioning his position in the cause. Other squad members becoming protective and hiding him away.

Imagine Eradicons very carefully collecting trinkets from planet earth. Shells, leaves, crystals, human jewelry. Hiding it in their spark chamber and adding it to small hidden collections in the linings of their berth.

Imagine Eradicons creating a ‘currency’ amongst themselves. Like prisoners in jail. Trading energon rations in return for recharge time. Or trading personal items found on other planets.

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It’s finally done… This took me waaaaaaay too long. This started out as a sloppy silly edit of the Mr and Mrs Smith poster, then it led to a sloppy scribble parody of that edit, which lead to half finished lineart that sat in my drawing folder for like a month. By the time I came back to it, I couldn’t recreate the style I was using for the lineart, so I had to start over from the beginning, and so on and so on for a total of 2 months. I worked on this for 2 months :’D

So here it is! a Shockblurr parody of Mr and Mrs Smith bc Spies.