transformers set photo

Time for an intense Transformation Tuesday photo set…

I made this comparison photo today after coming across the “before” pics I’d taken at 157, with the intention of doing this down the line. I have to admit, this is pretty intense. It’s an 18 lb difference, but it seriously looks like day and night! It’s crazy that I don’t even fit into the first frame all the way. In both photos, I’m letting my stomach relax, not sucking in. In the first photo, you can see my stretch marks from all my weight gain. Now those marks, while they never disappear, are very faded. I’m so proud of everything my body has accomplished. (Note: I’m 5'2, and this is exactly a one year time difference, although the weight itself was lost in 5 months, with a 7 month plateau in between losing the first 9 lbs and losing the final 9 lbs.)

So, even though I’m not one to share pics like this normally, I decided to do so in hopes it will inspire some of you on your journeys.

Optimus Prime Appreciation Week: Day 7 - Quote + Favorite Shot and/or Transformation Sequence and Peter Cullen 

“Hold on to your dreams. The future is built on dreams.”