transformers prime: predacons rising


“Vosnian Rebirth”

By Rachel Cook

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I have been working on these Promo banners for a few months on and off. They are for @tyrantofthefirmament and My Post Predacons Rising Storyline. 

Starscream and Knockout are working to rebuild the city of Vos in our story. The burning away of their metal is symbolism for their passion and efforts as if the city itself is forged from their very own living metal. In the same respect it is a sacrifice that will push the two to the breaking point time and again.

Vos does not have many road ways it consists of high swooping towers that reflect the sky and sway proudly against the winds. 

Wind sculptures and architecture fill the city with odd tones that carry and echo through its towers and mingle with the constant roar of jet engines.

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Starscream’s Return & Survival in Transformers Prime and Robots in Disguise!

Latest episode of Robots of Disguise is now out, and it finally adds the final pieces as to the survival of the most vile and treacherous Decepticon in history, that being the reveal on how Starscream managed to evade his fate from the vengeful Predacons back in the Predacon Rising movie.

Welcome back, Starscream!

I’ve said this before, but I'ma say it again.

Y'know how Ratchet always yells, “I needed that!” when he loses something of his?

Well, in TFP Predacons Rising, Ratchet is very upset over Optimus giving into the Allspark. He calls Optimus ‘the one bot he cares the most about’.

So just imagine… watching Optimus jump into the core, followed by all the colorful lights shooting back out, Ratchet whispers shakily, “but… I needed that…”