transformers prime cosplay


Alright! Here are the pictures from the photoshoot I did at ALA 2016. I can’t even explain how much I loved making this costume, not so much in putting over 90 feet of lighting thru it, but it did come out great. 

Thank you so much to Anthony aka Bits photography, for the amazing photos he does for me! Best photographer and friend! 


It’s a Scraplet Infestation!!!

The @consplay-superior group has a new Prop addition! I don’t Think Stascream, Soundwave, or Knockout are all too thrilled about it tho lol! ;D 

For commission please Email:

These fellas are Priced At:

  • 1 =$35 
  • 3 = $100 (save $5) 
  • (Does not include shipping)


  • Legs are pose-able. 
  • Are lightweight so easy to wear. 
  • They have Rare Earth Magnets that you can use to stick them to your shirt or cosplay piece as depicted! 
  • I’m pleased to find they work on some pretty thick foam too! 
  • The bodies are hand sculpted as well as the eyes finished with a gloss coat. Elements are hand painted to add detail and bring these tiny terrors to life!



While on their mission to steal data from the Prime ( @imgaladriel ), Knockout ( @ask-dr-knockout ) and Soundwave ( @tfg1-minibot-lover ) ran into a bit of trouble with scraplets! Starscream ( @tyrantofthefirmament ) tried to get rid of the infestation in a truly loyal and helpful fashion: priming his rockets to blast the scraplets – and his comrades – away! 

Naturally Knockout wasn’t too happy about the threat to his finish, so once the scraplets were done away with, he and Starscream were ready to come to blows! Soundwave wasn’t in the mood to explain that in his report, so he separated the pair and stayed between them for a while. Fortunately neither felt inclined to object!

(Photos by Tao Photography)


Hello Everyone! This is Just a reminder that I am beginning work on Scraplet Commissions starting tomorrow! 

If you would still like to get your very own little metal muncher in time for Halloween this year I am still taking orders as late as Oct 11 Wed 8pm. Arizona Time 

Contact me Via Tumblr messenger or Email: 

Scraplets come in 3 types 

Open Mouth, Closed mouth, and Eating (As pictured above)

Note: Scraplets have strong magnets that allow them to easily be worn on t-shirts and the brim of hats harmlessly. Each Scraplet comes with a  small jingle collar, mustache/ hat and goodies pack! They also have magnets built into their mouth (both open and closed) that allow them to hold and nibble metal bolts and screws as their food. ;)


TFcon DC 2017 was incredible! A truly wonderful experience all around, my most sincere thanks to everyone! I met so many amazing people, had a lot of fun, and am truly humbled by the support and by how kind everyone was.

Here are some pictures of my TFP Starscream from the event. Thank you everyone for the positive comments and reception of this costume, you all really make this worth it. I cannot express my gratitude enough to you all!

More pictures of this cosplay (from Otakon 2017) can be seen here~


KnockOut likes to be a bit of a show off as he entertains his audience with “The Robot” dance moves Satuday afternoon at Phoenix Comicon 2017!

Soundwave seems a bit bewildered while Starscream is busy “Star-splaining” a very important thing about a very important Laserbeak lol! 

Knockout is @ask-dr-knockout, Soundwave is @tfg1-minibot-lover, and Starscream is @tyrantofthefirmament


The Invasion Is growing! 

Two new additions to the Scraplets design! Tame little “Sweetums” and ravenous “NomyNom!

“Nomy” comes with the damage trail for cosplays! ;) the trail of damage plating can be made longer with different shapes if desired!  

Care Instructions: Caution keep well fed! Just refrigerate some titanium they like that or Cybertonium if you can find any. Don’t give them much tinfoil tho. Too much junk food is not good for their diet. ;P

Commissions: (or send me an ask! ;) )


  • 1 = $35
  • 2 = $70
  • 3 = $100 (save $5)

(Does not include shipping)


Soundwave- Cosplay from Transformers Prime

I finally updated my tumblr. Here are pics of my Soundwave costume from Transformers Prime. 

I have recently updated the costume so now I have lights all thru it and a better paint job, as well as some new pieces added onto it. I hope to update and have new pics soon. 

I great thanks to Anthony Vincent, or B.I.T.S photography for the photos!


The Energon Harvester Prop!

Took about 4 hrs to make. I’m overall happy with how it turned out. I realy had to brainstorm so it could transform to replicate the likenes of it in the show.

I spent some time texturing the paint to have some patina look and give it a nice contrast to make the details on the plating look a little weathered around the edges and make the rest stand out.

It is built using a Styrofoam ball as the base. I melt cut to accomodate the transforming mechanisms and the battery packs. :)

@tfg1-minibot-lover @tyrantofthefirmament