transformers prime cosplay


Alright! Here are the pictures from the photoshoot I did at ALA 2016. I can’t even explain how much I loved making this costume, not so much in putting over 90 feet of lighting thru it, but it did come out great. 

Thank you so much to Anthony aka Bits photography, for the amazing photos he does for me! Best photographer and friend! 


Here are a Couple More images of my friend @tfg1-minibot-lover  in her Soundwave Costume as well as some tidbits about the Costumes features!!  

The arms can be positioned in many directions!

We created double jointed hinge at the circle joint/elbows to allow them better flexibility much like Hasbros figures! This all for more dynamic posing and life like movement!

The upper portion of the shoulders are reinforced with metal and flexible strapping which hook at the shoulders with a spring to alleviate weight and if she needs to give her arms a rest she can detach her hands and let the arms hang effortlessly.

The arms of the cosplay also house a wiring system that allows for the wearer to puppet and move soundwaves fingers with their own.   

The side panels on the helm are removable and bendable (Becasue SW is ridiculous and those clip through his form constantly in the show)  this is to allow for the wearer movement while wearing the mask. There are also removable fans in the mask to prevent it from fogging and to allow fresh airflow. 

The back with its spikes can be removable and it houses a camel pack for water to allow constant hydration while in costume. It also houses the battery packs for the fans and helm lights. 

The back of the feet are loosely spring hinged so they bounce and move with each step. The front of the feet aka spikeytoes work much like Knockouts in there is a spring system in place to prevent catching and tripping while walking.

The feet are extreme platforms allowing for the shortest of our bunch to become the tallest slendermech of them all haha! at 6′2″ height she is quite significantly taller then @tyrantofthefirmament and I in person though photos do not always depict just how massive this costume actually is! XD 


I´ve been working on this project for like 2 years xD But finally I finished the stand for my old Soundwave cosplay. But where do I put that? Guess he´s just decoration now
Back in 2014 I won 2 contests in Germany with this cosplay and thats pretty darn good for my first piece of armor :) Though I don´t really like him any more. The color is off and the helm looks weird. Also he was very heavy. I build much lighter and smarter now


So here’s the first little reveal of something I have been working on!

The newest of TF Prime props!

The Resonance Blaster!

It clips onto cosplays and can store extera batteries for if our biolights need a new set. It also has spring loaded action to simulate how it would transform and snap forward in the show when activated.

It can be easily switched while in costume to make it appear as tho the cosplayer is priming the weapon. It also has LEDs inside that glow brightly!

I am going to download the sound of the resonance blaster so I can play it over my speaker system.

“What’s that Dear? I CAN’T HEAR YOU!”


More soon to be revealed!


Soundwave- Cosplay from Transformers Prime

I finally updated my tumblr. Here are pics of my Soundwave costume from Transformers Prime. 

I have recently updated the costume so now I have lights all thru it and a better paint job, as well as some new pieces added onto it. I hope to update and have new pics soon. 

I great thanks to Anthony Vincent, or B.I.T.S photography for the photos!


I wanted to thank all you guys who follow me and reblog my posts. It means alot to me even though I don’t post as much! I wanted to share this to all those who follow me. I placed 3rd in a costume contest, in which I haven’t entered in contest in about 5 years. Thank you all for the support! And here’s a daytime picture of Soundwave for you!


I know there are already several vids of us but Phoenix Comicon just posted up their official recording of our skit! Its probably the best quality! XD  

and honestly my aft’s magna-snaps releasing and it falling off cracks me up. I’m actually kinda happy it happened because everyone got a good laugh out of it and bringing a smile to people is the best!


Tfcon charlotte photo dump # 4 cosplayers Photo 1 Nest member (bayformers), Megatron (bayformers), and Bumblebee ( g1 ). Photo 2 MTMTE Tailgate, Rung, Cyclonus, Swerve, Cyclonus, and Whirl - Liz Bayer cosplay (fb). Photo 3 queen Starscream, and Rodimus prime. Photo 4 MTMTE Tailgate and Cyclonus. Photo 5 Rewind? I would like to give all of these cosplayers proper credit. If anyone knows who is who in the pictures please let me know. This way I can give them credit. Thank you.