transformers mtmte spoilers

The signs as MTMTE moments
  • Aries: "YOURE IN THE BOX!"
  • Taurus: the Minimus Ambus reveal
  • Gemini: LENGTHWAYS
  • Cancer: Megatron vs Tarn
  • Leo: rodimus and Megatron being so full of personality they save the day by walking into a room
  • Virgo: the mtmte holiday special
  • Libra: "you are pleading not guilty. YOU are pleading not guilty."
  • Scorpio: ultar mgsuna
  • Sagittarius: Swearth
  • Capricorn: the swirly straw that started it all
  • Aquarius: "I want to be a decepticon"
  • Pisces: "because I don't say it enough, I love you"


I finished reading Lost Light #7 half an hour ago and had to scribble this very quick for some reason, huh, I wonder why

Not a spoiler, don’t worry, especially without context!


My prediction for Lost Light #4 is that Rung becomes a horrible 80s action movie character and Rodimus fucking loves him

I contemplated drawing this for almost a week and was too tired tonight to resist, so fuck it, have a doodle


Do you ever hear something so hypocritical, the world stops working for one long moment of bafflement?

I’m sorry, but Tarn, the guy who melts people alive and leads a torture club and ripped a guy’s head off over a dog to be cool, asking someone else to be reasonable is amazing