transformers mtmte spoilers

Okay, I have a lot of thoughts about these panels:

1.) Can you imagine being so bad at relationships that Whirl is moved to take it upon himself to intervene on your behalf?

2.) Tailgate just rolling with Whirl showing up in his room to tell him a love story is adorable.

3.) I can only assume that there is a heart-breaking story of lost love in Whirl’s past and I want it.

4.) The dialogue plus the “NEXT” box combine to create the implication that the Rungs have a tumultuous, star-crossed romance. I’d read it.

… Okay, so not a lot of thoughts actually.


My prediction for Lost Light #4 is that Rung becomes a horrible 80s action movie character and Rodimus fucking loves him

I contemplated drawing this for almost a week and was too tired tonight to resist, so fuck it, have a doodle