transformers bike

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I am in TF OC hell and I can’t get out!

Thanks to the kids at work who told me that I should draw “one who turns into a motorcycle” I now have a third one created *cries*

I might draw more simpler art like this of my OC’s to get to know them a little better, suggestions for situations are welcome 🖒

(Also any name suggestions for lil bike bot?)

Bit By Molecular Bit 2/2

Plot: You’ve been rushed to the med bay by Skids! What will Megatron do?

(MTMTE Megatron x Reader)

@fruutie568, hope you like the second part even more, lol!


It had only been a few hours since what happened. Skids was guarding where you laid in the medical bay, and you were completely asleep from pain killers and overall exhaustion.

When Megatron walked Skids didn’t waver, standing there, arms crossed. If he couldn’t save you then, he sure as hell was going to protect you now. When Megatron saw you Skids honest to Primus was startled by the concerned look that suddenly appeared.

“What happened?” He looked to Skids, and the bot wasn’t sure if he should say.

“It’s a… it’s a longer story than you might think.” If Megatron’s eyebrows existed and could raise, they just did.

“Okay, give me the short version.” Skids was starting to feel on edge, Megatron was acting so… different.

“She uh, fell from about fifty feet and broke her arm. If I hadn’t caught her she most likely would’ve died, actually.” Megatron looked to you again, noticing the black cast on your forearm. “First Aid says she’s gonna be alright, but still needs to check up with Ratchet, since he has more experience with humans.”

For once in a long time, Megatron did something he almost forgot he could do.

“Thank you, Skids.” Skids nodded awkwardly, and started to fidget when Megatron didn’t leave. He just stood there, arms behind his back looking at you.

Then it clicked. And Primus does he love being a super learner.

So, Skids took his leave. But not before a humble “Anyone would’ve done the same.”

Now Megatron waited, wondering if you ever got his letter. Wondering what you might’ve been doing before the letter… wondering how Skids found you. By the time he had pulled up a chair, people had stopped by every now and then. Some were surprised to see him, and others seemed to be aware of something he wasn’t, but it made him realize how many people cared for you. How many wanted you to be okay.

A lot of people liked you on the ship.

But then you sight upright quickly, coughing from your dry and sore throat. You hadn’t drank anything today and– wow. Wow does your arm hurt. You winced, and looked at it carefully.

It was in a cast.

“How long was I out…?” You mumbled. An all too familiar voice answered, and your heart fluttered at the sound of it.

“About eleven hours.” Megatron had come to see you. You looked up at him, bewildered.

“Eleven…?” Oh god. That letter was still on your bike. Anyone could see it. “Oh god.” He assumed you were commenting on the hours. Should you bring up the letter? Why hasn’t he? Is he waiting for you to feel a little better?

You should bring up the letter.

“I…um, my throat is dry. Do you think you could get me some water?”


He nodded. “Of course, I’ll be back in a minute.”

Aw, he’s so sweet.

In that minute, First Aid had dropped by. He checked up on your arm and some bruises that you had gotten from the crash with Whirl. He also checked the large one on your bicep from the fall. It was a lovely purplish green, gnarly, right? It covered about half your arm. Megatron came in halfway through the checkup, carefully handing you the tiny glass. It was a perfect fit in your hand you and gave him a warm smile and a thank you. His spark fluttered.

“Anytime.” He spoke lightly. First Aid wasn’t done with his checkup, but reading the room he figured it was a good time to leave. Before he did though, he gave you his own version of a wink. You blushed, when did he find out?

“I’ll be back in a bit with Ratchet, so don’t go anywhere.” He said jokingly.

Now it was just you and Megatron in an awkward silence. He had sat back down in the chair near your bed, calmly staring at his own hands. He seemed bored. You mindlessly tapped at the glass on your cup. You seemed bored.

“I… I got your letter.” Why? Why the fuck would you say that?! What kind of conversation starter was that? Oh my god!

Megatron looked up at you eagerly and you nearly swooned, it reminded you of a puppy. “You did?”

You took a deep breath. Here goes nothing…

No, here goes everything.

“Yeah, and I love you too, by the way.” You were shaking from fear of what he was going to say next. You had no idea what that would be.

Apparently he didn’t either, but he had leaned down to your level with a cautious look. Your faces were maybe a foot apart.

“You do?” You chuckled at his simple worded questions, nodding. He broke into the tiniest, happy smile, and you grinned in return. Then, leaning over, you pressed your lips against his.

He was so shocked he couldn’t move.

It was incredibly gentle, and lasted only a moment. A moment that he wished could’ve gone on for hours, if he was being honest. When you parted he still didn’t move, but you had the same smile on your face.

“Lovely letter, too. It was amazing.” Primusyouweretoomuch.

So he pulled you carefully with his finger into another quick, gentle kiss.

When I first started really biking to get into shape. The first photo was taken about 4 years ago, the second was this morning. About a 50 pound difference (I lost 59 in total), a beard and I don’t shave my eyebrows anymore lol.  I don’t have many photos of myself before since I was always very insecure (still a little). The left Rob was a sad and quiet Rob. If you know me now you know I’m not quiet anymore, haha. The transformation never stops though, I’m always a work in progress in all aspects.


Alright, looks like the first toy catalog for Build is finally here in full. Let’s see… 

DX Buildriver: Transformation belt used by Kamen Riders Build and Close. Two Fullbottles are inserted to transform, and the crank is turned to switch forms and also trigger the finisher.

DX Fullbottle Holder: Belt accessory that can hold up to 3 Fullbottles. Comes with the a Fullbottle I can’t identify from afar. Also sold in a bundle with the DX Buildriver.

DX Close Dragon: Transformation item used by Kamen Rider Close. It appears to be a collectible that takes up both slots of the Buildriver, but also comes with a Dragon Fullbottle. Also, it transforms into a small dragon on its own.

DX Rabbit Tank Sparkling: Power-up transformation item used by Kamen Rider Build. It takes up both slots of the Buildriver.

DX Trance Team Gun: Gun used by Night Rogue, which can utilize Fullbottles. Comes with Bat Fullbottle.

DX Steam Blade: Sword used by Blood Stark, which can utilize Fullbottles. Comes with Cobra Fullbottle.

DX Beat Closer: Sword used by Kamen Rider Close. Uses Fullbottles.

DX Drill Crusher: A combination sword/drill and gun used by one of Build’s forms. Comes with Harinezumi Fullbottle.

DX Hawk Gatlinger: A gun used by one of Build’s forms.

DX 4 Koma Ninja Katana: A sword used by one of Build’s forms.

DX Kaizokuhassher: A bow used by one of Build’s forms.

DX Gorilla Mond Fullbottle Set: Comes with Gorilla and Diamond Fullbottles.

DX Hawk Gatling Fullbottle Set: Comes with Taka and Gatling Fullbottles.

DX Ninnin Comic Fullbottle Set: Comes with Ninjya and Comic Fullbottles.

DX Rocket Panda Fullbottle Set: Comes with Panda and Rocket Fullbottles.

DX Kaizoku Ressha Fullbottle Set: Comes with Kaizuko and Ressha Fullbottles.

DX Octopus Light Fullbottle Set: Comes with Octopus and Light Fullbottles.

DX Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Fullbottle Set: Comes with Doctor and Game Fullbottles.

DX Kamen Rider W Fullbottle Set: Comes with Tantei and USB Memory Fullbottles.

DX Pandora Panel: A display piece that holds 10 Fullbottles. Comes with a Fullbottle.

DX Build Phone: A smartphone that transforms into a bike made for the figure line. Comes with Lion Fullbottle.

The Bottle Change Rider Series: The action figure line for Kamen Rider Build. Build’s forms split in half, and can be swapped around for different combinations.

The Rider Hero Series: The vinyl figure line, which has been revamped with a new pose.

Among the merch listed here, there is a Key Fullbottle that may be part of a campaign. 

Also, for Ex-Aid collectibles, a Legend Rider Gashat for Build will be available as a campaign item! I’ll cover these in better detail when they’re more timely and more detailed information is available.

Some sketches/redesign I did of Nitro Man!! I feel like he’s a really underrated robot master because he comes from the newer games, but I honestly really like his design (which is why I sat down for almost an hour tweaking it so that he could have a proper transformation sequence)

I know I’ve been posting a lot of these robot master redesigns but… Well, no buts lmao, I’m not gonna stop :p