transformers beast hunters predaking

I haven't seen one of these yet so boom let's go

Transformers: Prime characters as stuff I’ve done:

Optimus Prime: fell asleep with my arms crossed while reading an important book

Ratchet: screamed at a spider and tried to smash it with an umbrella and ended up breaking it and then yelled at the spider for making me break it

Bumblebee: stayed up till 2am watching various memes all centred around bumblebee and “what bee says” videos

Arcee: said “you’re a human. Can you build me a large intestine” to a friend when they said I should know which hormone starts ovulation because I am female

Bulkhead: spent all night revising formulas for a test and could only recite said formulas for the rest of the next day

Wheeljack: in maths I changed all the word problems to have the word “bomb” in them

Smokescreen: leapt up in the middle of class and gestured at the board with jazz hands when a photo of Optimus Prime was shown in a physics lesson (it was about transformers- the power grid kind)

Ultra Magnus: pretended an inflatable hammer was the forge of solus prime

Jack: rode my bike to the middle of nowhere and then realised I forgot to bring my book so just sat there for an hour

Miko: dyed my hair red and blue and was optimus for Halloween

Raf: coded a program to quiz people on their knowledge of transformers that was so in detail nobody could pass it without the specific answers

Megatron: staged an overly extravagant swordfight with a pair of metre rulers over who was the most “extra” of the two of us

Starscream: threatened to stab someone with a knife several times for insulting my fashion sense

Knockout: had to watch a video on illegal Street racing as part of a school programme to deter us and all I could think was “damn those cars look cool”

Breakdown: bought a hammerhead shark plush and named it after a hammer brand

Soundwave: listened to cotton eyed Joe at 2am and tried to decipher what the lyrics mean (turns out nobody knows)

Shockwave: poured salt onto my friend’s food and told them it now matched their personality

Predaking: put on a terribly posh British voice when reading quotes in my English class

Arachnid: when we went to an army event with my school and the teacher asked where we should go next yelled “HELICOPTER” at the top of my voice