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Hi Guys!~ Can I ask something? Is it possible for a cybertronian to have two different optic colors, and if they did how would it be for them? Would others think there outliers? How would they be treated? Also on the topic of optics, we all know that Jazz wheres a visor. Many people think Jazz could be blind or he could have a strange eye color. What do you think whats up with Jazz's eyes. Can transformers also be cannibals? (I'm sorry for asking so many questions, I just love you guys so much)!

Great question! There are a few examples of Transformers with heterochromia. Check out Botanica from Beast Machines:

and Slicedice from Robots in Disguise!

It doesn’t seem regarded as any more unusual among Transformers than it is among people, and they’re treated just fine! 

In regards to visors, it tends to vary from artist to artist exactly how they work - that is to say, if the Transformer is “wearing” the visor over a pair of “normal” optics that will become visible if the visor is removed or smashed, or if the visor IS their optics. With Jazz specifically, though, here’s an answer you likely didn’t expect - way back in ‘86, the Marvel UK comic showed us what he had under his visor, and it was a pair of normal, yellow eyes!

In regards to cannibalism, the answer’s a yes, but with the understanding that it’s not the same thing as human cannibalism, since Transformers don’t normally “eat” metal in that way (unless they’re an Insecticon or a Sharkticon or something like that!). But, they have been known to rip other Transformers to pieces for parts to replace their own damaged bodies, which is their race’s equivalent of what we think of as cannibalism, since it’s been referred to in-story with that term. Take the time the Decepticons were stranded on an asteroid and took to tearing each other apart to survive…

Also, since do all run on energon, and energon is both “blood” as well as “fuel,” you could say they could drink another Transformer, rather than eat them!

Though the fact they’re robots makes it… easier to disassemble and repurpose their parts, don’t think it’s not still a horrific thing in Transformer society! Transformers Prime detailed how harvesting a transformation cog from a dead body was an act so ghoulish, even Megatron wouldn’t commit it!

(Then Megatron chopped off a dead robot’s arm and replaced his own with it. Plumb those new depths, Megatron!)

Hope that answers your questions!

Megatron and Optimus talking about their son Rodimus's date.
  • Megatron: I don't like that mech! That spiritualist hippie slag he sells to Rodimus is a farce. He was one of my most dangerous Decepticons! He's so violent!
  • Optimus: Yeah, next thing you know he's going to start waging a 4 million years war against Rodimus and ripping off his limbs.
  • *Glances slyly at Megatron*
  • Megatron: >:(