Something I noticed about the Council of Worlds

Most of the Leaders are Female, and each Colony seems to represent a different type of governing body

Caminus, led by the Mistress of Flame is a Theocracy

Carcer, led by Elita 1 is a military Dictatorship

Velocitron, led by Override appears to be a Meritocracy (the fastest being put in charge)

Devisen is mostly unknown to us, its leader has yet to be shown, or much of its society outside of everyone being Micromaster combiners. I suspect that Devisen may very we’ll be Communistic. It would explain the lack of an actual leader. And the 2 becoming 1 alt mode thing sounds like the kind of condition that leads to the cooperation and trust inherent in True Communism

Eukaris is another odd one. Since its split into 4 tribes it appears to be Feaudal. But we don’t know anything about the leaders of those tribes, but we do know that all 4 tribes follow the council of Blackarachnia “the Fateweaver Oracle”