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Batchix Machina Transformers Sideswipe with repair/finishing/ect by Buff.

This guy and his brother are nestled between Alpha and the eventual Gamma/Episilon. The body definitely has an Alpha base, with the obvious transformer parts, which is just so cool. And lookit his face! Those adorable eyes and the little chinpiece just make my heart melt. The moment he arrived, I couldn’t put him down, just doing basic filling of bubbles, and working on the fit of the joints. I did some work on his helmet, making it fit flush. Then I dove into painting him with a scheme I found that I liked for the character. Batchix had magnet holes in his back, so I installed magnets and then made the little doors out of acetate, masking off the windows before I sprayed the acetate red. They are flexible and lightweight, so they don’t affect posing or balance. I had to make his eyes, but I’ll probably buy some that reflect a little better. I think working on artist casts is one of my favorite things to do, and working on Batchix machinas is on that list too, so to have them combined is a real treat!! 

Tomorrow, back to commissions.

OOC: This is a pretty old picture that I took and posted over on DOA to demonstrate the height differences that will be present in my Armada once/if I ever get them finished. 

As you know the little squab on the right is Starscream, ranking in at a staggering 27cm! Starscream is the first and so far only complete member of the armada and is the standard of their height. All the other ‘cons, save for one, will be slightly taller than her since I cater to the idea that Starscream is a bit of a runt. Only Barricade will end up being shorter than her. But the standard height for all Decepticon will be 27-28cm. 

The elf on the left is a stand in, ranking in at 43cm initially. The completed construct will be a bit taller as I’ve swapped the flat feet out for high-heeled feet. This will be the only Unaligned but unquestionably EVIL one of the bunch… the actual protoform being modded was at this time on my work table so it was in over a dozen pieces and not available for a photo session… Very much out of scale to the others, but still large enough to rein terror down on the diminutive 'cons this is the base of my Unicron. It’s still on the table, I’ve been REALLY side tracked… I planned on being done with ALL of them by now, but it hasn't happened  Poor Uni is still in pieces. 

And that brings us to the poor concerned looking chap in the middle. Ranking in at a bizarre 35cm this guy is VERY special. It was a nightmare trying to get this protoform, but I knew it had to be this one! Nothing else would be suitable. He HAD to be taller than the others… but not TOO tall. The company I got him from had NOTORIOUSLY TERRIBLE service, and some people waited over a year to get their dolls if they EVER did. I took a chance on their Christmas sale and ordered him. about 5 months later he turned up on my doorstep. The company has since gone under it seems? So I’m lucky to have snagged him. He is so far the only confirmed Autobot of the group, though his loyalty seems to wander towards a particular tri-colored Seeker, along with his attention/affection. Lord Megatron will NOT be pleased… Luckily it rarely ever snows around here, so I don’t think Megs is going to be able to get rid of him easily. ^_~

I need to get back to work on these guys! I started Unicron this time LAST YEAR and haven’t gotten her done. I started Barricade around November, had to wait for his decals and a few parts to come in and never go back to it! I have all the protoforms ready and waiting in a box. Yes, I have a nice little storage box with five more protoforms in it, waiting to be worked on. Oh, I forgot to mention in the height comparrison, of those five two are much smaller than Screamer. Ranking it at 14cm I have a pair of red and blue resin protoforms… you’re free to assume who they might be. Just don’t try to tell which one’s which. I've blathered on for for a bit and I’ll spare you all my continued rambling… I’d be happy to answer any questions anyone might have about them.