transformer art


Hey guys! I got a lot of requests to redraw one of my old drawings. I dug this up from 2009 when I was in High School. It feels so good to see all the hard work pay off! Hope you enjoy it!! :’) 


I’ve had to work like crazy on a book I’m doing the illustrations for, so sorry for not making much art right now :o

took some breaks to at least doodle a little, so here’s some of my favs from different series! (not sure if I’ll feel like finishing them, but at least they are still cute as sketches, so thought it might be worth sharing)

@hugsforvillains asked for an AU Starscreams master post so i did them all in the highest of art forms. In a “tag urself.” So here’s nine of my major Starscreams! I kept it to just cybertronian Starscreams, to avoid having one billion furries, scalies, mer, etc etc etc…

Tiny snippets more!

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JoJo and Caesar’s Authentic Switzerland Experience

Look, I’m not done shitting on how expensive my country is, and there’s not a lot of fiction taking place around here, let me have this