transformer art

So I just spent all morning working on this and this sai was like “Saving Canvas Failed” soooo I had to just finish it then copy paste it into fire alpaca because i was not re-doing everything just so i could save it as a sai file x-x 

But yeah, TFA Rodimus is adorable! During this i just kept looking back at my toy version of him then back to my drawing.

errorcritical  asked:

may i request a spacebus in c2 and/or b1 for the crazy face meme? 0v0

Crying? Who’s crying??? I’m not cryinGG.. ha ha haahaaa a..

Transformers © Hasbro
Art © *Moi


I really HATE finishing everything and then that’s when I notice I missed something. Happens every single time. 

Anyways, I really missed drawing these dorks so I’m making up for lost time. Have another transformation gif set among the sea of many. I forgot animation could be tedious but it’s still so fun. I also wanted to announce that I’m planning to open a patreon account very soon. I need some extra cash to pay off a few bills. ;_;

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