transformed ditto


that was so fucking nervewracking at the end

How i chained for this ditto is like this:
- catch a munchlax
- teach it recycle at move reminder. Delete all other moves
- catch hypno, teach it switcheroo at move reminder, give it a leppa berry, teach it thunder wave by tm.
- teach a mon (i used kommo-o) false swipe, substitute and two attacking moves with at least 20pp each and enough power to knock out dittos in one hit

- go to that place where u find ditto
- send out munchlax, let ditto transform into munchlax
- send out hypno and use switcheroo. Ditto will eat the leppa berry every time it gets low on PP, and will use recycle to get that berry back, so you wont have to be scared of it struggling itself to death
- send out kommo-o, use substitute, then false swipe the ditto to get it to low hp so itll call for help more often. Substitute is so that the ditto that get called in for help wont be able to transform into kommo-o and fuck it up with dragon claw
- use an adrenaline orb
- dragon claw/brick break all incoming dittos while the first is happily eating leppa berries and doing jack shit

Continue this till you run out of pp in your attacking moves (thats why they need 20pp, so you can easily count to 40)

The next ditto that comes in is number 41, which means itll have guaranteed 4ivs. As soon as it comes in, false swipe it. Then switch to munchlax so it can transform into munchlax. Then switch to hypno, switcheroo that leppa berry on ditto 1 back to you, switcheroo it to ditto 41 (the one you want) the next turn, then thunderwave ditto 41 so it wont call in reinforcements, ONLY THEN DO YOU FAINT DITTO 1

If all goes well, you’ll have a false swiped ditto 41 that can only use recycle, has a leppa berry, AND is paralyzed, so you can spend a lot of time trying to catch it without worrying itll struggle itself to death.

*also if u have the exp share on your munchlax will gain exp and it may have learned a few new moves other than recycle by the time you send it out for ditto number 41 to transform into, but it honestly doesnt matter. Itll still be weak as fuck compared to your hypno.

Good luck!


A Wild Ditto Has Appeared!

Trainers! It has been confirmed worldwide that the elusive Ditto has been implemented into the game. This sneaky Pokemon will be posing as Pokemon such as Rattata, Pidgey, Zubat, Spearow and more! It will only transform into Ditto after capture! The Ditto will transform at the start of the battle into the opposing defending Pokemon in a gym battle! For more info on Ditto battle mechanics check this out: (x

Also, Double EXP & Stardust are also in effect until November 30th! Get out there and enjoy trainers!

Quick 4iv+ ditto hunting guide

Things you will need:

-A Pokemon that knows only Recycle

-A pokemon that knows Switcheroo

-1 Leppa berry

-a pokemon with false swipe

-a pokemon that can kill 30 dittos

-An adrenaline orb


  1. Give the leppa berry to the switcheroo pokemon
  2. Have Ditto transform into the recycle only pokemon
  3. swap into the pokemon with switcheroo and give it the leppa. This keeps the ditto harmless and not in danger of struggling
  4. false swipe it to 1
  5. keep killing dittos until the 31st one gets called in
  6. kill the caller and catch the new mon

The 31st pokemon is guaranteed to have minimum 4 perfect IVs and the other two are randomized, so thats about a 1/16 chance of a fitfh perfect stat (two chances of a 1/32 hitting 32)!


 Requested by gwynenshire

The 13th pokémovie is titled Zoroark: Master of Illusions, and in it we see one very powerful Zoroark (and her child) project her illusions and transform into even the legendary beasts:

Zorua, as we know has this same ability, but seemingly less powerful. The dex says that Zorua can change its appearance, but Zoroark can even change its surroundings: just look at the suicune gif.

But here’s the catch: they don’t actually transform themselves like ditto or rotom do. Both Zorua and Zoroark’s powers lie in illusions. In other words, they don’t actually change at all. You only see them that way.

Zorua and Zoroark’s power lie in manipulative hallucination. A Hallucination is defined as “a perception in the abscence of external stimulus that has qualities of real perception.” So, seeing things that aren’t there, hearing voices that aren’t making sounds, or seeing a Suicune when it’s actually a Zoroark. Neurobiologically, this happens from abnormal activity in the sensory area of your brain, such as the parts associated with sight or touch. Or, hallucinations can be caused by miscommunications in the pathways of your brains. Usually, its a combination of both.

Something that creates a hallucination is called a hallucinogen, and while there are many types of them, the most common tamper with serotonin levels in the brain. But, the hallucinations that result from that are wildly unpredictable and often associated with only one sense, where Zorua/ark can manipulate exactly what you see, hear, and feel.

In this way, Zorua’s illusions are more like dreams. In fact, there are a lot of neurological similarities between dreams and hallucinations, which is why hallucinations can often occur when you’re sleep deprived. The difference between the two, obviously, is that dreams occur solely when you sleep.

The entire sleep cycle takes about 90 minutes, and goes through several steps:

So now we have to talk about brain waves. Brain waves are electrical pulses from neurons that communicate with each other. Just like any wave or electrical signal, they have a frequency that can be measured in Hertz, and is actually how we categorize them.

Delta Waves (.5 to 3 Hz) are only present in dreamless sleep. They suspend external awareness and promote the healing process.

Theta Waves (3 to 8 Hz) are present in sleep and deep meditation. External senses are withdrawn and only internal signals are considered, resulting in vivid imagery and fleeting intuition. These are associated with dreaming.

Alpha Waves (8 to 12 Hz) are your primary thought waves when you are awake. Associated with coordination, calmness, focus, and learning.

Beta Waves (12 to 38 Hz) correspond to fast brain activity: strong concentration, problem solving, information processing, anxiety or excitement.

So, rather than a traditional hallucination, what if Zorua/ark manipulated you into a more dream-like state? Imagine, you’re walking down the street and you encounter a Zorua. You brain is transmitting alpha and beta waves as normal, you were thinking normal walking-down-the-street thoughts, but now you have frightened this poor Zorua. In this panic, Zorua slows down your brain waves, changing some of the alpha and beta into theta waves. Now, suddenly, you see the Zorua transform into a little girl, because that’s exactly what she wants you to see.

Zoroark is more powerful, and can manipulate the brains of multiple people at a time. Furthermore, if Zorua can only slow down some of your brain, Zoroark can control even more of them, allowing her to change how you percieve your surroundings rather than just her. It also explains why Zorua specifically transforms into a silent child. Zorua can manipulate sight but not sound.

Zorua and Zoroark slow down the communications in your brain, changing alpha and beta brain waves into sleep-like theta or delta brain waves. This causes you to “dream” even while awake, perceiving, seeing, hearing, and feeling the foxes as the illusions they want to project.

Whether this is a chemical or an electrical stimulus is a completely separate question we’ll have to go into another day.

#Pokehalloween 2016 day 3: favorite non-evolution

So I had a hard time deciding between lapras and ditto since both are my beautiful babies, so I just went with both :) if you don’t like it, then it can be two dittos, one transformed into a lapras, for all you know :p


Pokéball Pride Collection by dajo42

1. Ace Trainer (Asexual)

2. Aro-Dactyl (Aromantic)

3. Non-Binacle (Non-binary)

4. Genderqwilfish (Genderqueer)

5. Bikachu (Bisexual)

6. PokéPan (Pansexual)

7. Polywrath (Polysexual)

8. Demibird (Demisexual/Demiromantic)

9. Intersex Plateau (Intersex)

10. Gengarfluid (Genderfluid)

11. Ditto Used TRANSform (Transgender)

12. Pride Rainball (Gay/Lesbian)

Available in lots of products- but the phone cases are the best ones I think~~