transformed ditto

ML Pokemon AU
  • Ladybug: I'm fifteen years old. How has nobody beaten me for League Champion?!
  • Jagged Stone: I love ya LB, but I think you're stagnating. You need to go out and have an adventure.
  • Ladybug: Adventure?
  • Jagged: You're still so young!
  • Ladybug: Young!!
  • Jagged: Go out and have youthful experiences!!
  • Ladybug: Yeah!!
  • Jagged: YEEEEEEEEAH!! *guitar riff*
  • Three Months Later:
  • Adrien: Hey Marinette, what do you think? *shows off his Ditto, transformed into him* Is this guy handsome or what?
  • Marinette: *vacant stare*

A new set of Ditto transform plushies has been announced at Pokémon center! This new set will feature Ditto Koffing, Jigglyypuff, Snorlax, Magnemite, and Gloom, and will be available for 1 300 yen. A larger plush of Ditto Transform Snorlax reversible plush cushion will also be available, for 3 200 yen.

Along with the plush, will be:
- Espeon and Umbreon drawstring bags for 800 yen each
- Two sets of figures for 300 yen each. Set one will feature Kanto starters, Poliwag, Pikachu each with a Ditto. And set two will feature Gengar, Jigglypuff, Vulpix, Pichu, Raichu each with Ditto again
- A hand towel will also be avalable for 540 yen

Release date is March 25th, 2017 !

anonymous asked:

What would aliens think of ditto?

“human i think someone spilled some of that ‘jelly’”

“thats a ditto”

“could you repeat that? i think the translator messed it up”

“its a ditto”

“could you say that without the human metaphor/slang”

“that blob is a ditto”

“its  a what?”

“its a ditto”

*blob transforms in to the alien*

"human what just happened?”

“WELLLLLL, DITTO, which is what this pokémon is called, can transform its cellular structure to look and function like its foes. also it turns to a rock when sleeping”

“wait a second, I DO NOT LOOK LIKE THAT! it has completely botched my face! i do not have dots as eyes nor- STOP MIMICKING ME”

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I'm not sure if you've answered this specifically before, but would you ever do a mid-transform ditto? Like ditto to your favorite pokemon? Also sometimes i look at your art and completely forget that the evolution you drew isnt actually canon! I love it!

I have been asked this before, but no worries! I know old asks are hard to find. While l think it’d be fun, I don’t think I would do Ditto and random Pokemon, since there’s hundreds of Pokemon and it’d be unfair to just do one or two out of all of them. I would do it as a commission, but not regularly, I’m sorry!

I may do Ditto and Mew at some point (which has been requested and I’m keeping it on my ‘Extras’ list) since there’s some theories that Ditto are the result of failed experiments to clone Mew, (but I consider this an isolated case).

However, someone did find and tell me about a Pokemon Card in the TCG which showed a kind of “Ditto-Pikachu Hybrid” that looks like a Ditto in the progress of turning into Pikachu. Here’s that image:

Sorry I don’t have a happier answer, but thanks for your kind words, I appreciate it!


Most ditto can transform completely, face included, into any pokemon they’ve seen before. Some have problems with the face, but that’s rare. Mit can’t change their eye color however, which is always pink-ish purple.

Mit can stay transformed for over 8 hours at a time, impressive even for ditto standards. However, they can’t hold a transformation while asleep or unconscious, and it’s harder to maintain forms that are very different in size compared to their true form (aka pink ditto blob).

PSA: Getting a 6IV Ditto

Do you want a 5/6IV Ditto? Of course you do, it makes breeding a good Pokemon so much easier. But chaining them’s always a hassle because Pokemon that transform only get, at max, 20PP for attacks. Make chaining a hassle, right? Makes it so you have to focus on it rather than just doing it in the background.


1) Catch a Munchlax/obtain the Mystery Gift Munchlax.

2) Have it relearn the move Recycle (Move Relearner can be found in the Lanakila Pokemon Center).

3) Delete all its other moves. It must know ONLY Recycle (the Move Deleter is in the Hau’oli Pokemon Center).

4) Catch/breed a Pokemon that can learn Switcheroo (Dhelmise have it as a base move, take it to the Move Relearner)

5) Give the Dhelmise a Leppa Berry.

This is the fun part. When you start to chain, follow these directions in the fight to make sure things work out.

1) Find a wild Ditto on Mt. Hokulani.

2) Make sure the Ditto transforms into Munchlax

3) Switch to Dhelmise and use Switcheroo, giving the Ditto the Leppa Berry

4) Chain as normal.

If you’ve done things correctly then it’ll never run out of PP. Once it runs out, it’ll eat the Leppa Berry. Then use Recycle and reobtain the berry, on an endless cycle until you end the chain.

Happy hunting, folks!