You know those hilarious “cowardly Knock Out” moments, where we see KO screaming hysterically and ducking for cover in the face of something that may or may not be an actual threat? 

Those don’t begin, in the show, until after he’s run over by a train on a mission immediately following Breakdown’s death.

That’s not cowardice, that’s trauma, pass it on.

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Acid Rain headcanon

The Acid that rains down on Cybertron is damaging to Cybertronians, yes? It bites away at their paint or paint nanites, and when it gets under the armour it can de-grease the important greasy bits and damage any silicone or rubber wires.
It destroys tires, damages fragile sensory components, eliminates nanites, and it probably does unspeakable things to the energon in a mech’s frame.

What does this mean for the Cybertronian buildings

Obviously, they are built to resist these acid rains. Windows and wall materials are capable of withstanding acid. But it would mean that any and all decoration would peel or slough off.

Imagine looking at a Cybertronian city on the horizon, when acid rain begins falling. And slowly but surely, all the colours of the buildings drain away, leaving only a gleaming grey surface.
After an acid storm the cities are quiet, as everyone waits for the acid to drain and for the disposables to get rid of any lingering pools.

I imagine that there are nooks and crannies built into every structure. Small sheltered places were nanites can bunch together and survive the onslaught of rain. After it has been dry and unclouded for long enough, the colour spreads back out over the city and all of its buildings.
And in the Dead End, where the buildings do not have nanite shelters, or even any nanites to speak of - the acid rain washes away the graffiti. Creating a new blank slate for streetmecha to paint.

Thanks to @harutemu for the excellent idea that I couldn’t help but add to a little bit.

anonymous asked:

A human finds a dog and brings it on board the Lost Light. A week later, it has a litter of puppies! Headcannoned reactions from MTMTE bots of your choice? (Your choice of dog breed too!)

*singing* I’m doing requests to forget my pain~ Thank you for this adorable ass request~ I love puppies so muuuuuuuch~! The original momma dog is named Missy and she is a Pitbull because I love them~ Don’t discriminate~


  • Puppies! PUPPIES! There are so many of them! Honestly, he’d be so damn happy. When his s/o first brings the doggy on board, he doesn’t even ask questions. He just finds playing with Missy super fun. He tries to teach her tricks but grows quickly bored and just spends most of his time on his back, letting Missy walk on him. His human s/o has caught the two snuggling more often than not.


  • When she has puppies, he’s afraid of touching them at first because holy crap they are tiny. But when they get bigger and are able to run around, he spends a lot of time with them. He bonds with one in particular that he names Rex (because it’s bad ass).


  • The dog always follows him around and even has his own bed on top of Rodimus’ desk in the Captain’s office. Rodimus makes sure to get a new toy for Rex every time they stop at a planet and even a collar. He’s so proud of his puppy and the two are inseparable. Wherever Rodimus goes, Rex goes, end of story (he’s looking at you Ultra Magnus). Rex barks & growls whenever Megatron comes in to the office and Rodimus finds it hilarious.



  • Rung is very surprised when he first sees the dog that his s/o brought on board. It is small and fluffy and wags it’s tail so cutely?? He can’t resist petting it’s soft fur. When he learns that the dog is going to have puppies, he’s fascinated. He wants to know all about how dogs have puppies and what it takes for them to be healthy.

  • He tries his best to help his s/o as they tend to Missy and is even there for the birthing process. He adores the puppies, they’re the most precious things. He enjoys being there with his s/o to raise the puppies, though he admits it’s exhausting. But that’s okay with him honestly, because his s/o and him just become closer through the process of raising the puppies.


  • He’s become just as close to Missy, more so than the puppies and she often spends time in his office. She’s helpful for any of the patients that are feeling overwhelmed or upset during appointments with Rung. Hell, she’s helpful for Rung too. When he’s had a stressful day, he and his s/o will talk in his office or habsuite while petting Missy.



  • Tailgate is so excited he almost goes into stasis lock. Another small cute organic? One that licks his face when he lifts it up? That’s always happy to see him? He’s in love with Missy and when Missy has puppies, even more so. He spends the day Missy gives birth excitedly running around telling everyone.

  • Cyclonus is more reserved around the dog at first. It’s a bit loud for his tastes with all the barking but he does like seeing Tailgate so happy as the two play together. In the quiet moments, Missy likes to curl up near Cyclonus to sleep and he finds the dog’s presence soothing.He is hesitant to be near the puppies and mainly just lets Tailgate help their human s/o take care of them. Their energy is too much for him on top of Tailgate and their human s/o.

  • As a Mom, Missy has calmed down a lot so her and Cyclonus become close and she follows him around. Right behind her is Tailgate and the human, followed by a litter of happy puppies. Everyone on the ship thinks it’s the cutest thing they’ve ever seen and Cyclonus usually has to glare them away.


  • When his s/o brings this tough looking dog on the ship, he’s actually pretty impressed. The dog is badass but more importantly his s/o loves her and the dog loves them back. Missy is a bit protective of the human around Whirl at first, which just makes him like her more. After a while the two end up getting along and it’s common to see all three walking the halls, the human and dog on Whirl’s gun titties.


  • Whirl is not as enthusiastic about the puppies though. They’re way too soft and even smaller, geez. Plus when they’re first born they’re kind of gross. But as they grow older and become more active, he enjoys watching them run around. Him and his human s/o probably train the dogs to do all sorts of tricks. They also terrorize anyone who comes near their habsuite, though that was more Whirl’s doing. He finds it funny when the human buys the puppies all sort of gangsta dog clothes like a shirt that says “Baller”. Damn straight.


  • One of the puppies is named Charlie and she takes a special shine to Whirl for reasons nobody understands. Charlie, Whirl and the human pull pranks, go to Swerve’s bar and basically act like hooligans together. Whirl never says it out loud but it’s obvious that he loves Charlie. Sometimes when it’s just him, his s/o and the dogs, he’ll let Charlie lay on top of his head because it makes his s/o laugh.