transformation of consciousness

The alchemical order demands the process of ‘Solve et Coagula’, a dissolution of false perceptions, prejudices, misunderstandings so that a new formation of 'elements’ will take place within the individual consciousness, so a new sequence of ideas and notions will come to serve one’s way towards enlightenment, if that’s the goal…a finer understanding of life and its mechanisms, where the body becomes spiritual and the spirit becomes corporeal beyond polarities and disputes. A place or state where emptiness is form and form is emptiness, the unmanifested is also evident while the apparent is also elusive. The existential riddle of “Who I am?” still remains, the mystery of mysteries, but it is the formulation of this primordial question that becomes more elaborate. There’s immortality in mortality, as everything emanates from the same Source and everything will eventually return to it, and there’s the darkest of darkness, our fear of death and the unknown that could also be described as 'infinite Light’.

Swan by Hilma af Klint, 1914.

Out past the beach to let the grasses collect me. Clearly saltwater writes clearly. Clearly my eyes could always clearly I just wouldn’t clearly I only couldn’t could but didn’t.

Does the breaking point gather the gathering does the let go let flow falling out of place of the falling into place.

This is the time of year kids clothes are muddy this is the time of year the imaginary garden finds packets of running stumbling seeds emitting sparks and knows it will escape into real.


Star Child is a New Age term that has come up only in the past few years in regard to incarnations into human form by entities from other worlds. The term ‘Starseed’ relates to here. 

Lightworkers are people at the leading edge of transforming human consciousness. They themselves are ‘waking up’, experiencing expanded consciousness & a reconnection to the infinite intelligence accessible to all via our inner knowing.

Indigo children are highly sensitive beings with a clear sense of self-definition and a strong feeling that they need to make a significant difference in the world.

Crystal children are children who have a crystal-colored aura, a theoretical field of radiation around the body that some claim to be able to see. Along with indigo children — those with indigo auras — they are claimed to be more spiritually evolved at birth than others.

Who is it that desires to be become spiritually awakened or enlightened? It can only be our fictitious personal-self (egoic-mind). The real you is already enlightened (whole) and does not need or desire anything out of the sense of fear, lack or incompleteness.  All that is required from you is the complete acceptance (surrender) to the truth who you already are as pure awareness.   ~Anon I mus (No-self)

astrology is an Aquarian practice; therefore, I see it as not only Uranian but also Saturnian. Astrologers solely give credit of astrology to Uranus, or Ouranos who is god of the skies and connected to the vast and celestial universe. I agree, you know, astrology can be seen as something that gives us liberation, inner transformation, and cosmic consciousness yet there are still structural factors, Saturnian ideas, to ground its study such as astrological laws and fact. There are individual and set archetypes, mathematical features, and an overall organized way of the set-up of the natal chart. Saturn teaches us some of our greatest lessons and thus also causes self-transformations…wouldn’t you say discovering the natal chart and learning about oneself through it is one of those lessons? Saturn, or Kronos, is the god of time. Just as Saturn in the natal chart endows us with wisdom through planned lessons over time, at the time of our birth the universe has already set this plan for us, as seen through the natal chart that works as a tool full of lessons to guide us through life. In both instances, they’re only helpful if utilized correctly. And yet I would arguably consider astrology an expression of Neptune as well; there is a spiritual and intangible transcendence base to astrology as seen through themes of the natal chart such as the 12th house, the north node, esoteric astrology and more. there is cosmic consciousness here too, which comes through feelings and mystical ability rather than logic and reason as shown by Uranus and Saturn. I don’t know… planets in astrology are not limited to rulerships of specific themes, like Venus isn’t the only planet that dictates your affection, or Mars isn’t the only planet that shows the focus of your energy, and so why should the rulership of astrology only be limited to one planet?  

A transformation of consciousness will definitely change your life. But I mean transformation of consciousness, I do not mean changing your mood for a while. We all feel good for a time and then come back to our “natural” state. 
By transformation I mean thinking differently, positively about yourself so often that it becomes a habit. And until the habit grows stable. At this point it will expel from your mind all the rival states such as poverty thinking. This new state really will create a new world. It spells out a transformation, but if you only do it a little bit and return to your former state, then you’ll notice things changed for a while but nothing radical took place. If you have changed inwardly, truly, then you will see change in your outer world. 

Keep in mind the most wonderful tool alive is to sit alone at home and construct a sentence that implies you’ve fulfilled your desire. Repeating it to yourself, seeing yourself with it, you shall draw to yourself every person and situation on Earth to fulfill it. 

*This was my summary of Three Propositions by Neville Goddard*


‘The transformation of consciousness undertaken in Taoism and Zen is more like the correction of faulty perception or the curing of a disease. It is not an acquisitive process of learning more and more facts or greater and greater skills, but rather an unlearning of wrong habits and opinions. As Lao-tzu said, “The scholar gains every day, but the Taoist loses every day.”’

- Alan Watts, The Joyous Cosmology.

“Have the courage to look inward, surrendering to the total freedom of your nameless and formless ‘I AM’ essence beyond space and time.

You are the ever-present, universal life-energy, not bound to the  narrow opinions of others or the repressive chains of social/cultural conditioning. 

No external convention, organization, scientific or religious dogma, nation, political affiliation or man-made tradition has the power to define and/or confine you.”   -Anon I mus (Spiritually Anonymous)

The fate of the ego (personal self) is dissolution back into the loving light of Eternal Awareness.  -Anon I mus

The 7 Steps in Alchemical Transformation.

The 7 steps in Alchemical Transformation happened non-linearly and they enable the growth of Consciousness in all directions. They are related to each of the 7 Chakras and Planets as well and are part of an anciently recognized process of permanent Transformation that actually gave birth to modern Science and has been under attack by the Roman Catholic Church for thousands of years. 

1) CALCINATION: The process of Calcination is meant to assist in Destroying the Ego’s Attachment to Material things or things outside of the Self. Physically, Calcination is related to exercise and Chemically to Fire, as it burns away at all Material that is undesirable. Psychologically and Spiritually it is the Flames of the Higher Consciousness which will burn away the dross of the restricting habits, beliefs and limitations of the Ego Self.

2) DISSOLUTION: During Dissolution the Conscious Mind is forced to let go of Controlling everything, so Material Ideas are Destroyed within the Psyche and Interior World. This step is associated with the Second Chakra and the Kundalini Experience. During Dissolution you may Experience more profound Dreams, Visions and voices which will appear in order to push the Boundaries of your rational Mind and allow for the Realization of new Material to take place.

3) SEPARATION: Separation is associated with your 3rd or Solar Plexus Chakra. During Separation your Soul comes together with Spirit and for the first time Experiences a Higher perspective that is brought back to your daily Awareness. The new Perspective gave the Soul the discernment for performing the act of Separation and discarding of unwanted Materials. When we discard our unworthy attitudes and beliefs in the step of Separation, more aspects of our own Self are able to be revealed to us. Now that your blocks and misspent Energies have been identified and released, there is more Conscious Energy available to you to further your Transformation and Growth.
4) CONJUNCTION: The 4th Chakra, the Heart Chakra, is associated with the process of Conjunction. During Conjunction, you are performing the marriage of the two sides of Consciousness, the Solar and Lunar, or Male and Female. The stage also represents the merger of Matter and Spirit by joining the three steps below with the three steps above. During Conjunction, it is only the Purest parts of the Self that are recombined for Transformation and a new type of Heart Intelligence is born.

5) FERMENTATION: The 5th Throat Chakra is related to the Process of Fermentation. Fermentation represents the New Life that is born from the Putrefaction of another living organism. The Symbolism suggests a Presence of New Life and along with it new Vitality. This step is important for Solidification of the Soul, and Spirit’s merger becomes permanent and the new Life Force finally overcomes the original Identity with its Higher Presence. The New Spiritual Power and Presence begins to rejuvenate and invigorate the New Life, adding a new level of Insight, Identity and Divine Inspiration to your Perception.

6) DISTILLATION: Just as distilled water is boiled to increase it’s Purity, so is our Psyche agitated and challenged during the Distillation Process in order to ensure that all the Lower Thought forms, habits and contents of our original Ego Mind are completely separated from the fermented Being. At this point, the Kundalini is raised from the Sacral Chakra (1st Chakra) to the Brain and Pineal Gland and it is represented by the 3rd Eye Chakra in the center of the forehead. Techniques such as Introspection and Reflection are used at this stage to Identify those things which do not belong to our New and Reborn Self. Distillation allows us to become Refined and Purified from all Lower functions as the Sublimated Spiritual Presence is released within us.

7) COAGULATION: Coagulation is like the Precipitation of Purified Ferment which arose during the Distillation. The final operation of Coagulation occurs in the 7th or Crown Chakra on the top of your head which effects the Pituitary Gland. It is believed that some sort of Brain Ambrosia is released from the Pineal Gland (phallic shaped gland)and that it combines with the Matter of the Pituitary (vulva shaped gland) to give Birth to your Permanent Body of Light; which is the Immortal Vehicle for your Highest Aspirations and Evolved Aspects of your Mind. The Body of Light retains your Memories and Feelings from your Lifetime on Earth and is able to become one with Soul and Spirit at Death. The Body of Light is similar to the concept of the Astral Body raised and purified through repeated cycles of the entire Process until only the True Essence of the Astral and Mental faculties of the Individual remains. The remaining Being is your Rebirth and that is the part of you which is Immortal and Born from Humanity. This Body of Light is the “Greater or Philosopher’s Stone” of the Alchemists. The achievement of a Permanent state of Coagulation is also referred to as a Return to the Garden of Eden and denotes a Solid Unification with the Divine Mind.