transformation of consciousness

The story begins with a person who is an orphan; or someone who feels like an orphan, alone, separate, different, and misunderstood. This character has questions about their circumstance (for example:”Why did my parents die?”, “Why doesn’t anyone like me?”, Why am I always in trouble?”, “What will I do with my life?”, etc.). These questions set off the journey.

Menton J Matthews

The alchemical order demands the process of ‘Solve et Coagula’, a dissolution of false perceptions, prejudices, misunderstandings so that a new formation of 'elements’ will take place within the individual consciousness, so a new sequence of ideas and notions will come to serve one’s way towards enlightenment, if that’s the goal…a finer understanding of life and its mechanisms, where the body becomes spiritual and the spirit becomes corporeal beyond polarities and disputes. A place or state where emptiness is form and form is emptiness, the unmanifested is also evident while the apparent is also elusive. The existential riddle of “Who I am?” still remains, the mystery of mysteries, but it is the formulation of this primordial question that becomes more elaborate. There’s immortality in mortality, as everything emanates from the same Source and everything will eventually return to it, and there’s the darkest of darkness, our fear of death and the unknown that could also be described as 'infinite Light’.

Swan by Hilma af Klint, 1914.

“Have the courage to look inward and surrender to the total freedom of your nameless and formless ‘I AM’ essence beyond space and time.

You are the ever-present, universal life-energy, not bound to the narrow opinions of others or the repressive chains of social/cultural conditioning. 

No external convention, organization, scientific or religious dogma, nation, political affiliation or man-made tradition has the power to define or confine you.”   -Anon I mus (Spiritually Anonymous)

“You are the timeless observer that effortlessly perceives the passing phenomenon of change; yet remains (in the space of stillness) unaffected by change.”  ~Anon I mus

Pure awareness is self-illuminating and self-existing, a presence prior to thoughts. We cannot be our thoughts; we are the awareness that witnesses the coming and going of our thoughts. Thoughts, feelings and sense perceptions cannot think or exist independently without an observer (a perception cannot perceive).


Star Child is a New Age term that has come up only in the past few years in regard to incarnations into human form by entities from other worlds. The term ‘Starseed’ relates to here. 

Lightworkers are people at the leading edge of transforming human consciousness. They themselves are ‘waking up’, experiencing expanded consciousness & a reconnection to the infinite intelligence accessible to all via our inner knowing.

Indigo children are highly sensitive beings with a clear sense of self-definition and a strong feeling that they need to make a significant difference in the world.

Crystal children are children who have a crystal-colored aura, a theoretical field of radiation around the body that some claim to be able to see. Along with indigo children — those with indigo auras — they are claimed to be more spiritually evolved at birth than others.

In the Beginning

In the beginning was feeling, not the word, not thought, not thinking.  Feelings came first.  If one can associate and connect feelings with the heart, in an embryo, the heart is the first organ made.  The child at birth, first feels the air and the first breath,  The brain is still a collection of unconnected neurons and thoughts are secondary after the emotional feelings of life.

Our feelings have always been first.  Even when we first connected one thought to another, the driving force behind it was feelings.  This still exists to dominate our existence, our actions, our beliefs, and ideas.

The feeling of existence is this first feeling of the first intake of air into our lungs.  This first feeling of being exposed to the material world is still with us. This feeling of existence has never gone away.

The feeling of existence is our first feeling.  The first feeling of life.  Of being alive.  Of being distinct and separate from everything and every matter and object around us, is this first feeling of existence.

“Who is it that desires to be become spiritually awakened or enlightened? It can only be our fictitious self (egoic-mind). The real you is already enlightened (whole, perfect and complete) without the need or desire for ‘anything’ out of the sense of fear, lack or incompleteness.  All that is required from you is the complete recognition and acceptance to the fundamental truth who you already are, divine awareness.”   ~Anon I mus (Spiritually Anonymous)