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Up until now, we’ve never seen any indication that their costumes could be removed - in part or in their entirety - while transformed. Ladybug’s mask forcibly resisted being removed and Ladybug expressed discomfort in the process. (See: Lady Wifi) Hell, Chat’s moving ears and tail, as well as his reactions to his tail being abused, imply that he can feel them to some degree. But Ladybug just YOINKED IT OFF. Didn’t even ask if it could come off (meaning it’s been discussed before) just yANKED. And Chat Noir clearly could tell she did it. (Did it feel uncomfortable? Like he suddenly lost connection to it? Or was he just shocked that SHE WENT THERE??)

So can his ears come off? Does his zipper REALLY unzip? (Obvs he cant remove his gloves or boots because they don’t ACTUALLY exist - he is wearing a full-body suit just like Ladybug, guys.)  Could Ladybug’s hair ribbons be removed?????

Hazel Theory & Analysis:“Nobody needs to die today.”

While watching Chapter 2 of Vol 5, like so many of you, I was struck by Hazel’s desire for a peaceful negotiation. We’ve seen Cinder’s all-consuming ambition, Tyrian’s gleeful savagery, and Watts’s malicious heckling from Salem’s group, but we haven’t seen anything like this before. We haven’t seen any of our villains humble themselves, expose themselves, to beg for calm.

And Hazel didn’t just ask for calm- he questioned Adam as the coup began, and then reprimanded him upon its completion. While Hazel didn’t interfere or prevent the coup from happening, as he leaves the room, he insists that there was no need for violence, for bloodshed, for death, on this day.

Hazel, one of the main antagonists in RWBY, distances himself from another antagonist’s actual villainy.

This fascinates me- it begs us to try to investigate Hazel, and although there isn’t much to go on, I’ve found a few things that intrigue me. To begin with, this scene shows us that Hazel actually values human life. Naturally, we should ask why Hazel values human life. And while I can’t say for certain…

The deep scarring on Hazel’s arm, right by his elbow, seems to indicate that he’s a man who’s seen an unfair share of violence. Perhaps that intense exposure to violence, whatever it was, has given him a distaste for it. So, we are now meant to understand that Hazel is a character with principles, right?

But, if that is the case, why does Hazel serve Salem, someone who we assume poses a major threat to the world of Remnant?

Simply put, I think the answer has to be that Salem’s ultimate plan is not just the usual conquer-the-world deal. For Hazel, a man who seeks to avoid unnecessary violence, to serve Salem, he would have to believe that he’s serving a greater purpose, a greater plan to fundamentally change the world in the long term. If Salem truly only wanted to conquer the world for the sake of her ego, why would Hazel stay by her side during her brutal attacks on Beacon and Vale? 

If Salem is offering to radically transform the world through achieving her goals, this would explain not only Hazel’s servitude, but Tyrian’s fervent devotion to her.  

Tyrian truly believes that he serves a goddess- and now that we know more about the Maidens, the Relics, and their connections to the literal, actual Gods of Remnant, we can deduce that Salem really is reaching for divine power.

And that divine power, with all of its potential to reshape the world, judge the wicked, and create a lasting peace, might just be enough to convince Hazel to serve Salem.

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Things that always bother me in fiction

No one ever seems to consider the logistics of certain changes in how people’s bodies would respond to certain changes that should really be addressed.

For example, certain characters tend to have something permanently grafted to their bodies or certain anatomical features are removed in favor of allowing a monstrous character to be able to burst of their clothes and have nothing show.

But these leads to all sorts of problems, So Baron Zemo, who had his mask permanently grafted to his face and, in some versions such as Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest heroes it seems like his entire outfit is grafted to him. So how does he eat?

And follow up question, how does he produce waste if it is the versions with the fullbody version?

I bring this up because I’m watching The Batman (Okay cartoon series, mostly fun action show, does not have as much villain pathos as B:TAS but does alright when it does it.) And there’s this character, Black Mask, a crime boss, big organizer. My experience with him in the Batman Arkham games is that the mask is exactly what it says on the tin, a mask he puts on and off, seeming to only be there as a sort of mark of authority or fear tactic, we see Roman Sionis without the mask plenty.

But in The Batman the mask may not be permanently grafted, but it’s so well on there no one seems to be able to take it off except for him who probably knows the secret to it.

Black Mask has been in jail. He wasn’t just allowed to sit and starve. And it seems as though he’s never taken off the mask, so how on earth are they feeding him?

I don’t have specific examples I can think of for characters who have now lost the ability to dispense with waste matter due to transformation or sudden onset of grafted body parts, but it’s gotta be something people think about, right? I mean it’s sort of why I go out of my way to avoid it, because it just doesn’t make sense and I gotta think of characters as living breathing people that gotta get along in the world that eat, sleep, love, and poop like everyone else regardless of whether they’re good or bad.

I mean, does anyone else think about this and how messed up it is?


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