Mahou Tsukai Precure
Cure Miracle & Cure Magical Transformation
Cure up Ra Pa Pa ~
Miracle Magical Jewel Relay


I don’t post photos of my body mainly out of the fear of scrutiny but this is the beginning of my transformation story. I made a promise to myself to get healthier, lose weight, eat right, work out and be happier. I am going to be sharing my transformation with you guys because you’re my favorite people. I would love support but keep rude comments anywhere but her. Love you all! 💕💕


I am a tramp - a spiritual mutt
that’s fallen out of the crowd life—
the in-crowd trying too hard
to Carpe Diem daily.

Honorable Ninshitsu, why does
the extinguished candle
burn brighter still?
Why these delicate oscillations between 
anguish and beauty?

The heart of truth almost
toppled over.

If I swim with
restless whales,
I’m still forever thankful
for the anchor chain of hope.

The state of decline
is in counter-rhythm
to the world, the wine and water
of loneliness, the aurora borealis
of deep paradox.

The state of ascent is

I am destroyed by a gust of wind,
but I linger still.
Does calmness have
nightmares also?

The beauty of the forest is
stripped bare
like the mountain peaks
are wind-kissed.

The soft chant of metamorphosis:
”Softly, softly comes
the soul-typhoon.”

Then awakening.

Feeling fit and fierce. First time in control top, with no top to control. Xo #progressnotperfection #selflove #selfworth #selfesteem #seeyoulateralligator #transformation #goodenough #tummy #flattummy #strength #fitspo #fitspiration #fiitforliife #fitmoms #happiness #chrispowell #cancer #outlivingit #publicdisplayofselflove