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Top 5 Thursday: Champions beginners should avoid

By Helmight

We’ve previously covered the best champions to play when you’re new to League of Legends, but today it’s time to take a look at those you should avoid during your first few outings. It’s not that these champions are bad - hell, some of them are professionally viable - but rather that they’re difficult to play or understand. Focusing on learning to last hit, or how to trade with opponents, is more important when you’re new - and you can’t learn how to do that if you’re trying to figure out what exactly your champion does at the same time.

#5: Transform and roll out?

Form-swapping champions should all be avoided early on in your League of Legends career for the sheer reason that they have twice as many abilities as other champs do. Having seven abilities instead of four requires a lot more headspace and makes playing someone like Jayce or Nidalee a lot more of a chore than playing someone like Annie.

There’s also the fact that form-swappers literally change out which abilities are available at any given time, which adds another layer of complexity to their kit. I can’t count the number of times I swapped to Jayce’s hammer form, only to realize that my Q was still on cooldown, or that I can’t cast Acceleration Gate now. All of this adds up to a pretty miserable experience for newbies.

#4: Broken spears

Kalista’s passive is what makes her beginner-unfriendly. Having to move between autoattacks is beyond most people when they start playing, but it’s central to Kalista’s playstyle and effectiveness. The Black Spear is another pain point for Kalista - most newbies won’t know what to do with it or why it’s in their inventory. Even if they do figure it out, their ultimate will most often be a whiff, since the poor schmuck bound to them will be completely lost.

Rend-stacking and landing Qs is pretty easy to figure out, but the biggest, flashiest parts of Kalista’s kit are difficult to parse, landing her a spot on this list.

#3: Throwing rocks is harder than it looks

Almost every single one of Taliyah’s abilities are unintuitive for a beginner. Threaded Volley only occasionally fires five rocks, Seismic Shove needs two inputs to work properly, and Unraveled Earth will likely frustrate new Summoners  because of how hard it is to detonate the mines. Taliyah’s ult also has zero combat practicality, making it pretty unfun for someone new to the game to use. Choose a different midlaner, but stay away from Taliyah for your first few matches.

#2: Emperors have it rough

Some professionally-viable champions have pretty high skill ceilings, but are also easy to pick up and play - like Lee Sin. Azir, however, is not one of them. The Emperor of the Sands is entirely dependent on his Sand Soldiers to do anything in fights, and has to actively keep track of where they are, when they’re about to expire, and how many he currently has out. This is all on top of Azir needing to constant command them to attack, which is pretty unintuitive in and of itself. Just laning as Azir can be a hassle even as an experienced player, so beginners should definitely steer clear of the birb until they’ve leveled up a bit more.

#1: Of course it’d be a dragon

For an all-powerful space dragon, Aurelion Sol does remarkably little spellcasting throughout the game. At least Azir needs to create and maintain his Sand Soldier army - Aurelion Sol just hangs around and damages enemies with his passive stars. This not only makes last hitting with him a challenge, but is super counterintuitive for new players. Hitting buttons is fun, but just clicking back and forth to keep your stars on someone isn’t.

On top of that, Aurelion Sol is very dependent on having good positioning to play well, leading to an experience that just about anyone would find frustrating. He definitely makes the top spot on this list for that reason alone - no one wants to pay super close attention to where they are in fights when they’re new.

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