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By the way, did you know that there’s an officially licensed album of Transformers inspired music that isn’t connected to any particular movie or series or anything, it just simply exists because what the hell?

And it’s great?

A Bard, a Paladin, and a really squishy Druid

Context: My character is a druid dragonborn whose call to Druidism was seeing the majesty of a dragon. She has a tendency to panic-transform into random creatures she has seen. She also only has 9 hp in base form.

DM: you encounter some quite terrifying and strong orcs.

Chao-evil Bard: I use the druid as a shield.

DM: roll initiative to struggle.

Me: *Nat1*

DM: you use her as a shield.

Me: can I roll to transform out of panic?

DM: What?

Me: I’ve seen a crow, a parrot, a kitten, and a dragon. Can I roll to panic-transform?

DM: wh- sure, go ahead. Roll for fear.

Me: *Nat20*

Paladin: critical transformation!

DM: *is done with my bs* roll to confirm a critical.

Me: *Nat20 true critical, the DM looks so angry*

DM: …fine. In a somehow critical transformation, the druid you were using as a shield transforms into a half-sized dragon in front of you. Roll strength to hold on.

Bard: *giving me the most angry look, rolls a 3* fuck.

Me: *shit eating grin* i intimidate the orcs into running away.

DM: just fucking roll, man.

*the paladin is cackling*

Me: *rolls a 17*

DM: *sighs* the orcs flee, two of them piss themselves, and they drop some of their gold and equipment on the way out.

Paladin: that was SPECTACULAR.

Bard: I hate you so much.

Just some fluff

Fluff ideas for my bots with and S/O. These bots are from my transformers universe

•he tries to impress you a lot
•if you’re human then he take you driving often, he sometimes gets so excited that he almost forgets his speed limit
•he acts all cocky but is actually kinda insecure so when you tell him that you love/appreciate him he melts
•if he notices you’re looking down he’ll try to tell you a joke or a funny story. If you need it, he isn’t afraid to tell you everything he loves about you no matter who’s around
•he gets jealous easily, very easily. He gets all huffy when another mech is talking to you but doesn’t actually do anything unless they try to make a move, if they do he’s over there in an instant, holding your servo and giving you little kisses on the cheek
• his favourite thing about you would be your personality, how you act and how you feel about yourself

•if you want to be his s/o you gotta be persistent about it but not annoying. once you do start dating, he’s a big sweetheart. His favourite thing in the universe is kisses!!! He loves them
•with his scanning optic he can read any kind of emotion so he knows immediately if something is wrong and he won’t stop until he knows it’s fixed
•he’s a little shy on PDA but he doesn’t mind you coming up and giving him a little kiss, he will return the favour if not that many people are around
•he’s a busy bee so you won’t get much time to hang out unless you want to help organise files. every once and a while he’ll give himself a free day to spend with you, which is usually laying around in one of your habsuites just talking or cuddling
•if you’re cybertronian and you go out on missions with the team he always checks up on you often, always ready to bridge you back if needed
•he gets jealous kinda easily because he’s insecure about his height and job so he’s understand why you’d find other mechs more attractive. He doesn’t step in when someone is trying to flirt with you, if you want him then you can say it yourself, he doesn’t need to tell you

•he’s a sweetie when it comes to dating and will always put your wellbeing above anything else
•if you are feeling up and energetic then he’ll be willing to drive where ever you want to just go waste time. If you are feeling lazy then he’ll lay with you and just sit back and talk about anything
•he’s super understanding and doesn’t get jealous often, he only gets defensive when someone is touching you when/where they shouldn’t. Then he isn’t afraid to get up in their face and tell them down
•you’re his little angel and he tells you that everyday so you won’t forget
•if you go on missions with the team, he’s super protective over you. He’ll let you fight but if it starts to get to over crowded then he’ll jump in and help. He’ll never forgive himself if you got hurt under his watch
•his favourite thing to do is listen to music, Earth or Cybertronian. If you are a bot then he’ll slow dance with you, if you’re human than he’ll hold you in his servo as he gently sways back and forth

•if you’re her s/o then she’ll love you with all her spark, no questions asked
•she’s really into hand holding no matter where you are, especially if you both are at a meeting or something and you just quietly slip your servo into hers
•the furthest thing you can get to PDA with her is a little kiss on the cheek. Aside from that she won’t do anything else unless you’re alone
•she likes to do activities with you and Emilia, her goal is to make you two best friend if your aren’t already
• she likes to learn more about you, so she is totally up to sit down and have a chat session with you
•she doesn’t get jealous too easily but does get kinda huffy when someone is trying to make a move on you. She won’t step in unless you motion for her to

•when you first met her she won’t talk to anyone so it takes her a while to warm up enough to even say hi
•she’s nervous when it comes to dating, she’s lost too much, she doesn’t want to loose any one else
•she’s strictly against PDA, maybe hand holding but nothing more
•if you go out on missions then she stands beside you at all times, she’s not risking anything
•it takes her awhile to warm up to saying “I love you” often, but once she does she tells you daily
•she’s a great cuddler and she really likes hugs from you

•he actually gets nervous when you both start dating, he’s constantly on his brother’s aft trying to ask for advice
•he flirts with you, a lot, wether you are dating or not he does it anyway. He loves seeing you smile and laugh
•if you’re human he likes to take you out on drives so you both can just talk
•he wants you to get close to his brother like him but not TOO close because you’re his
•totally for PDA, he doesn’t care. He melts when you kiss him and will totally forget anything he was talking about
•he likes to make the base jealous by showing you off, always telling everyone how much he loves you

• he’s more confident about dating then Sideswipe and rarely ever worries
•he doesn’t get jealous, at all. You’re his and he’s yours, he doesn’t ever think that you’re going to leave him out of the blue like that. He will step in if someone’s getting to close though
•again, totally for PDA, hugs, hand holding, kissing, anything
•he likes to loudly proclaim to the base how amazing and beautiful you are and that they are reeeeeally missing out because haha you’re his and not theirs
•he urges you to become closer to Sideswipe, he wants you three to be a nice happy family
•tbh he has a praise kink, if you start telling him how amazing he is and what not, his cooling fans kick on almost instantly and he looses that cocky attitude he usually has

Sideswipe +Sunstreaker
•they hold contests to see who’s better and to show off in front of you
•unless you made the first move on one of them, Sunstreaker is the first to kiss you
•they have days where they want to spend the day separately and other days where they want you sandwiched between them
•they still brag to the entire base about you, all the time, you apologise to them often
•they keep an eye on you out in the field, always trying to be ready to jump in and be your heroes if you need it
•they loooove cuddle piles, hold you between them while they kiss your cheeks and tell you everything they love about you

•he’s a grumpy old medic but he’s also very soft and caring
•though he’d never tell you, he likes it when you hang out in the medbay with him. Wether you are just sitting there or talking to him, he enjoys your company
•he’s nervous when you go out on missions if you’re a bot. Whenever you come back he immediately checks on you to make sure you’re ok
•if you’re human he’s kinda cautious around you, he’s afraid he’ll hurt you
•practically no one comes to the medbay because they never get really serious injuries so you can take advantage of that to give him all the kisses you want because no one is around to see
•he stresses over your wellbeing sometimes. He knows instantly if you’re feeling down and will do anything to help you feel better

•he’s extremely caring and very cautious with you if you are human
•he is also not for PDA but once you both are alone he has no problem giving you all the kisses and cuddles you want
•he gets kinda stressed sometimes and he’ll try to ignore you when it happens but the best thing to do is to go after him and talk softly to him and rub his servos because he’ll melt into your touch and forget why he was even stressed
•if you’re a bot then once you started dating it took him a little while to let you go out on missions with them again, once you do he tries to let you fight your own fights but he get so nervous that he always ends up stepping in
•he tries to keep you as far away from the Decepticons as possible, you don’t get to infiltrate their ship or anything unless the world depends on it
•he tells you everyday when he first sees you that he loves you and that he hopes his sweetspark is feeling ok because if you aren’t then he is there to help

Wild Magic is Awesome

5e homebrew game, im with 2 others and the DM. My dragonborn druid has seen a few animals, but their call to Druidism was a sighting of a dragon of her scale type. She’s also EXTREMELY squishy.

DM: you encounter 4 goblins guarding an encampment.

*everyone rolls for initiative and the chaotic evil bard goes first*

Bard ooc: I use the druid as a human shield.
Me ooc: what the hell, man?!

*I want to struggle but I roll very low*

DM: you successfully hold her in front of you.
Me ooc: how many polymorphs do I have left?
DM: one, why?
Me ooc: I want to roll to transform out of panic.
DM, sighing: what will you roll?
Me ooc: animal handling.

*I roll a Nat 20. The paladin is laughing, standing by as the bard realizes his mistake.*

DM: in a display of power and impossible luck, you polymorph into… *checks my character sheet* a horse sized dragon. Just brilliant.
Bard ooc: I call bullshit. I wanna hang on.
DM: strength roll. Go. *the dm is so upset*

*bard rolls a 3 and looks at me like* I hate you so much.

Paladin ooc, laughing way too hard and choking on his pizza: oh my gOD-

Long story short I did an intimidation roll on the enemies and they fled. The bard became really racist against dragonborns from then on.