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I love josh and it makes me sad thinking that perhaps Josh started doing lots of workouts in the house ever since messica and c*dy called him a fatass

It’s so funny because they were so mean about his size, but now Josh has lost weight and is walking away with at least 50k. Like he’s the real winner. Look at him week 1 compared to yesterday. What could they possibly say about him now?

  • I saw someone do this for 17 [I reblogged to the side blog] and decided to do my thoughts then [1st impressions] and now on NCT-
  • Taeil Then: Who? *Inspects 7th Sense MV*
  • Taeil Now: Literally my angel!!! A talent unmatched bitch, that's how he got into Hanyang Uni music program with an odds of 1:400- A kissass who doesn't know kitchen saftety™
  • Hansol Then: ...Does he speak???
  • Hansol Now: Sendin out mixed signals and causing chaos in the fandom :') A cute froggy boi who got hips like no other tho-
  • Johnny Then: Who 2.0????? This basement boy from Chicago with a damn shoelace around his arm in Hide & Freak- ...He fine tho-
  • Johnny Now: A fuckin meme, the type to use gross pick-up lines. He's a dork, but I love him! Y'all heard his soft singin voice?!?!!?!?! A GENTLE GIANT with the best predebut pics.
  • Taeyong Then: Yas, my eyes be open as fuck, you so damn fine boi! And that edgy ass voice... You're going to be the one to send me to the grave-
  • Taeyong Now: A whiny otaku marshmallow who "just wants to be loved"- I don't think there is a sweeter man alive who can transform into TY Darkness™ so damn quick
  • Yuta Then: I don't really know him... *5 months later* OMF DAFUQ HAPPENED TO HIS HAIR?! ...He still pretty hot tho-
  • Yuta Now: My man™ GOD DAMN💦🔞💯 Yas, high-five my Slytherin boiii! Knockin bitches dead left and right
  • Doyoung Then: Ohhh I love that guy! He's handsome... I want him to be my older brother... That thing he does with his voice in the "Oooh yeah" part is my fav-
  • Doyoung Now: A mom. He's annoying- No, I love him actually, such talent and everything~ People be sleeping on his visuals tho...
  • Ten Then: Am I the only one who liked his 7th Sense hair??? I have mixed feelings, he seems thug-
  • Ten Now: A fluffy boi!!! The softest™ Bit of a nasty kiddo who don't wash his hands tho- BFF goals
  • Jaehyun Then: Can't tell if he tol or not... Cool hair tho^^ Knocked over his mic :')
  • Jaehyun Now: Half fuckboi [named Jeffrey] sendin out smirks and winks and half shy boy [Named Jaehyun/Yoonoh] who covers his face in embarrassment after dancing... A real husband, so lovable~
  • Win Then: ...This guy with the fucked up hair? Um? I don't think he had any lines in the song... but he did a flip!
  • Win Now: A pure boi everyone loves! He's so sweet and kind, but has been bewitched by Yuta and is heading down a mysterious path, calling people kissasses... Deserves to be spoiled.
  • Mark Now: The fucking sweetest and kindest, most thoughtful boy who has done more with his life thus far than I will in 20 years... A busy boi who I want to take care of :')
  • Haechan Then: ...He's so young... I didn't know people were born after 2000...
  • Haechan Now: I didn't know people were born after 2000... Got one of those high range voices and is having a fucking Jungkook glow-up- It's happening too fast! Highkey a snake tho, but I'd still spoil him-
Princes and kisses
  • *watching beauty and the beast, transformation scene plays*
  • Erik: well, that's not fair.
  • Christine: what do you mean?
  • Erik: he gets told he's loved, and kissed and transforms into this handsome man.
  • Christine: well yes, that's the whole point of the story.
  • Erik: I know. I just wish... oh never mind I'm being silly.
  • Christine: no, go on. What's upset you?
  • Erik: I... I just wish that happened to me when you kissed me. Then I could be handsome for you and not some ugly leper.
  • Christine: but I don't want a handsome prince.
  • Erik: really?
  • Christine: yes. I'm perfectly happy with the man I married. Yes you're not handsome in appearance but you are in so many other ways.
  • Erik: *softly smiling* thank you, my love.
  • Christine: *kisses him on the cheek and snuggles into his side* no problem, my wonderful prince.

Okay so I have this headcanon that the paladins are only able to communicate with their own lions, but all the lions can communicate with one another. This is totally normal because the only way to be able to communicate with the lions is if you’ve bonded with them and gained their trust (if you’ve read my non-food Hunk HCs you know where this is going).
Some of the paladins complain to Allura about having to explain what their lions have said to them because the ideas can be too complex for words, but Allura just says that Paladins have only ever been able to talk with their own lion, it’s impossible to communicate with another one.
It all starts with Hunk (my precious Hawaiian hunk). He earns Yellow’s complete trust by helping her with mechanical repairs. After seeing how much yellow trusts hunk and how good he is at mechanical repairs, the other lions start coming to Hunk for mechanical repairs and telling Yellow whats wrong with them. It starts out with minor things, like a loose screw or a dented panel, but slowly they all begin to trust him with bigger things. It isn’t odd for a lion to report to Yellow their damages so Yellow can tell Hunk. However there is still a layer of distrust. Only Yellow trusts Hunk enough to turn her off to do major repairs. Until one day in a really bad battle Red gets seriously damaged. Everyone is surprised when Red limps over to Hunk afterwards because she has always held back. But this time it is necessary. Hunk makes sure to ask Yellow to tell Red that he’ll have to turn her off to fix the damages. Red consents and all the lions watch as Hunk repairs her and powers her back up. When Red tells Yellow to give Hunk her thanks Hunk gasps in shock. He just heard her say thank you! All of a sudden he can hear all the lions talking to him! Allura is frozen in shock because it’s supposed to be impossible! Lance just says, it’s Hunk. If Hunk could defeat Zarkon with just his love and compassion he would. Hunk is totally blushing in the corner and slightly overwhelmed by all the lions thoughts spinning around his head because they feel so alien.
This leads to the other paladins making efforts to bond with the other lions.
Pidge is the next one to achieve it. I always wondered why pidge didn’t just invisibility to all the other lions but then I realized, the lions wouldn’t have trusted pidge to mess with their programming. Only Green would because 1. She can read pidge’s mind and 2. She’s curious by nature and loves experiments. The other lions are always very wary whenever they see pidge plus a piece of technology, and this wariness only grows every time they see an experiment gone wrong that results in pidge covered with soot and Green smoking. Finally after a while of seeing Pidge get better and better with the lions technology Blue finally caves and goes over to Green asking for some of the upgrades too. (Blue really likes showing off some of those upgrades are really cool) Pidge is ecstatic of course, but starts out with small things they know work so they don’t end up losing all of the lions trust. Next is Red, feeding off of the ‘rivalry’, aka Red/Keith is jealous and wants some cool gadgets too! Oddly enough, Yellow is the last one to go to Pidge because she feels as if she is betraying Hunk by having someone else work on her. After a conversation between Yellow, Green, and Hunk, they convince her that programming is very different from mechanics and while Hunk could probably do some coding upgrades, Pidge is the expert. Soon pidge starts doing more experimental things with the lions programming that are custom to each lion. Once again, it’s after a rough battle where one of pidge’s upgrades is the only reason they all got out of there alive that all the lions bond with Pidge. Pidge gasps at all the thoughts entering their head and because of this ability to communicate directly with lions Pidge is able to understand the base code of how Voltron works (something which was previously unknown). Also, now whenever pidge falls asleep in the hangar the lions will gather around them to protect them while they sleep (pidge definitely freaked out the first time they woke up to five gigantic lions staring at them, but now it’s where they prefer to sleep).
After Keith and Lance get together they can hear each other’s lions and it actually gives them the ability to mentally communicate with each other (Lance totally takes advantage of this and will think of dirty things just to see Keith blush).
Lance ends up bonding with all the lions first, something he will hold over Keith’s head forever. Once he learned that he could communicate with the other lions through blue he went and talked to them everyday. He asked them questions about themselves (something no one had thought to do, most people only thought of them as machines). He tells them about his family and earth, they tell him about how they were made and all the things they’ve seen. It’s a pretty smooth transition to Lance being able to hear all of them. He was just hanging out with the lions in the hangar one day asking them about some of the past paladins when all of a sudden they just respond directly to him. He almost doesn’t realize because he’s already so used to having Blue, Red, and Keith in his head. But then his mind is also filled with Hunk and Pidge trying to figure something out and he realizes that Yellow just spoke directly to him. He decides to gloat to Keith during a sparring match to try catch him off guard, Keith just punches him in the side saying, “I can hear all your thoughts you idiot, now stop leaving your side open.”
Keith feels awkward because he can’t befriend the lions like Lance can, he can’t fix any mechanic stuff like Hunk can, and he certainly can’t program like Pidge can. So he kinda just ignores it and trains. One day when talking with Shiro about it, because he hasn’t had any success either, Shiro suggest that keith try to train with the lions since he likes doing that so much. Keith decides to give it a shot and asks all the lions through Red if any of them want to train to prove their reaction time. He explains that with Red being the fastest it would be good practice to try work on speed and stuff. The lions are all hesitant at first, so Blue (who can already talk to Keith) volunteers to go first so the others can watch. Basically it starts out as a serious exercise but ends up devolving into a giant game of tag between Red and Blue. The other lions, realizing they won’t get hurt join in. Soon these giant games of tag become a fairly regular bonding exercise, with the paladins sitting inside their lions, but not steering, just focusing on seeing through their lions eyes. Keith and Red always start as it, but they are usually able to tag someone pretty quickly. One day they decide to switch it up and play a game of hide and seek. Keith finds Red and Blue first thanks to their bond, Yellow and Green hiding in the same spot, and finally manages to sneak up on Black, scaring her into a flashback of Shiros. Keith quickly uses his calming methods for Shiro on Black and is surprised when he hears her say thank you. All of a sudden every lions’ thoughts are flodding his head making sure Black is okay and “can you teach us that? Black has some of Shiro’s PTSD and knowing what to do when the paladins aren’t around would be helpful.” Keith teaches all the lions, and the connected paladins, different ways to calm people down and what do for a flashback vs sleepwalking vs a panic attack etc. This really helps because up until then none of the paladins had realized that parts of them were bleeding over into their Lions. Shiro is the last to bond. He’s trying so hard but he just can’t get them to trust him and Black won’t tell him why. The other paladins are getting concerned with how dejected Shiro looks after leaving the hangar and it only gets worse with each person who manages to bond with the Lions. The other paladins have to remember to speak out loud because shiro can’t hear their thoughts yet and it really impacts him. Finally they gather all the Lions up and talk with them. ‘what’s going on? Is it because he has a galra arm?’ The Lions are like, ‘umm no? Keith is half galra and we trust him’ (everyone’s kinda like oh yeah forgot about that, Keith may turn a bit purple at that) ‘so what is it??’ they ask, but for some reason the Lions seem to be really hesitant to answer? Like they’ve never seen their Lions like this? Finally Black answers, 'it’s because he doesn’t trust himself. I act on logic, not emotions, and logically Shiro is a good leader and worthy, however we can’t wholly trust someone who doesn’t trust himself and that makes our emotional bond weak.’ The paladins are all in shock because they knew shiro had some issues but they didn’t realize it was that bad. Initiate Operation: Make Space Dad Realize His Worth™ (yes Lance and pidge came up with it). At first shiro doesn’t get why the paladins keep complimenting him and telling him how much they appreciate him, but each night he goes to bed feeling a bit lighter. Lance comes up with the idea of having a space family therapy night because coming from a huge family he knows that it was always easier to deal with personal issues once you acknowledged them and told others so they could help/encourage you. Allura and Coran agree to join. They have it in the common room, Lance organizes everything and just asks that people come in their PJs (yes actual PJs Keith, don’t you dare come in you’re regular clothes, oh my quiznak just use some of mine!) When everyone walks in the room is transformed. There are mattresses and blankets and pillows on the ground. There’s tissues and comfort food within arm’s reach. Everyone sits down and the paladins leave their minds open so the Lions can hear and participate in the conversation. Lance goes first talking about how he’s homesick and how he fears he isn’t good enough and that will result in the others dying because he was just a cargo pilot after all. (Keith sends him a mental kiss and then hugs him) Pidge talks about their fear if never seeing their family again and how they feel like they’re wasting their time doing voltron stuff and then feels guilty about that because they know how important voltron is. Allura talks about how she misses her father and how she’s repeatedly woken up in a cold sweat thinking she killed everyone by flying them into the sun. Coran talks about how he is filled with regret for not trying harder to save more Alteans. He feels like he could have at least saved one more person but he was so focused on getting allura and the black Lion out of there he didn’t even try. He tells the story of landing the castle know everyone he loved was dead. Keith talks about how he’s scared about how he feels so much love for everyone in this room because he’s lost everyone he loves and he doesn’t want to lose them. Finally everyone turns to shiro. He hesitates to unload his worries on then because they all have their own problems, but thankfully with a bit of nudging from Black he opens up. About the flashbacks, the nightmares, the amnesia, the insomnia, and the PTSD. How he’s barely holding it together for the team because he knows they need him to be strong and fearless and how he just feels like he isn’t good enough. -Hunk goes last (so shiro doesn’t dwell on his own confession.) He talks about how he’s scared he’s never gonna go home, that the universe will always need voltron, and that the only way he’s gonna leave is by dying. They have a big groups hug and talk about how they can help each other and what works best for themselves. After they make a cuddle puddle with shiro in the middle and all it takes is him thinking, I can do right by these people, and all of a sudden all the paladins gasp. They can Feel and See and Hear everything. Their lions, each other, the castle, the universe around them. It takes almost 20 minutes for it to stop being painful and reach a bearable level but all of them realize we can do this. We can defeat Zarkon because we managed to take the most powerful weapon in the universe and make it even stronger. (Eventually allura and Coran bond with the Lions because they are sick and tired of the paladins thinking they told allura/Coran something but all they did was think it. )

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How about some hcs of TFP cons + Predaking in their holoform wanting to hold hands with their shy s/o. They refuse and the cons are confused. They confessed their hands are super sweaty that their ex - lover broke up with them for that reason alone. How would they react?

Bruh my hands sweat so much when I’m holding hands with someone. I almost feel bad for A.


~He’s been trying to slip his hand into yours for what seems like hours now.
~He’s starting to get annoyed.
~Growling lightly he looks down at you.
~”s/o I am using a form in which I am considered weak and fragile. Give me your hand.”
~When you explain he looks at you a moment, a mix of exacerbation and worry.
~Finally he just snatches your hand in his own and holds your hand tightly.
~He gives exactly 0 shits about your sweaty hands.
~Honestly his probably sweat too, you can be sweaty together. Have fun with that.
~Oh and don’t worry. That shitty ex of yours will not survive his encounter with a eradicon.

~He doesn’t particularly enjoy holding hands in the first place, so the fact that he’s even trying is huge.
~You pulling away is a bit of a strike to his ego.
~Finally he rolls his optics and asks you what is wrong.
~Listening to you speak, he can understand. Having someone tell you something’s wrong with you can stay with you, after all.
~He explains that he doesn’t really care, he does but he’s lying for you, he wants to hold your hand dammit.
~You don’t believe him and he takes your hand and threads your fingers together.
~Even he pulls away it’s only for a moment and he goes right back to having your hand in his hand.
~Eventually he just gets used to it and doesn’t even notice.
~You’re funny if you thought your ex would still be alive after you told him that.

~He’s really bad at figuring out how to hold your hand in the first place.
~What does he do?
~Where do his fingers go?
~Help him.
~He notices you pulling away and he thinks it’s because he’s doing everything wrong.
~Eventually he signs to you, he didn’t bother to give his avatar a voice, asking if he’s doing everything wrong.
~You have to explain to him why you keep pulling away.
~He looks so hurt, not because you keep pulling away, but because someone hurt you.
~Takes both your hands gently in his own and kisses the knuckles of both.
~Lets one drop and takes a moment to figure out how the fuck hands work before finally threading your fingers together.
~His smile is blinding and your fears are dashed as he then continues to walk with you.

~A lot.
~Shut up.
~He’s whining because you won’t give him your damn hand, come on.
~”Babe seriously, just let me hole your hand.”
~Finally you explain to him why you won’t and he smiles a bit, understanding.
~He takes your hand in his own and squeezes gently.
~Yeah it’s gross, but he can pull away for a little while and he’s sure he’ll get used to it.
~He loves you and he wants to hold your hand, so what you’re hands are a little sweaty.
~And just like he thought, eventually he gets used to and doesn’t notice.
~He fucking loves holding your hand though, so any time he’s using his avatar his hand is in yours.
~He’s a fucking sap.
~Also don’t let him know your ex’s name, he’ll fucking throw them off a cliff. Won’t even care if they lives or not.

~Let him hold your fucking hand.
~He’s a giant teddy bear, I mean giant, he’s huge like a lumberjack.
~Every time you move your hand away he pouts.
~Dammit let him be cute with you.
~Finally he just asks why you won’t let him hold your hand, a serious kind of curiosity in his eyes.
~When you explain, he gets mad.
~How dare someone say something like that to you?
~He’ll kill them.
~You’ll have to calm him down because he’s ready to start his own personal war.
~When you finally get him calmed down he holds out his hand.
~When you finally do take his hand he grins.
~His hand is twice as sweaty as yours and he will not let you pull away. You’re stuck now s/o.
~He’s smiling like a dork so it’s hard to want to pull away.

~He’s very respectful, so the first time you pull away, he doesn’t try again.
~After a moment, however, he does ask if there’s something wrong.
~When you look worried and like you don’t want to answer he’s quick to tell you don’t have to answer.
~When you do explain he looks rather mad.
~He takes your hand, gently and carefully, into his own.
~You can move your hand whenever you like, but he prefers it where it is.
~Tells you a little sweat on his hands is not going to bother him.
~And it doesn’t, he doesn’t care.
~He doesn’t even really notice.
~Tells you that, that ex of yours did not deserve to have the privilege of knowing and being with someone so absolutely stunning.
~Your ex is a child.
~Dreadwing then kisses your hand and tells you he wants to try this ‘ice cream’ you once talked about. 

~He’s just really bad at all of this.
~The whole dating concept is lost on him.
~He only knows about holding hands from a movie he watched.
~A movie he watched because he wanted to understand what he was meant to do as your ‘boyfriend’ as you’d called him.
~So he reaches for your hand, as he saw in the movie, and is surprised when you move away.
~He asks, immediately, if he’s doing something wrong.
~”Was the movie inaccurate, s/o?”
~Take your moment to realize he thought a movie would tell him what to do.
~Take another moment to realize he watched a movie he probably didn’t like so he could be a good boyfriend for you.
~And now take his hand because there’s no way he’s going to give a shit about your sweaty hands.
~And he doesn’t. He doesn’t even notice. He’s just kind of staring at your hands.
~He’s smiling, barely, but he’s smiling.
~Now explain to this poor con that movies are not going to tell him how to be a good boyfriend.

~Much like Dreadwing he is very respectful and when you pull away, he leave it alone.
~However he notices that you keep looking at him and look a little down.
~So he asks because he’s concerned he did something wrong by reaching for you hand in the first place.
~When you explain he almost looks offended and your not sure by what until he speaks.
~”How dare he treat you as trash. My queen I apologize you had to bare witness to a child’s outlook on love.”
~Then he gently takes your hand and kisses the knuckles.
~It’s kind of embarrassing, especially if you’re in public.
~He then threads your fingers together and smiles softly at you.
~His hands are kind of sweaty too so really neither of you notice.
~Kind of cancels out.
~He gets a little jerky sometimes cause he can be kind of like a dog.
~”s/o what’s this?” “Cotton candy, Preadaking.”

If asexuality, bisexuality, polysexuality, and pansexuality aren’t going to be recognized as real sexual identities, then let’s just call them superpowers instead.

“I have a superpower.” “Oh really?” “Yeah, I find more than one gender attractive” “IMPOSS IBLE!” “Or IS IT????” *Sailor moon transformation sequence ensues* 

or “My power is that I DON’T experience sexual attraction!” *Batman theme plays*

TFP AU where the imprisonment of Unicron’s spectral form renders Dark Energon non-malevolent, and without that fueling the space madness Megatron suddenly has a reason to do that heel face turn that doesn’t involve ‘Now I know true oppression! D:“

TFP AU where he and Optimus have to work out an unsteady treaty that caters for not just themselves and their ideals but for their subordinates, taking into account crimes committed and injustices done on both sides of the war, starting anew without forgetting the conflict and oppression which bred their situations.

Where Ratchet gets to be science bros with Shockwave and Knock Out without involving kidnapping, and Cybertron is restored thanks to their combined work.

TFP AU where Soundwave doesn’t end up in the Shadowzone.

Where Jack wins a scholarship to university and gets a degree in political science, ending up on the first UN-Cybertron ambassadorial party when formal contact is made ten years into the post-war reconstruction period.

TFP AU where working so closely together for such an extended period of time forces Megatron and Optimus to confront the hurts that were done and the betrayals in their shared past, and in doing so reminds them of just how effective and well-matched they are as a team.

TFP AU where the call goes out for all those left alive to come home, the war is over and we’re waiting for you!

Where the returning combatants come back in dribs and drabs, injured and downcast and expecting the worst, and are greeted by a world ravaged by war but very much alive beneath the damage.

Where they’re welcomed by both generals, standing side by side like lovers, and behind them the towers of New Protihex are rising from the rubble, gleaming in the new day like rays of sunlight.

TFP post-war AU where Megatron is still an asshole and Optimus is still an overly-serious obnoxiously self-sacrificing glitch, and sometimes they need a bit of a prod in the right direction so Soundwave and Jazz, professional busybodies, endeavour to provide that prod.

TFP AU where Optimus turns up in Megatron’s office one day, vorns after the end of that war, and hears the door lock behind him…

Wanderlust AU

I’m going to have to start using the tag system? Like some sort of person who actually knows what they’re doing to start tagging all these fics I’m never going to write??

So one of my favorite youtubers has been living out of a bus for three months with some friends it kind of inspired this concept, that and all the wanderlust blogs I’ve been following

What’s your first thought when hearing Wanderlust vlogging au? (Yeah I can’t believe it either)

Just like practically every other freaking thing I’ve written, features Rodimus and Drift as the main characters, they go around in a van and explore, Drift is trying to connect with nature and Rodimus is running from responsibility, they support themselves off the money they make from vlogging and try not to use money from either of their bank accounts

Rodimus is also a half hearted part time cryptid hunter, buys all the ‘100 Weirdest Things in —-’ books and then goes looking for all of them, tries to scare other people but only manages to scare himself, let’s go look in this rickety shack/bridge/house, seriously it won’t collapse I promise… ok I can’t guarantee that but it probably won’t, eats mac and cheese every day to Drift’s absolute horror, wakes up Drift in the middle of the night ‘did you hear that?’ ‘You’re my best friend and I love you but if you don’t turn over and go back to bed you’re going to wake up in the river’

Drift just came out to have a good time and is honestly feeling so elated right now, didn’t really want to share their adventures but ended up finding out that taking the perfect picture is worth the social media, will stay in one place to take the perfect picture for two hours, drives because he doesn’t want to be killed by Rodimus’s terrible driving skills, caves waterfalls and mountains are his favorite places to visit, always getting bit by misquotes, has to take care of bugs/frogs/snakes, yoga next to a huge waterfall yoga in the mountains yoga in abandoned places where the sun shines and the dust settles just right, quinoa bowls for dinner, would date mothman

And on their adventures they meet other people/groups

Ratchets running around in his own van, it’s old and creaky like it’s driver, half running away half resigned retirement, vlogs and pictures but everything is out of focus and you can hear him tapping literally ever single button on the screen. Grumbles a lot, talks about the history of all the places he visits and kids these days, has a lot of other grumpy old guys who follow him and send him their own pictures of blurry landscapes and flowers, highest viewed video is called ‘how to not hike’ and features Ratchet pulling porcupine quills out of Rodimus, that video also includes a section on how to waste your evening and it’s a time lapse of Drift doing yoga and breathing exercises for like four hours it does include a very pretty purple sunset as the background and what Drift looks like with lighting from a fire while being slightly sweaty, no ones sure what got the video more views the colorful cursing or the 'hot yoga guy’, paints the landscapes and sells them for nothing despite Drift (who found them on accident) telling him they’re worth so much more then he sells them for, has painted both boys in front of a huge background that was filled with life, he gave it to them and they keep it safe no matter what, if anyone asks he would straight up deny it but he’s proud of them

Chromedome and Rewind are traveling around in a bus with all the good stuff, Aesthetic™, know all the best shower stops, have the most followers, super tol and super smol, Rewind told scary campfire stories and Rodimus couldn’t sleep for a week, both of them are afraid of bugs so if one gets in the bus Rewind threatens to just abandon it every time until Chromedome gets whatever it is out with a lot of psyching up first, kept a frog they found on the bus and it’s now their pet and mascot (they take good care of it I promise), the one time they did get a snake in their bus Ratchet got it out because Chromedome was also very much on board with selling it at that point, Chromedome still gets letters every time they’re in town from Prowl, constantly uploading those pictures where the partner behind the camera holds the hand of the person in front of the mountains and stuff, you know the ones right?

Lug and Anode vlog abandoned places and try to find the cool things in them, videos are full of snark and puns, zoom and enhance on the butt, creepy music and close ups of the spiders, video does not show Lug throwing the spider at Anode and laughing while she screams

Cyclonus and Tailgate are an odd mix, they travel for work and Tailgate runs the channel and reviews hotels and fluffy pillows, Cyclonus is on the channel when doing outdoor things like chopping wood, builds Tailgate a tree house but refuses to call it that, also teaches First Aid when Tailgate gets hurt, then Tailgate gets Buff and starts making his own projects and Cyclonus films but it’s very shaky gets distracted and probably ends up watching their Bees instead, also bee videos

Nautica and Velocity are true pros who do the shots from in the car with the fairy lights and everything, very aesthetic all the time, half their vlogs feature Brainstorm and Nightbeat the other half don’t, film themselves in water more then anybody else, seriously they have a whole series dedicated to exploring waterfalls and lakes, it’s also been said that Nautica believes in mermaids

YOU KNKW WHST WOULD BE GREAT??? Brainstorm and Nightbeat as cryptid hunters!! Then you could totally have that conversation between Nightbeat and the Necrobot over believing in stuff, like they’re out there talking about fake moon landings and Area 51 and all kinds of conspiracy theories and the history and stuff, Brainstorm helps but he also makes videos with titles like 'how to turn a potato battery into a toaster’

Rung makes videos that are just nature with music and inspirational quotes overlaid over it

Whirl makes videos of these really cool feats and then also makes the most click bait titles like 'jumping from the top of a waterfall *almost dies?!?*’ but it’s like a really tiny stream or something, also pranks the others when they meet up, pretty videos overlaid with death metal

Magnus films everything with a huge selfie stick that makes him look taller then Chromedome but he’s actually as short as Rewind, getting really tired about hearing how he’s so much shorter in person, drives around in a red and blue pickup, meets up with Rodimus and Drift all the time and helps them 'plan’ where to go next as plans are against the point Magnus so he just lets them know where the best views he’s run into or heard about are

Skids jumps around from group to group and barely ever uploads, but they’re absolutely the most breathtaking things you’ve ever seen with perfect lighting, most popular video has been of ice caves

Swerve also has a habit of jumping around but instead puts out a ton of content every day to all platforms, constantly doing fan meet up and art contests and giveaways, uses vlogging to hide his depression, writes stories on the side, ends up riding with Ten, big buff who doesn’t say much but is a pro with the camera so swerve doesn’t care, Ten also has a craft channel almost no one knows about which is super popular

lilysflowershop  asked:

I can't get to the rules because the link isn't working on mobile? But if this is something you don't do, feel free to just delete! I think I remember your rules though. Okay so how do you think MTMTE Rodimus, poly Cygate, Rung and Getaway would react to their human s/o being able to turn into a kitty whenever they want? I hope that's not too many characters but I put Getaway in there for you ;D

*Gasps!*  You know me so well!  Omfg!  <3


  • He’s actually not as shocked as you’d thought he’d be, but remember, their whole race is centered around transformation.  He just sees this as your ‘alt mode’.  
  • “Really?  Neat!  I didn’t know humans could do that!  Oh, not all humans?  Just you?  Huh.  Well that’s neat.  I always knew you were special, though.  *wink*”  
  • Asks you if this makes you a predacon or a maximal.  (You spend nearly the entire day pondering this.)
  • Likes to pet you when your in your ‘alt mode’.  Mostly just with the tip of his finger while you curl up on his desk as he doodles absentmindedly (he’s so worried about hurting you.  You’re already so much smaller than him!  Help!)
  • He gets so annoyed when you go running off around the ship as a cat and he can’t find you.  Please, s/o.  You’re going to get stepped on.  Get out of those vents, you don’t know what’s in there! (sorry, Skids)  S/o please, you’re killing him.
  • Would prefer if you don’t ride in his alt mode in cat form.  Nothing personal, but that interior is very hard to replace and those claws look rather… sharp.  You understand.


  • Tailgate is surprisingly a bit suspicious at first, but only because his only experience with cats is Ravage and that’s enough to put anyone on edge.  But once he gets used to it, he’s totally enamored with your cat form.  Oh my gosh!  You are just the cutest!  
  • Cyclonus is proud that you posses such a unique a remarkable skill, but… why a cat, s/o?  Couldn’t you have chosen something larger and less easy to squish?  He worries.
  • Tailgate is able to get the most out of petting you because he’s about (or just a bit larger) than the size of an average human.  His favorite thing is when you sit on his shoulder as a cat since your relatively similar heights make it impossible for you to do so as a human.
  • Cyclonus tries to keep the petting to a minimum at first because you’re still a person and his s/o no matter what form you take, and he would never want to make you feel uncomfortable or awkward.  If you mention that it is definitely more than okay for him to rub your belly, well that’s another story.  Those sharp, pointy claws of his feel absolutely amazing as he ever so gently scratches you behind the ears.
  • You know never have to worry about missing anything during movie night.  You’re able to perch comfortably on top of Cyclonus’ helm as he holds Tailgate gently on his lap.  It’s an amazing system, and best of all you only need one seat.


  • He asks you about a million questions when you first explain it to him (or at least he’ll wait to make sure you’re comfortable with answering first.  His curiosity can wait.)  He gets the biggest, warmest smile on his face when you show him for the first time.  
  • He advises you not to go running around the ship as a cat however, or at least not in any particularly crowded areas like Swerve’s.  You may be faster and more agile in this form, but all it would take is for Trailcutter to loose his balance, or for Fort Max not paying attention to where he was going and- oh it doesn’t even bear thinking about!
  • Whenever he’s feeling sad or lonely or stressed, you always curl up on his lap and purr to tell him everything’s alright.  The effect gently running his fingers through your soft fur has on him is positively therapeutic and he’s more grateful for your perception and your kindness than you will ever know.  (Maybe next time you stop for a shore leave visit, Rung will look into getting a therapy animal for his patients.)
  • His favorite thing is when you curl up over his spark for a little cat nap.  Rung never lets you sleep in his bed for fear of accidentally hurting you, but he’s perfectly happy to lie back and rest his eyes for a bit while you purr contentedly on his chest.
  • Just please whatever you do, please don’t jump up on his model display shelf.  Those are very rare you know.  He spent ages putting that last one together.  S/o!  S/o, no!  Get off the bookcase!  This has really gone on long enough!  You are not being funny!  And that is most definitely not a safe space to nap!  S/o!   


  • Oh my god, this boy is so impressed, you’ll never hear the end of it!  He showers you with compliments.  How you’re so clever to be able to do that!  How special and unique you are!  How adorable you look in this form!  How proud he is of you!  (You can’t tell if he really means it or if he’s just trying to boost your ego but either way it feels nice)
  • “Look!  Look, s/o!  We match!”  “*sigh*”
  • He’s the aft that’s always scooping you up in cat form to nuzzle you, or squeeze your paws, or rub your tummy.  You’d be offended, but he does this kind of thing when you’re a human as well, so at least he’s consistent.
  • Asks you all kinds of ridiculous questions that you just roll your eyes over.  “Hey, s/o, who do you think would win, you or Ravage?’  “Win what, exactly?  Like in a fight?  Or a popularity contest?  Or a game of Monopoly?  What?”  “Yes.”  “…”
  • “Who’s a good kitty?  Who’s a good little kitty widdy?”  “Not you, that’s for damn sure.”
  • You get the sense that he’s a little too eager for you to test your powers, but that could just be your paranoia talking.  It’s not like that prank where he had you break into Rodimus’ office was anything dangerous or anything.  He just wanted to see the inside of it for kicks….  Right?  
What went down in Guitar Villain
  • Jagged Stone: *plays a hauntingly relaxing bass line*
  • Bob: that wasn't haunting, relaxing, or a bass line
  • Jagged Stone: who the f**k asked you
  • Bob: you did
  • Jagged Stone: remind me who you are
  • Penny: he's your producer, remember?
  • Jagged Stone: what about you?
  • Penny: I'm your assistant
  • Jagged Stone: why am I hanging out with minor characters
  • Bob: because your career is dependent on us
  • Jagged Stone: oh yeah you're right
  • Bob: and your career also depends on you changing your style
  • Jagged Stone: yeah f**k that
  • Penny: remember, you can't say f**k on a kids' show
  • Jagged Stone: why would kids be watching right now
  • Jagged Stone: kids watch this show for the superheroes, not the business meetings
  • Jagged Stone: and none of the characters they care about are even on screen
  • Bob: but if you'd just listen to me, I have a killer plan to make them care about you
  • Jagged Stone: really? because I'm not seeing how I could be any more cool than this
  • Bob: ok, so here's my plan
  • Bob: you watch the interview with XY, he insults you, you get mad, you get akumatized, BAM, people care about you
  • Jagged Stone: I'm not sure about that
  • Jagged Stone: here's an idea
  • Jagged Stone: I get a middle schooler to design new album artwork for me
  • Bob: okay, and...
  • Jagged Stone: that's it
  • Jagged Stone: pretty good plan, huh?
  • Bob: not much of a plan
  • Penny: that's just why it might work!
  • Bob: no, that's the opposite of how plans work
  • Penny: oh
  • Jagged Stone: hey Marinette, come design my album artwork in one day for free
  • Marinette: ok so imma photoshop your face onto the Mona Lisa
  • Jagged Stone: I was hoping for something a bit cooler
  • Marinette: then pay me and give me two weeks
  • Jagged Stone: ok screw this, let's go with Bob's plan
  • Jagged Stone: Hawkmoth, spots on!
  • Hawkmoth: that's not the command
  • Jagged Stone: Hawkmoth, claws out?
  • Hawkmoth: no it's "dark wings, rise"
  • Jagged Stone: that's stupid
  • Hawkmoth: I know, I tried to get Nooroo to change it but he wouldn't
  • Jagged Stone: just give me my superpowers already
  • Hawkmoth: ok here you go
  • Guitar Villain: aww I wanted to be that cool fire guitar guy from Mad Max
  • Hawkmoth: ok can do
  • Hawkmoth: pay me and give me two weeks
  • Guitar Villain: ...fine, this transformation is satisfactory
  • Hawkmoth: oh and you've got a dragon
  • Guitar Villain: F**K YES
  • Penny: pls don't say f**k
  • Guitar Villain: oops sorry
  • Ladybug: ok Chat Noir let's fight the dragon
  • Chat Noir: OMG IT'S SO FLUFFY
  • Ladybug: it is decidedly not fluffy
  • Chat Noir: I WANNA PET IT
  • Ladybug: but it's trying to kill you!
  • Chat Noir: I DON'T CARE
  • Fang: *wrecks him into a traffic light*
  • Chat Noir: ...ok now I care
  • Ladybug: let's go protect XY
  • XY: see the thing about music is that it's just a tool to get people to fall in love with you
  • XY: I don't care about music, I just like knowing that there are legions of teenagers dedicating their lives to following me without even the satisfaction of my acknowledgement of their existence
  • Ladybug: *picks up XY and holds him in the air*
  • Chat Noir: I thought we were supposed to be protecting him
  • Ladybug: and now we're protecting the rest of the world from him
  • Guitar Villain: thanks Ladybug!
  • Ladybug: no problem!
  • Guitar Villain: wanna help me throw this guy off the Eiffel Tower
  • Ladybug: let's not get ahead of ourselves
  • Ladybug: let's just take over his concert and show his fans some actual music
  • Guitar Villain: sounds like a plan
  • Ladybug, Chat Noir, and Guitar Villain: *rock out until the credits roll*

inmysecretplaceilive  asked:

Call on the name of Jesus Christ every time your hurting. Don't stop until He comes and help you. May God protect you and transform you through the blood of Jesus Christ. In Jesus name. God loves you so much. He sees how much your hurting. He wants to help you but you have to invite Him in.

One of ‘gods’ priests fucked with me. And multiple of the men that went to my church paid to have sex with me when i was a child. My main abuser was 'a man of god’. sorry but i have no belief or respect for god. i understand that others do, but please don’t message me telling me to trust god and all that bullshit. its honestly very disrespectful.

~Celebration~Match Ups~

Hello my lovelies~! So I just checked my follower count and I’ve reached 334 followers! When did that happen? X’D Y'all are all so fantastic and I want to thank you for being apart of this blog and giving me something wonderful to hold on to.

So I’ve decided to open up Match Ups! :D

It’s a celebration and I hope everyone will enjoy participating!
So here’s the deal. For three days I am going to open match ups for everyone on my blog (and anyone coming in too). I’m only keeping it open for three days because I don’t want to get so many match ups that I’m overwhelmed. I might extend that time period if I don’t get a lot but in my experience, people are usually pretty into match ups.

I’ve got some rules for this little celebration and these are important, so please read them over!

Rules For Match-Up Requests:

1.) Below I am going to list what the requirements are for the requests. Please follow these requirements or I WILL delete your request without hesitation! I’m not kidding. I’m not going to do a match up for someone who doesn’t even care enough to follow my rules.

2.) Match ups are only going to be open for three days, they won’t be a regular thing! That means you can send in match ups today 8/19/2017 (though technically I’m not gonna start the three day time period until tomorrow because I’m posting this late) until 8/22/17 at  midnight EST. If you send in requests after that, I’ll just delete them.

3.) Don’t badger me please! On a previous blog I ran, I had to shut down match ups because people would resend them or constantly ask if I got them, etc etc. If you send in a match up request, it will get done as long as it follows the rules & requirements! If you DON’T see it by the time I’ve completed them all (and I’ll make a post saying there aren’t any more in the inbox), yours was probably deleted for not doing as I asked.

Requirements For Match-Up Requests:


I will only do match ups for the continuities I accept on my blog! That means Transformers Prime, Transformers Animated, MTMTE/Lost Light, RID2015. When you send in your match up request, please make it clear which continuity you want - you can only do up to two. So you could say ‘can I get a match up for TFA and TFP please?’ and that would be okay.


You can send in the requests either through asks (multiple asks are fine as long as you do something that tells me they are from the same person), message or submission, whatever works best for ya!


For requests, if you want me to complete it, I need certain things in your ask/message/submission. If you don’t include these or give me barely any information, I’ll delete your ask/message/submission.

Here’s what I NEED to be included in your request.

  • Which continuity you want for your match up - I will only do two at the most.


  • Your sexual preference/who you’re comfortable being matched with - I know that in the comics they don’t really care about that stuff and there aren’t a lot of females across the board. But I still would like to know because if you’re uncomfortable being matched with a male transformer for example, I won’t match you with one! If you don’t care, state that. Or if you’re ace, let me know and I’ll make sure not to include anything NSFW in your match up that could possibly upset you.

  • Your sun zodiac sign - This is more just for me because I am a huge astrology nerd. Please feel free to include your moon sign or other astrology information if you want but I only need your sun sign. And please don’t say “I’m a Taurus but I don’t think I really am, I feel more like a Capricorn”. The reasons people often don’t connect with their sun sign is because the sun sign is only one aspect of their personality. I’m going off the sun sign because it gives me a tiny bit of extra insight into who you are so I don’t want to be told what you think your sun sign should be, but what your sun sign actually IS.

  • At least five likes AND five dislikes - So ten all together.

  • At least five personality traits - But please, the more you give me for your personality, the better I can match you up. Feel free to write as much as you want here. And the traits you do send in, try to make them something I can work with. By this I mean, if you tell me you’re good with animals great but if you just say you have a cat? Okay? What am I supposed to do with that?

  • At least three hobbies or skills - This can be anything you enjoy doing that’s more than ‘smelling flowers’ or ‘playing with your bunny’. Reading, writing, drawing, dancing, skiing, singing, anything that is a real hobby or skill.

Here’s what you can include but don’t have to! These will help me give you a better match up though so even including one of these could help!

  • Your Myers Briggs personality type

  • What you want to do for a living (or currently do) - This could include going to college for a certaine degree, being in the military, etc.

  • Who your favorite character is and why - This doesn’t mean I’ll choose that character but it helps me understand you better.

  • Any random tidbits about you that you wanna add!


Here’s what you should NOT INCLUDE in your asks! I don’t want or need these and your ask could be potentially deleted!

  • Your age

  • Your looks - Seriously, I don’t care, this isn’t going to help at all so why does everyone do this?? How is telling me you have brown hair and green eyes going to help me decide which character to match you with? It doesn’t, not at all so don’t tell me anything related to your looks unless it’s something you’re highly insecure about & find relevant.

  • Your height or weight or body description

And that’s all for the requirements and rules! 

Here’s what you can expect from me on your match up AS LONG AS YOU FOLLOW EVERYTHING ABOVE!

Your top romantic match up - This includes at least a few sentences on why I chose this character for you, depending on how much you give me in your request. The more you give me, the more I’ll be able to write. I probably won’t do more than a paragraph or two though so I don’t overwhelm myself.

Your top friendship match up - This also includes a brief description, and it’s just who I think you’d get along best with in a purely platonic way. :)


If you don’t want a romantic match up, just a platonic one, let me know.

And depending on how much information you give me, I might include some backups! So if I give you your top romantic choice, I might also say so-and-so is a possible second choice for you.

And I think that’s it everyone! If you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask me! As of right now, match ups are open!!!

I love all of you!!