“Draw Down the Moon,” 2015, by Shauna Finn

Fairy Tale Works From New York’s Freshest Crop of Artists

One night every April, six floors within Tribeca’s acclaimed New York Academy of Art transform from artist studio space to an art fair-like showcase known as the Tribeca Ball. 

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Meditation regenerates your mind, your body and your acute awareness of Self and the interconnectedness to the All that Is.
Better than any drug or superficial vice, meditation induces real life altering and lasting positive changes that evolve your experience of humanity to a higher level.
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it will take time and when I say that I mean years. It has taken me 4 years to get to where I am today with my body. Ive had set backs, I’ve had believers and non believers. Don’t let anyone tell you what your capable of. prove everyone wrong that ever doubted you. I wouldn’t change this life for anything. I wouldn’t rather live life any other way to be honest. This has changed me completely in so many ways. 

5 Ways To Transform Yourself Into A Leader

Employees want a Tony Robbins, not a Donald Trump. Here are some practical steps you can take now to up your game and elevate yourself from a manager to a leader:

1) Know How to Listen

2) Know the Difference Between an Amateur and a Pro

3) Leave Your Ego at the Door

4) Live Outside Your Comfort Zone

5) Have Emotional Fitness


These are designs for Ricardo Curtis at House of Cool from 2011/2012. I don’t draw robots so I had to familiarize myself with the language. I immediately went to Masamune Shirow for reference, specifically my old Intron Depot book. The pilot episode that was being developed was on the cartoony side, so I chose to go with rounder/friendlier shapes, which were easy on the eyes.

How To Transform Your Fear Into Confidence

Fear can prevent us from achieving great heights of success by distorting reality or being grounded in false beliefs. So now is the time to step up by questioning the beliefs and altering the habits that hold you back. You can start by taking the following steps: 

1) Stop the Self-Doubt.

2) Take Smart Risks.

3) Say Goodbye to Perfectionism.

4) Identify a Bold Goal.

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I think it’s important to say that my journey hasn’t been one long straight line of success. I’ve been everywhere mentally and I’ve been closer to giving up more than you could ever know.
You can doubt yourself, it’s going to be painful, you’ll shed tears, you’ll consider giving up AND THAT’S OKAY. All you have to do is choose the other option and it’s to carry on, no matter how tough it gets. ✊. Believe you’re a pro then you are a pro. Believe you’ll succeed then you will succeed. Live it and breathe the belief every day, no matter what kind of goal you’re striving for. You can do it!! I am living proof! #raevolution #transformationtuesday #transformation #weightloss #fatloss #fitfam #gains #healthy #health #fitness #success #73lbsdown #muscle #redhead #fitspo #inspiring #inspiration #beforeandafter #beforeandduring #transform #progress #fatloss #nutrition