11:07 PM EST Feb 8 2016:

Fripp & Eno - “Swastika Girls"
From the album (No pussyfooting)
(November 1973)

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If the burning sodium light of Fripp’s playing, the way he makes his Les Paul sing, and then divebomb, is not enough to transfix you, Eno’s modified Revox A77 tape recorders are sure to have you agog at their myriad gorgeous reflections.


Terracotta Head of Beardless Dionysos Figurine

c. 323 - 31 B.C.

“How could ecstasy be creative if it rose from an insufficiency, from a not-having coupled with a desire to have? The elemental depths gape open and out of them a monstrous creature raises its head before which all the limits that the normal day has set must disappear. There man stands on the threshold of madness – in fact, he is already part of it even if his wildness which wishes to pass on into destructiveness still remains mercifully hidden.”

Walter F. Otto, “Dionysos: Myth and Cult”


The tall, hooded figure whose arrival had so transfixed the shell-shocked trooper made his way directly to Lor San Tekka. He did not waver in his course or objective, ignoring startled stormtroopers and armed villagers alike. Seeing him approach, Tekka halted and waited: The village elder recognized who was coming toward him and knew there was no point in running. Resignation slid over him like a cloud. The passenger from the shuttle stared at Tekka, examining him from head to foot much as one would a relic in a museum. Tekka gazed back evenly. The black mask, with its slitted forehead and thick, snoutlike breathing apparatus, covered the face of the man he knew as Kylo Ren. Once, he had known the face behind the mask. Once, he had known the man himself. Now, to San Tekka, only the mask was left. Metal instead of man.


Pacific Crest 2013 - Mt. SAC June 29

Performing their 2013 show, Transfixed, Drum Corps International is proud to present…Pacific Crest!


I can’t remember our last kiss. In a way, I’m glad because I wouldn’t want to be transfixed on one of our last moments as a couple. I wouldn’t want to dwell on the last time and moment my lips were one with yours. I can’t remember our last hug, our last laugh, our last smile…together. I may or may not recollect these moments but that matters not anymore.

The one thing I do remember is the last time we were together. When in the middle of painting my nails a vibrant red, you, unannounced, knock at my door. I was upset. Upset that you lied about running away. Upset that you had the slightest thought I would just simply take you back. No, not this time. I had made up my mind. I left you, and I will always remember that.

This photograph is the subject of several urban legends that have emerged online over the years. One of the more terrifying stories is that the little girl was sick over Christmastime and ended up in hospital, where she was kindly entertained by these mystery men in suits: two clowns and Father Christmas, who seems particularly transfixed on the creepy doll. Legend has it that this girl completely disappeared and the photograph was left on her hospital bed. It was suspected that the three men in costumes kidnapped the girl and killed her, although no certain proof of this has ever surfaced.


yo, so in a couple hours, i’ll get on the bus and leave for my first tour with pacific crest(: 
since i probably won’t have access to tumblr (unless i steal someone’s smartphone or something idk), i just thought i’d leave my lovely followers with this gifset & my queue ahah  

sorry it’s kinda crappy quality.. it’s  just a little pencil-on-notecard flip animation thing that i wanted to try… my scanner went wonky and i didn’t feel like being meticulous about the cropping and whanot buuut yeah haha
i’ll have my camera and i’ll be keeping a journal (in which kayla and i will probably write haikus haiku? that may or may not end up on the internet).. if anything, i might put ‘em on my not so super secret “personal” blog or something, but then idk when that would happen ahahah idk 
if any of you are at a show or something, pleasepleaseplease say hi!!(: 
i’ll try to keep you updated with tour life and whatnot.. but if i can’t, i hope you guys have a lovely summer :D