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I just saw that thing about “what if Eri healed All Might,” And I agree that she’d need a lot better control of her powers, and personally think that it wouldn’t fit thematically, but I can’t help but wonder if in a hypothetical world where Eri healed AM, would he have OFA again? Because his body would be taken back to a time when he had it, after all, but he has already passed along the power.

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he wouldn’t because that’s not how the power works

i’ve written about it here, but long story short, he would just go back to the peak of his physical abilities. he’d be buff again, but not because he’s got OFA back….. but because that’s just how his body looked before he was critically injured

the power itself is gone. he was only using the echos of it that were left behind, the remnants that were left there due to muscle memory and such. he had it for a long time, after all. but it’s gone, it was all passed to Izuku the moment Izuku swallowed that hair. after that moment, All Might was only using the embers of it, not the true OFA

so… yeah. i don’t think he’d get it back again. only 1 person can use OFA at a time because of how it’s transferred. he’d just go back to being buff and naturally strong, instead of supernaturally strong

(and i agree, i don’t think that Eri fixing All Might with a magic re-set button would fit the themes of the story all that well, either. it’s too easy. i think the narrative works best if All Might does it with his own power, while emotionally relying on those around him to support and guide him.)

When Erwin is explaining the use of the serum and the outcome of using it to obtain the titan’s power from another shifter, something in particular he says grabbed my attention:

Erwin:  The main goal of this mission is still to eliminate the intelligent Titans and to take back Wall Maria. With this in mind, if certain developments happen, I hope everyone will invest full effort into stealing the “Titan power.” If successful, we not only receive a Titan’s capabilities and much intel, but we can also revive someone who is close to death.

He and the others seem to be under the impression that when the titan’s powers are transferred, the new host also gains helpful information from the previous one. Which I can only assume would be via the memories of that shifter. 

So now I’m confused. Again. That happens a lot when I think too much about this series. 

I’ve been assuming for a while now that this was purely a coordinate perk. It was Rod Reiss who told Historia (and Eren) that whoever held the First King’s/Coordinate’s power inherited the memories of the world. 

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Deciphering Angel Grace and Saving Dean Winchester

As a result of this discussion, myself and crossroadscastiel got onto the subject of Dean being powered up by angel Grace and Cas ultimately transferring his stolen Grace to Dean as a means of saving him from potentially becoming a demon/Knight of Hell as a result of the effects of the Mark of Cain. 

I honestly don’t think it’s that far fetched of an idea. The number of hints there have been throughout the series that Dean is more than a simple human are hard to ignore, especially when you lay it all out in front of you. It’s perfectly plausible that the antidote to the grip of darkness on Dean’s soul is to force it out by Grace.

The reason this is so plausible is because of what happened to Castiel when he lost his Grace, then stole the Grace of another. When Cas died all three times, his body was remade in the form of Jimmy Novak. When Cas lost his Grace, they never explained how he was able to remain in Jimmy Novak’s visage. When any other angel, or demon for that matter, has their Grace, their essence, taken from them, their vessel either dies or the host takes back control. This didn’t happen with Cas.

Castiel himself is the essence of his Grace, yet that Grace was taken. Therefore, we must assume that when God remade Cas, he made this body just for him with room for a soul to grow so that he could exist as a human when the time came. Cas needs Grace to have angelic power, and he stole the Grace of another angel without bringing the essence of that angel with him. It wasn’t possession, it was transference. Thus, the Grace inside of Cas is sharing space with his own soul, binding to it, feeding off of it. If you look at this way, it is doing the exact same thing to Cas that the Mark is doing to Dean. Both are foreign substances that are poison to their souls. Both toxins are burning them out.

Now, by this vein, say Castiel transfers his stolen Grace to Dean in order save him. The reason Cas was able to remain himself with another angel’s Grace inside of him was because the essence that is Castiel is divine. Transcendental, if you will - created for this purpose. So, Grace is transferred to Dean making him into an angel, but how does Dean remain Dean and not take on the essence of the angel whom the Grace belongs to?

Sure, Dean is Michael’s true vessel, but does he become Michael by receiving any angel’s Grace? No. Why? Because Dean’s soul, as it is, is already transcendental. 

How do you think Sam was able to take back control from Lucifer? That doesn’t just happen - power of love or not. The soul has to be created for the purpose of binding to Grace in a way that the Grace becomes subordinate to the soul, to the essence of the human carrying it.

So if Dean takes on another angel’s Grace, he’s still Dean. A little more immortal, but still Dean. And it would work much better in the story of two brothers, saving people and hunting things. Demon!Dean doesn’t exactly strike me as the “saving people” type. As an angel, Dean can still do the work he was put upon the Earth to do, and do it better than he did before. All these things that have happened over the years - Dean’s destiny - could have been leading here. It would fit perfectly as number 7 on the list of universal alterations by the Will of God that I discussed here.

Now, as for Cas directly transferring the Grace he currently has to Dean - I don’t think that would work. Cas’ stolen Grace is just another form of poison. If added to the toxins already tearing Dean’s soul apart, it would most likely only do more damage.

But if Castiel found his true Grace and gave it to Dean - that would be something.

Cas would choose to give up his Grace and become human again because Dean’s life is worth it to him. He would give up his Grace in a second if that was the antidote to Dean’s poison. Then Dean would become an angel in a monumental role reversal. It wouldn’t be his choice, but maybe something in the divinity of Grace will awaken the transcendental power he’s had inside all along. Or perhaps it will be a means of purifying Dean’s soul, absolving him from his sins and his guilt, and allowing him to start fresh. He would be an angel, but the Grace would bind to his soul, leaving intact everything that is Dean Winchester, love for humanity and free will and all. 

I think that would make a hell of a story.

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I've just finished reading chapter 83 and I am still confused about one aspect of the serum. How do we know that it has the ability to cure a gravely wounded person? In this chapter Erwin said that it is possible and many meta writers agree with him but is it an assumption or a fact?

Erwin and Hange are making a lot of assumptions. For one thing, we have no evidence that memories transfer - quite the opposite has been true. They’ve seen Eren struggle to regain his memories and Ymir and Bert are both on record saying they have no access to theirs. On this point at least, I noticed the official translation toned down the language a little.

And there is no canon basis to believe that the serum can restore someone on the brink of death. It simply has not occurred in the narrative. Kenny theorized that the serum would keep him alive, but so far we’ve seen only healthy young people be successfully injected. True, we’ve seen shifters heal from horrific injuries, but they were already shifters when they received those injuries.

It’s possible Hange and Erwin are wrong and we are being set up for a big letdown when it comes to that blasted serum. It’s also possible that Isayama is retrofitting his story slightly, introducing previously unknown abilities into the narrative as a convenience for future developments.

Thanks for the ask, anon!