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The time a coworker stole my tip.

(warning: long story)

The coworker in question was a pain in the ass, but she was a decent server and she did her sidework, so what evs.

So this girl wanted to leave early one night. She had one table left and asked me to take them because they would be camping out for a while. I too had one table left that was just finishing up. So I said I’d take them if she didn’t cash them out first. I wasn’t going to stay on the clock to make zero extra dollars and clean her section. She threw an absolute fit but eventually transferred the table.

Now I don’t know why she transferred them because she stayed the whole time they were there. She walked around the whole restaurant and bar, trashing me to anyone who would listen. When it came time to cash them out she went to the table and said something to them while I was running their cards and making change. Fuckin A.

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Things that will haunt my nightmares

Dead people groan.

Yes. You read that right. Dead people can make noises. And I don’t mean a little grunt. They can make ten second long “uggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh” noises that sound way too much like a live person in pain for my comfort.

I had been on the forensic rotation two weeks without hearing this and without anyone telling me it could happen. 

So we go to put one of our bodies on the autopsy table like normal. After we are done taking our external photos and undressing them, we roll them from the transfer table to the autopsy table so that they are facedown. I had been up close and personal with this guy and knew for sure he was 100% dead. But then.

Then as soon as we get done rolling him he starts groaning. I went into instant fight or flight mode, with flight winning by a landslide. My heart started pounding and I started unconsciously backing away while frantic thoughts spun through my head like “holy shit guys he’s alive he’s fucking alive omg what do we do why isn’t anyone doing anything I didn’t fucking sign up for this!” 

Meanwhile the doc asks, “Is that him making that noise?”

And I respond, “Yes, DOES THAT HAPPEN??!!!!!”

She shrugs and goes, “Yeah sometimes.”

Cool I’ll just faint now. And never sleep again. 

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Truly nothing in my almost 4 years of med school has ever affected me like this. I found my limit. 

Still (x)

It was as though all his nervousness had been transferred across the table. Your entire body is on fire but, only this time, not from his gaze. You know he is giving you all the power, and you hate it. If you deny him, Aria will probably hate you for the rest of your life. You just can’t trust yourself around her father. “Is not as easy as it sounds, Taron.”

Summary: You and Taron have been divorced for four years, but your daughter’s desire to spend a week with the two of you brings up a number of unresolved issues. 

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college is napping in the commons between classes and eating food out of the containers you bought it in so you only have to wash silverware and taking candy from the transfer fair table to keep you alive and crying in the library at 11:40PM and not asking for your professors help even though you need it and joining a club you feel really passionate about and learning how to watch your favorite shows and movies for free and underestimating the amount of time it takes to walk to class and not having seen the tv in weeks and forgetting when you last ate or took a shower and leeching wifi off of anyplace in the vicinity and doing midnight home works at 11:59 and remembering why you’re glad you graduated high school and switching your major and switching it again and wondering why you’re still there and then remembering exactly why