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TalesFromYourServer: Customer talked about his "daddy" and threw silverware at me

I was coming into my shift and it was midday so we usually only have one server on so the girl that was there transferred some tables to me so she could leave. One of the tables she told me she had gone up to 3 times and he wasn’t quite ready to order so I should probably give him some extra time before I checked on him and then she went back to finish her side work.

Not three minutes after he was transferred to me he came storming up to the counter and threw his menu and silverware at me and demanded to be served, which was shocking to say the least, so I tried to be calm and apologize for the wait and started to explain that there must have been a mix up in the shift change. he didn’t care at all about that and screamed that he had been waiting for hours to be served and his waitress was obviously racist because of him being Asian (I work in a super diverse college campus restaurant and he was from a town in Iowa so it was an odd accusation)

he demanded to know the server’s name and so I told him, planning on just texting my boss and explaining that she did nothing wrong, and he told me his order and stormed back to his seat. I figured I’d try and give him perfect service so he wouldn’t make more of a fuss but when I brought his food back he started telling me all about how he knows the owner (which most people do, so this meant nothing) and how his “daddy” was a super powerful man who worked with Steve jobs and that he had 10 startup businesses around the Midwest and he deserves to be treated with respect because he is the backbone of this country.

he emailed the boss and has come in at least 3 more times and complained about his server being racist if we didn’t give him flawless service (being at his table before he sits and getting his food out in under 5 minutes is his definition of flawless) and gone through the same rant about his dad every time. seriously the worst customer I’ve ever had.

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It’s About Time

Requested by an Anon: Can you do an imagine where the reader is with Juice and is Chibs’ daughter. Juice and reader have been married long before he ever joined the club and everyone finds out the two are married and is surprised except Chibs.

AN: I’ve changed time frames, to make the story work.

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3 Things I Hate: The Equestrian Version

1. Equestrian Australia

2. Equestrian New South Wales

3. Money grabbers (like Equestrian Australian and Equestrian New South Wales)

Dozy Defeat ~ Chanyeol Scenario

Dozy Defeat ~ Chanyeol Scenario

Word Count: 862

Type: Angst / Fluff

Brief: Studying for exams is the only thing you’re concentrating on, even neglecting and sacrificing you health for good grades. As a result, your boyfriend, Chanyeol, beings to grow increasingly worried about you and your wellbeing.

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Things that will haunt my nightmares

Dead people groan.

Yes. You read that right. Dead people can make noises. And I don’t mean a little grunt. They can make ten second long “uggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh” noises that sound way too much like a live person in pain for my comfort.

I had been on the forensic rotation two weeks without hearing this and without anyone telling me it could happen. 

So we go to put one of our bodies on the autopsy table like normal. After we are done taking our external photos and undressing them, we roll them from the transfer table to the autopsy table so that they are facedown. I had been up close and personal with this guy and knew for sure he was 100% dead. But then.

Then as soon as we get done rolling him he starts groaning. I went into instant fight or flight mode, with flight winning by a landslide. My heart started pounding and I started unconsciously backing away while frantic thoughts spun through my head like “holy shit guys he’s alive he’s fucking alive omg what do we do why isn’t anyone doing anything I didn’t fucking sign up for this!” 

Meanwhile the doc asks, “Is that him making that noise?”

And I respond, “Yes, DOES THAT HAPPEN??!!!!!”

She shrugs and goes, “Yeah sometimes.”

Cool I’ll just faint now. And never sleep again. 

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Truly nothing in my almost 4 years of med school has ever affected me like this. I found my limit. 

spiritedbirb  asked:

Hello! Your art has inspired me to try and make paper art of my own, yours is so pretty and intricate! I have a few questions, though, if you don't mind. How big are your pieces, normally? How do you go about gluing the more-3D shapes (beads, etc)? Do you have any recommendations on what glue or tools to use? What to stay away from? Thank you very much, I absolutely love your work, and look forward to seeing more.

Hello, and thank you for the kind words! It is so nice of you )sure, ask away anything you need. Most of my pieces are regular A4, some, postcardish things are A5, and a few multi-character works are A3. I use a general transparent hard-duty glue called Moment, I don’t know if you have it where you live, but any analog will do, I suppose. And a Xacto knife or it’s analogs. I also have a self-made light-table for transfering shapes, i used to do it off the computer screens, but it often disrupted proportions, though, for a start it will do just fine. And thank you for the book recs!!

Also, taking this opportunity to thank ALL OF YOU wonderfull people who sent me so many nice recs. Some of them I’ve already read (Gaiman, Pratchett, GOBLIN EMPEROR and a few others, but others went straight to my to read list and I’ve already started on some of them, and they’re GOOD GOOD GOOD!

I’m so happy to have such awesome followers as you, guys.


TalesFromYourServer: It can only get better from here right? Holy wow this rant is almost as long as my night.

Alright folks, I just had to vent to some people who will understand my frustration. This is my first post and I am still red in the face so please forgive my possibly incoherent rambling. Also for the formatting, I’m currently sitting in a booth furiously typing this.

I work for a chain restaurant in a Midwestern city. These past two weeks have been an absolute nightmare, I’ve had to deal with more assholes than a port-o-potty at a taco Bell construction site. I don’t know what it is, but I’ve had nothing but jerks who complain about everything like “you didn’t tell me the burger would come with this weird sauce on it.” “Ma'am, it states it right there in the menu.” “Well I thought it meant ketchup.” Or “how could you bring my daughter a regular cherry Pepsi? She’s diabetic, she needs a diet.” Effff my life.

Anyways, that brings us to tonight. Two lovely ladies walk in and I go to greet them

Me: “hello, how a-”

B word 1: ”water. Ice. Lemon.” “Ok, and for y-”

B word 2: “water. Lemon. Absolutely no ice.”

I come back with their drinks and ask if they’re ready. They say no. I walk into the kitchen. 30 seconds later, expo tells me “table 42 pressed your call server button.” I go check on them,

Me: “you guys all set?”

B2: “Scoff no, it’s only been like one minute. I had a question.”

I answer her question, to which she replies with a disgusted face, “wow, that’s all you got? K, whatever.”

I give them a few more minutes to look over things and they order burgers, cooked well done.

When their food comes, B2 asks for a side of BBQ. Ok easy enough. I come back to her burger cut in half, and she begins to freak out at how raw her burger is. I ask if she wants an upcook, she says no because “I’ve already waited long enough.” B1 asks for a side of BBQ. Ok, wish I could have just grabbed them both at the same time. I come back and B2 throws her burger across the table and says her food is fucking disgusting and can’t eat it. At this point I’m annoyed and just look at her “well, what do you want me to do if you don’t want me to fix it?” I end up taking it back into the kitchen, and I kid you not, there’s not a single trace of pink anywhere in her burger. You could play hockey with it. So I just put it in the hot window for a minute to warm it up and bring the same burger out. She then proceeds to scarf down the whole thing. The manager comped her meal. After I told her, she said “yeah, like you should have.” At this point I just want them out so I drop off the check but ask if they want dessert or anything else. “Well since we’re not paying for the food, yeah we want dessert.” After their dessert I drop off the check again and B1 throws her military ID at me and says “I expect a discount for that too.” They pay and leave. Left me a wonderful note saying:

“Was a bitch (probably)

Talked too much (which I didn't​)

Didn’t ask about dessert (which I did)

Is an idiot (her der)

Talked about us (which they couldn’t have possibly heard because I was in the back office with my manager)


Then immediately after that, I had a table which, after they had already eaten and paid, called another store in town to complain that I hadn’t given them a Monday night special price (that has been discontinued for months). Manager comes up to me and says "I just got off the phone with another manager and she told me we had guests in our dining room complaining about you?” She goes to talk to them and explain that the special is discontinued, which is exactly what I told them.


Had a table transferred to me so the non-closer could go home. “Well you didn’t really do anything for us.”


Then, our regulars who come in and “forget” every single week that we close at 11. I was prepared and strategically dropped off their check at 11:01 so they couldn’t order anything else like they always try to do. “Wait hold on, I wanted another beer. You didn’t even tell us about last call!”

"Sir, when you ordered that beer, it WAS last call.”

“Well we wanted more food.”

“Well I’m sorry about that, but we’re closed now.”


Fucking A. Are people getting worse or am I?

5 days til vacation… 5 days til vacation…

Rant over.

By: babesuruncle

Racism: My Experience

So, I’ve gotta say something that I’ve experienced FIRST HAND about racism.

I am white and from a cozy little neighborhood with practically zero diversity. I moved out to California for a few months, but recently needed to move back home and my friend was willing to fly out to help me. We stayed overnight in St. George, Utah and the hotel gave us a coupon for a little breakfast restaurant called, The Bear Paw Cafe. There were no minorities in this cafe.

Me and @artofarkayne sat at a small two-person table next to the wall in a corner. I did not notice if people were staring, but there was an odd feeling in the room. Our waitress came to the table and almost immediately we could tell she was not looking at my black friend. When I’d asked for one of their latte’s, she told me upfront what she thought about it and suggested I order a different one if I want more milk instead of foam. This continued on with the whole order and she was very helpful, polite and friendly to all of my questions. However, that friendliness did not transfer across the table and my friend barely received ANY attention, as if she couldn’t bother to give him the time of day. When the food came she smiled at me and said, “Prepare for deliciousness!”, yet “Excuse me” was all my friend got and still no eye contact. She even added a splash more coffee to my drink when I had not asked, but never even bothered to give my friend a little more of his.

We received two EXTREMELY different services and were sitting at the same small table. My friend paid the check, but the waitress gave me HIS change. She simply refused to treat him like a person the entire time, like he almost didn’t exist. I was afraid to speak out, despite seeing this play out in front of me, I did not stand up for him like he would have done if it were me. I’ve heard about this quite a bit on my end, either we don’t see it or we are too afraid to say anything. This is honestly a very new and very real perspective of the world I’ve been introduced to and it’s really scary to see the eyes of what seem to be ‘normal people’ looking as if you’re not. I have been treated as secondary before from both Asians and Latin Americans and it’s not nice. It’s not right to treat people anything less than yourself.

See this nice receipt? That was specifically for me. Not us.

I feel bad having to point out how wrong this situation was, but my friend had every right to the same level of hospitality. What happened to the ‘Golden Rule’ in elementary school? Does that really only apply to the majority? Surprisingly, I’ve found both terrible and good people in every ethnicity and so it must be related to that individual and not an entire group.

Please, be respectful of people and be aware of the small nuances. It happens everyday all over this country in body language, action and blatant language. White privilege exists and it’s ridiculous.

TalesFromYourServer: I feel like Karma is a thing, now.

So, I am up to my ass in alligators this summer and I was promoted to server in the middle of it. It took me a almost a month to get my feet under me, but I feel like I hit my stride, finally!

Then, I had a really shitty thing happen at my internship. A bratty, unsupervised kid killed one of the goldfish in the biergarten koi pond. Pulled its fins off.

I’m really torn up about it. But, I still have to pay my bills, so I put on my favorite metallic lipstick to detract from my tired eyes and clock in.

I had one table of 5 sit in my section, then move from the high top to the low top, without telling me. Which is fun when I have armloads of dishes and the table on the ticket is empty. After I cleared their supper plates, they decided to relocate inside. By some stroke of luck, they sat in my inside section, so yay! No table transfer!

I refill their waters and beers, they are still hanging out, so I check outside and I have a new outside table. Cool.

It’s a really sweet couple, celebrating their first night out after their baby. Now, I rarely see thoughtful parents, so I was doubly thrilled. Not only are these guys sweet as can be, they actually took the time to think through their outing!

Also, I was still kind of feeling bad and sometimes, doing something nice for somebody, especially when they don’t expect it, makes me feel better. My grandma is a really big believe in “send positive out, get positive back.” Normally, I just seethe with a disgust for humanity, but occasionally, I give it a shot.

So, I told my manager that I had an anniversary and could I do something nice for them? (batting my eyelashes) and he comped their first round. And I bought them a piece of cake out of my own money for them to share. So, they ended up having a check of a bout $15. They tipped me $20 and the wife wrote me a really sweet note on the blank copy of receipt. I still have it.

My 5 top stayed until closing before they asked for their check. I drop it off, but get busy with my sidework and don’t pick it up until after they leave. They left me $120 on $148.

I couldn’t believe it. I hadn’t had to comp anything. They’d had lots of beer questions, but since that is literally my favorite thing to talk about, I was more than happy to provide samples, answer questions, they even let me pick a round for them!

You know where I ask if they’re ready for another one and they go “Sure, you pick!” always scares the shit out of me, but it worked this time!

I know I’m usually more rant-y, but things like this don’t normally happen to me and I just wanted to share. :)

By: Faulty_Towers

Still (x)

It was as though all his nervousness had been transferred across the table. Your entire body is on fire but, only this time, not from his gaze. You know he is giving you all the power, and you hate it. If you deny him, Aria will probably hate you for the rest of your life. You just can’t trust yourself around her father. “Is not as easy as it sounds, Taron.”

Summary: You and Taron have been divorced for four years, but your daughter’s desire to spend a week with the two of you brings up a number of unresolved issues. 

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TalesFromYourServer: I'm scared and I don't know what to do. I overcharged a customer.

So I work at a restaurant. It was a long day for me. I was also closing and feeling super sleepy. One of my coworker servers transferred a table to me since she was going home. The table had these nice gentlemen who knew one of the owners of the restaurant. There wasn’t much left to do for their table. I got them their bill and I started punching in the numbers. One of the gentleman asked me about myself and the restaurant. I answered but I got distracted. I overcharged the customer by $20. He didn’t notice. I didn’t notice. I gave him a receipt and he also took the bill and left. I only noticed long after he left and I was cleaning up and punching in the payments into the machine that I had made a grave error. I told my coworker and he just shrugged and said “it happens.” I don’t know what to do. Should just let it go unless brought up?

By: Tinyderper

Phalloplasty - Surgery Day

On April 25th, 2016 I had stage 1 RFF phalloplasty with Dr. Chen in San Francisco. This is the first of a series of posts talking about my experiences with the surgical process and recovery from bottom surgery. For more information on the operation itself you can look through my “phalloplasty” tag and for posts specifically about my surgery you can look through my “gendercube phalloplasty” tag.

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(( I know, I’m such an asshole for not posting yesterday 😩 But this fic is more than 2,100 words, hopefully that can make it up 😅 ))

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Pairing: Pietro x Reader
Prompt: please write an oneshot where the reader is a doctor and works for the avengers, they love her because she is pure&innocent and they see her like the light they never had. then pietro starts flirting with her and they all go mad and overprotective
Warnings: Wounds (cuts, bruises, bullet wounds), pick up lines (some are inappropriate XD)

   You hummed a merry tune to yourself as you cleaned up the hospital wing. The Avengers were all on a mission, and you knew there will be injuries. You were preparing the hospital wing in advance for the wave of
Avengers. You scooped up a bunch of cotton balls and placed them in a large, clear jar. Then, you grabbed tongue depressors and dumped them into a drawer. The nurse appeared at the doorway. 

    “Y/N, you have company.” She said. You smiled at her as you closed the drawer.

    “Bring them in,” you said. She nodded and went back outside. After a minute, she came back and wheeled in a white-blond haired man. You frowned a bit, not recognizing him. When he looked up, he saw you and his eyes went wide open. You gave him a smile. Suddenly, the other Avengers came walking into the hospital wing with varying wounds.

    “Hi, we’re back Y/N.” Natasha said, limping. You rushed to her side, draping her arm around your shoulder. 

    “Glad everyone came back in one piece,” you said, laughing. Tony rolled his eyes while Steve smiled. “Who’s this?” You asked, motioning to the guy in the wheel chair. He was still staring at you. 

    “Oh, this is Pietro. And here’s her sister, Wanda.” Clint said, pointing to another girl. You smiled and waved at her, and she waved back awkwardly. 

     "Okay guys, each of you sit down on an examination table. I’ll fix you guys quickly, you guys don’t seem to have too serious injuries.“ You said, looking at each of them. The Avengers complied, each jumping up on a table. You first went to Tony. 

    "Aren’t there any padding in your helmet?” You asked, taking his face into your hands. He had several minor bruises and cuts on his cheeks and nose. 

    “No, I took them out since they were blocking the suit’s statistics.” He replied. You shook your head, smiling. You pulled out a cotton boll, soaked it in rubbing alcohol, and patted it onto his cuts. Tony winced. Once you finished, you threw the cotton ball in the trash and handed him a bottle of ointment. 

    “Here, put this on your bruises.” You said. He took the bottle into his hands. 

    “Thanks Y/N,” You smiled in return, and moved onto Natasha. Her hand was pressing on her left ribs. 

    “Something wrong with your ribs?” You asked. Natasha nodded, lifting her shirt up for you. There were purple bruises all over her ribs and stomach. Your eyebrows furrowed as you bended down. You stretched your hand out and pressed it against Natasha’s left rib, trying to feel any abnormal bumps. After a few seconds, you stood back up with a relieved smile on your face. “Nothing is broken, but you do have large bruises.” You turned to grab another bottle of the same ointment that you gave to Tony. “Here, just rub this on your bruises. It should go away in less than a day.” You tossed the bottle to Natasha, and Natasha caught it in mid-air. 

    “I appreciate it, Y/N.” She said, opening the bottle. You grinned in response. You found Bruce fast asleep on the bed, wearing an oversized sweatshirt. You carefully peeled off the sweatshirt, exposing his bare chest. You studied it, finding no injuries. But he is in need of a bath. You called the nurse. 

    “(Nurse’s name)? Can you take Bruce up to his bedroom?” You asked as politely as possible. She appeared from the doorway with another wheelchair in her hand. 

    “Sure!” she replied, gingerly taking Bruce’s sleeping body off the table and onto the chair. Bruce was still snoring as the nurse wheeled him out. 

    “Thank you so much darling!” You called out to the nurse. You turned back, finding the Avengers staring at you. “What?" 

    "I still don’t understand why you are so positive all the time. I mean, you see these horrible wounds and injuries, yet you always stay enthusiastic.” Clint said, shaking his head. You giggled as you walked over to Steve. He had an injured shoulder. 

    “I guess that’s just me,” you said, pressing your hand down onto Steve’s shoulder. Steve yelped. You immediately drew your hand back. “Oh, I’m so sorry Steve! I didn’t mean it!” You exclaimed. Steve exhaled and gave you a smile. 

    “Of course you didn’t mean that, Y/N. It’s fine,” Steve laughed. You cleaned his shoulder with rubbing alcohol before wrapping his shoulder. 

    “There, all better?” You asked. Steve beamed. 

    “All better.” Steve replied. You walked over to Pietro’s sister, who had a scratch on the side of her head. 

    “Hi, my name is Y/N.” You said, grinning. She smiled back.

    “I’m Wanda.” You then started to work, drenching a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol before dabbing it onto her wound. Wanda flinched, and you gave her a sad smile.

     "I really hate cleaning wounds, I always feel like I’m hurting people.“ You said, throwing the cotton ball into the trash. You rubbed some ointment onto Wanda’s scratch before placing a band-aid on it. Thor was no where to be seen. "Where’s Thor?" 

    "He went back to Asgard,” Steve replied. You nodded as you procced to help Clint, who had bruises along his legs. You sighed loudly, crouching down to examine his legs. 

    “I’m sorry this happened to you,” You said, brushing your fingers on his bruises. Clint laughed. 

    “It’s really nothing,” Clint said. You stood back up and passed the ointment to him. 

    “You know what to do,” you said, laughing. Clint laughed with you as he took the ointment from your hands. You stepped back, taking a look at the Avengers. “I think I’m done with you guys." 

    "Wait, what about Pietro?” Wanda asked, turning her head to look at Pietro. You turned your head as well, finding Pietro fast asleep on his wheelchair. 

    “Don’t worry, I’m going to fix him. I just want you guys sleeping on your beds right away.” You said, trying to shoo the Avengers out of the hospital wing. 

    “Do you need any help?” Steve asked as he walked out. 

    “I don’t need it, but I appreciate it!” You said, closing the door once the Avengers left.

   Turning your body, you walked up to Pietro. “Pietro dear, can you wake up for me?” You asked softly, shaking Pietro’s shoulder. Pietro’s eyes shot open, and he sat up.  

   "Whe-Where am I? Where is everyone?“ He sputtered, looking around the room.

    "You’re in the hospital wing, and everyone left to go rest.” You answered. Pietro slowly nodded. “Do you have any injuries?" 

    "Uh, yeah I guess. I was shot in the leg.” He replied, motioning to his leg. You crouched down, spotting a bullet hole. 

    “Ok then, it doesn’t seem to hit a major organ or artery. So that’s good.” You said. You stood up again. “I’m going to transfer you to the bed, is that okay?” Pietro nodded. You smiled, putting your arm under his legs and wrapping your arm around his shoulders. 

    “I’m a bit heavy, can you handle it?” Pietro asked, laughing. 

    “Don’t worry, I transferred Steve to the table before. And he’s twice your size,” you laughed, before picking him up. He was heavy, but not as heavy as you thought he was. It took a few seconds before he was on the table. Pietro’s eyebrows were raised, as if he were surprised. 

    “Wow, you are really strong!” You giggled in response as you slipped on your latex gloves. You picked up a syringe. 

    “For me to get the bullet out, I’m going to drug you for a moment. Is that okay?” Pietro stared at the needle before nodding. You injected him the drug, and Pietro’s eyes immediately became droopy.

    “Woah…” Pietro murmured. You smiled widely as you quickly cleaned the forceps and the scalpel. 

    “Okay Pietro, this is going to hurt a tiny bit. Just stay put,” you whispered.

    “Okay,” Pietro whispered, dragging out the ‘a’. Using the scalpel, you made a one-inch deep cut on his leg. “That didn’t huuurt!” Pietro exclaimed. You giggled as you opened up the incision, exposing the bullet. You used your forceps to take out the wound carefully. Once you finished, you placed the bullet on the tray and started to stitch him up. As you did, you felt Pietro gazing at you. 

    “Are you made of sugar? Cause you have a pretty sweet ass.” Pietro mumbled. Your head shot up, blushing. 

    “Wha-what?” You stuttered. 

    “Are you lucky charms? Because you look delicious.” Pietro continued, giving you a wink. You felt your stomach twist and your cheeks started to heat up. You looked back down at the wound and continued to stitch it up. 

    “Pietro, you’re acting really weird.” You laughed. 

    “My dick just died, do you think I can bury it in your ass?” He asked you. Your hands abruptly stopped and your eyes widened in shock. “Do you want to play strip poker? You strip, I poke.” Pietro said, smirking. Your whole face heated up, and your hands were practically shaking.

    “Pietro, I think you should stop.” You mumbled, embarrassed. You sewed the final stitch and started to put a band-aid on the cut. Pietro cocked his head.

    “What is a nice girl like you doing in a dirty mind like mine?” he questioned. You finished patching up the wound. 

    “Pietro, love, I think you should spend the night here so you can recover.” You said quietly. You went to fetch a pillow and blanket for him.

    “With you?” He asked out loud. Your cheeks turned pink as you lifted his head and placed the pillow on his bed. 

    “Of course, I’ll be in my office if you need me.” You replied, smiling. The corners of his mouth curled upwards. You covered covered his body with the blanket. “Good night Pietro,” you whispered as you turned off the lights.

    “Let’s play carpenter. First we’ll get hammered, then I’ll nail you…” Pietro mumbled as he dozed off. You felt your stomach flip inside out as your face turned red.


    The next morning, you walked up to Pietro, who was still sound asleep. You studied his face, wondering how a sweet boy like him have such crude pick-up lines up his sleeve. 

    “Y/N?” You heard Clint call. Your head shoot up as Clint opened the door. He was followed by the other Avengers, including Thor. You gave him an enormous smile.

     "Thor! How are you feeling?“

    "I am good, thank you Lady Y/N.” Thor replied, smiling.

    “How was Pietro?” Wanda asked, walking up to her sleeping brother. You laughed and shook your head. 

    “He was… fine. When you guys left, I had to drug him to pull out the bullet from his leg. He says the weirdest stuff when he’s drugged.” You confessed. Suddenly, Pietro eyes shot open. “Morning Pietro, do you remember anything last night?” You asked him. He turned to you, squinting. Suddenly, his eyes widened. 

    “Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry if I made you uncomfortable last night!” Pietro exclaimed, covering his face with his hands, as if embarrassed. You blushed. 

    “Uncomfortable? Y/N, what did he say to you?” Steve questioned, his eyebrows scrunched up. You shrugged. 

    “He said really weird thing that I have never heard of. Like, 'Are you made of lucky charms? Cause you look delicious.’” You said. All of their mouths dropped open in shock, and Pietro groaned in his hands. You continued. “He also said, 'Are you made of sugar? Cause you have a pretty sweet ass.’”  

    “What?!” Tony exclaimed, enraged. He glowered at Pietro.

    “Is that it?” Natasha asked quietly. Her hand was over her mouth, trying to cover it. 

    “I can still remember one more. He said, 'Let’s play carpenter. First, we’ll get hammered. Then, I’ll nail you.” You admitted. “I still don’t understand those lines, what the heck do they mean?” Steve came over and gave you a huge hug.

    “Oh Y/N, you are so innocent and pure.” Steve said quietly, patting your hair. You could see Thor walking up to Pietro.

    “How dare you taint Y/N’s purity, speedy man.” Thor said, scowling. Pietro removed his hands from his face and turned to you. 

    “Y/N, please forgive me.” He said. You wriggled out of Steve’s embrace

    “It’s okay Pietro, you were drugged.” You replied, giving him a small smile. Suddenly, you turned to the other Avengers. “Ok everyone, I need you to move out. I have to check Pietro’s vitals.” The Avengers were reluctant to leave, but they obeyed you. You turned to Pietro, who was blushing madly. “I should get you drugged more often,” You said, laughing. Pietro raised his eyebrows before laughing with you.

Author’s Note: Longest ever yet!!! Thank you anon for requesting :) Follow for more, and feel free to request scenarios <3

The Bunny Mystery

Pairing: KotoUmi

Summary: Kotori thinks Umi is a bunny. Is it true?

A/N: Based off @akigoyaki‘s little “Umi is not a bunny” post and he also gave me the green light to do this. So prepare for a crack fic full of fluff.

“And we’re done. I’ll have these new photos ready after the release of your new song.” The photographer said.

“All right! Thank you!” Honoka said with a cheer.

Muse had just finished their photoshoot for their new album set with their costumes being the Animal SR set from their early days modelling their cards for the School Idol Festival game. Honoka removed her bear hoodie and looked at her fellow members.

She then noticed Kotori eyeing at Umi, who was being complimented by Eli on her outfit, much to Umi’s embarrassment. Kotori eyed her blue haired girlfriend with a questioning look. Honoka approached her.

“Kotori-chan? What are you doing?” Honoka asked her.

“Analyzing Umi-chan…” Kotori said.

“Analyzing Umi-chan?” Honoka repeated.

“Mhm.” Kotori replied. “I think Umi-chan might be hiding something from me…”

“What makes you think that Kotori-chan?”

“Umi-chan is always so good pulling off any bunny outfit I let her wear. Remember our second PV when Muse had six members?” Honoka nodded. “Umi-chan looked really good with those bunny ears. For some reason, Umi-chan will always look good with bunny ears.”


“I think Umi-chan is really a bunny.”

With that said, Honoka just started laughing. “Umi-chan? A bunny?” Honoka said between laughs.

“Honoka-chan! Stop!” Kotori said to her childhood friend.

“I’m sorry!” Honoka said, her laughing finally coming to a halt. “It just sounds really ridiculous Kotori-chan!”

“I’m going to prove it Honoka-chan! Just you wait!” Kotori said, determination lighting up her amber eyes.

Behind the two childhood friends, Maki and Hanayo had just listened to their coversation. Hanayo had a sheepish look on her face while Maki just twirled her hair.

“This looks like it won’t end well…” Maki said to herself.

Later that day, Umi and Kotori were alone together in Kotori’s room. Umi went there to have a peaceful study session while Kotori began making new costumes for Muse’s next live.

However, Kotori was not doing that. Kotor instead went downstairs and grabbed a mug full of carrot sticks and brought them upstairs. This was one of the ways Kotori would prove that Umi is a bunny if she could get her to eat all these carrot sticks. It was still a ridiculous theory but she was determined to prove it.

Kotori walked towards Umi and placed the mug next to Umi’s books.

“Um, what are these for Kotori?” Umi asked.

“Oh nothing. Just in case you’re hungry~” Kotori said.

“Okay, thank you.” Umi said, returning to her studies.

While Umi studied, Kotor decided to put her plan in play. She took a carrot stick from the mug and poked Umi’s cheek with it.

“Kotori, what are you doing?” Umi asked but Kotori just continued poking her with a pout on her face.

“Kotori, please stop.”

The cheek poking just continued.

I’ll just ignore her. Umi thought.

-One hour later-

Umi’s patience still held through for this.

Kotori is still poking her cheek with the carrot stick.

-Two hours later-

“Come one Umi-chan. Open up~” Kotori said.

Umi just turns away from her.

Kotori still pokes her.

-Three hours later-

Umi had turned another cheek to continue studying. Kotori had gotten tired of poking her cheek and began poking the other.

-Four hours later-

Umi’s patience looks like it was dwindling when she transferred from the table to the bed. Kotori tailed her and began poking her again. 

She also started poking her lip with the carrot stick.

-Five hours later-

“Come one Umi-chan. Here you go~” Kotori said as she placed the carrot stick to imitate a pocky game with it.

At this point, Umi had lost all her patience.

“KOTORI!” Umi yelled, standing up in anger. “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!”

Kotori was taken aback by Umi’s anger. The carrot stick fell from her mouth as her lips quivered in fear. Umi’s anger now began to disappear when she tears on Kotori’s eyes and the sounds of Kotori crying.

“Oh my god,” Umi said. “Kotori, I’m sorry…”

Umi hugged the sobbing girl in a tight squeeze. Kotori returned it.

“Umi-chan…” Kotori said in between sobs.

“Kotori, what were you trying to do there?” Umi asked in the soothing voice Kotori always loved.

“I was trying to see if Umi-chan was a bunny.” Kotori replied, her sobbing having ceased. “Pretty ridiculous right?”

Umi looked at Kotori and smiled. “I’m no bunny Kotori, but if you want me to, I can be.”

Kotori smiled. “Thank you Umi-chan~” she said, hugging Umi.

And that was how Kotori discovered Umi is not a bunny.

fishbowlsspace  asked:

Could you do "i purposely get your coffee order wrong just so you’ll talk to me again" for Zutara?

also requested by getcozywithtposey!

The Romance of Coffee-Drinking

“I know this is everyone’s favorite coffee shop, but I kind of don’t like it here,” Katara admitted to Suki in a low voice as they entered the Jasmine Dragon. “I mean, the drinks are good, the atmosphere is cozy, but the service—”

There was a resounding crash. The waiter had dropped his tray at their approach. Coffee and ceramic splattered to the floor, inches from Katara’s feet.

“Zuko!” cried the bearded old proprietor from behind the cash register. “Are you all right?”

“I’m fine, Uncle!” the waiter called over his shoulder. He then turned back to Katara and Suki and mumbled an apology as he sank to his knees to scoop the broken mugs back into the tray.

“Let me help,” Katara offered, bending down.

“No!” Zuko barked, causing her to freeze. “I mean— it’s okay— just— um.” He scrambled to pick up the rest of the shards. “Take a seat, please, and I’ll be right with you— er— welcome to the Jasmine Dragon!”

“See what I mean?” Katara whispered to Suki as the waiter hurried away.

Suki stared at his retreating back, noticing that the tips of his ears had gone red. “I think you’re the one who doesn’t see, to be honest.”

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an extended version of the scene between Hook and Belle - because i wanted to write hook’s point of view basically



“Careful with that one.”

He balances the book on his hand, transferring it to the table with an exaggerated show of gentleness. “You needn’t keep reminding me, love. I heard you the first time,“ he turns back to her.

Eyebrows raised, she glances to his hook with a small look of indignation, but doesn’t reply. Beneath his bravado (old habits die hard), he knows he deserves much worse, deserves every bit of judgement and scrutiny she could be throwing his way; a testament to her character, then, that she’s not. With that in mind, he handles the next book which comes along with more respect – more genuine respect, that is.

The room goes quiet after a few moments, intermittently broken by her shuffling around, combing through object after object, replacing the vacant spaces where she removes something to pass to him with other artefacts. Every now and then, she shoots a furtive look over her shoulder as if to check he’s not planning on wielding his hook against her anytime soon, or worse (as he thinks she’d say), defiling Rumplestiltskin’s possessions. The irony of searching for the Dark One (only this time without any malicious intent) does not escape him.  

Uncomfortable with the thought – and because he’s never been one for awkward silences – he pipes up. “So what exactly is it that we’re looking for?”

“A clue” she replies shortly, keeping her back to him.

He sighs. “I gathered as much, but is there something in particular you had in mind?”

Reluctantly, she turns around to look at him, resting her hand on the shelf for balance.  “If you must know,” she says slowly, “I don’t have any idea what might help us.” Turning back to her work, she continues “last time Rumple left, he led me to Pandora’s box as a kind of – ” she falters, “a kind of fail-safe. But this time…” she trails off, shrugging weakly, “well he clearly didn’t expect to be coming back, so I doubt we’ll find anything.”

He swallows. He may not like Rumplestiltskin – probably never will – but the man is not who he thought he was. In fact, he’s someone who would (and did) sacrifice himself for the people he loves, and that, at least,Hook can respect – appreciate, even. Wrapped up in such thoughts he never expected to have, he doesn’t notice the Lady Belle’s silence, nor does he notice her eyes still fixed on him curiously, as if she’d been waiting for him to say something of the man he spent so long trying to find and end. He does notice, however, when she’s suddenly speaking to him, and with a greater level of softness in her voice than before.

“You know,” she says thoughtfully, like she’s only just realised something, and he raises his eyes to hers just as she’s turning fully to him. “I don’t know you very well beyond the two occasions you’ve tried to kill me,” his jaw clenches, swallowing down the guilt, “but what little I do, I can see you’ve changed.”

She smiles at him kindly, and it’s not often he’s caught off guard – no, that quality is reserved for his Swan – but her words strike deep, lodging themselves in his chest, and he finds himself quite unable to form words. Instead, he reciprocates with a small smile of his own, averting his gaze after another moment.

“Is it for her?” she asks, quieter still.

At this point, it’s hardly a mystery to who she’s referring, much less a surprise to anyone that he’s stayed – that he will stay – for Emma and so, well used to people calling him out on the fact (even ones thinly veiled as a question), he doesn’t bother denying it.

“I-I’m sorry, you don’t have to answer that.” She shakes her head, looking down at her folded hands. “I just – only, you look at her the way Rumple used to look at me.”

He’s a man of action, not words, but he thinks, perhaps, after what she’s said to him, he at least owes her this. “Don’t fret, Lady Belle,” he begins, “we’ll find yo – ”

He’s cut off by a loud clash coming from the front of the shop, and they both turn in shock. It’s promptly followed by another round of bangs, growing increasingly loud, the intruder more desperate, and the librarian glances to him at the same time he does her. “It’s him,” she says, “It’s Rumple – ”

With that, she wastes no time running to other room and, after a quick moment spared to the change of events, he follows.